Will a Taurus Man Make the First Move? (8 Tips to Make Sure He Does)

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Is he a shy guy, or will a Taurus man make the first move?

Here’s the answer:

  • A Taurus man is fully capable of making the first move, but you’ll need to be patient
  • He’ll likely go hot and cold on you
  • You can help things along by communicating with him and making your interest in him clear

A Taurus man is far less likely to ghost you for good if he feels you truly get him, which a guide like Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets will teach you. 

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Otherwise, keep reading for the deal on the Taurus man making a move (and how you can get it to happen).

Will a Taurus Man Make the First Move?

A Taurus man will only make the first move if he’s 1,000% sure it’s the right thing to do.

That’s going to take time.

Serious time, and several phases before he’s ready to take the leap.

Here’s the basic checklist he goes through before making his big move:

  • Have you expressed interest in him? He’s too nervous you’ll reject him to make a mistake.
  • Are you single, or are you dating anyone else? He’s a possessive man and won’t share you with anyone else.
  • Is the Taurus man free and clear to pursue you, or are his feelings attached to anyone else? If he’s seeing someone or if his heart still belongs to an ex, he’s not ready to go past casual flirting with you.
  • How interested in him are you, really? What happens if he backs off—will you keep messaging him? He wants to see that it’s him you want, not just a warm body.

If you’re flirting with a Taurus man, be ready for him to warm up to you and then go cold for no apparent reason.

If you don’t give up, you’ll be able to help him check off all his boxes and only then will he pull the trigger.

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Should You Make a Move Instead?

If you don’t want to wait, then you’ll need to make the first move yourself.

Taurus men have no problem with this as it gives very clear signals about how you’ll respond if they want to chase you.

But how will you make that move? If it will be you leaning in for a kiss or trying to get physical, then it can definitely do the trick if the Taurus man is attracted to you and into it.

However, he’s also just as likely to tell you he thinks you should be friends for now while he figures you out.

Not that he’s not interested—you just haven’t given him enough time yet.

What about asking him out? That can be a little less intimidating and get a green light sooner.

Even so, you should still be prepared for him to pull back.

He may even cancel the date just to see if you’ll ask him out again.

Don’t get frustrated!

It’s all part of the phases he has to go through to decide that it’s worth his time to pursue you.

How to Get a Taurus Man to Make the First Move

1. Say you’re single

In the very beginning, he may be trying to figure out your relationship status.

Make sure he knows you’re unattached.

If you’re casually going on dates, he may take that as you not being really single.

You see, a Taurus man wants a committed relationship, not a fling.

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And he’s possessive, so you’ll have to be his, all his.

If that’s what you would want, too, let him know you’re ready for that.

2. Get in touch with him

Send him a text to say hi and see how he’s doing.

Call him and leave a voicemail about getting coffee sometime.

(Hearing your voice is great because it’s a more sensory experience for this sensual earth sign.)

If he takes days to reply, be aware that he may just need time to get his reply right.

Don’t be discouraged if he doesn’t answer. 

Wait a week, then message him again.

3. Be consistent

Note that you don’t want to contact him too often, like on an everyday basis.

This is doubly true if he’s not getting back to you.

The general idea is that if you stop calling altogether, he’ll think you lost interest.

But by no means do you want to smother him.

Be consistent with him, but have a life of your own and leave time for him to reply.

4. Try not to make him jealous

A big mistake would be to flaunt attention from other men in front of him.

That’s the worst thing you could do because it looks like playing games to him.

Furthermore, he needs loyalty to be with someone.

You’ll succeed in making him jealous, but at what cost?

It’s best not to play that card with a Taurus.

Anna Kovach can tell you what his major deal-breaker triggers are in Taurus Man Secrets.

5. Be friendly, not desperate

Taurus men like nice gals.

You want to have a soothing, gentle effect on the Taurus to appeal to his romantic planetary ruler, Venus.

The more pleasant experiences he has with you, the closer you are to winning that first date.

Compliment him, smile warmly at him and have a calm, friendly attitude when you talk to him.

Think sweet, not salty.

Just don’t cling to him or appear too needy for his attention. 

He prefers independence and self-sufficiency in a woman.

6. Go slow

As slowly as you need to.

Used to getting further with a guy in a matter of weeks?

Plan on months with the Taurus.

Ask anyone who’s ever dated the Bull of the zodiac. 

They’ll tell you his courtship crawls at a snail’s pace and he seems to take one step forward and two steps back until finally one day he feels sure enough to make a move.

Pushing this stubborn man just makes him pull back and could get you ignored.

7. Avoid acting like you don’t like him

It would be very confusing for the Taurus man if you were to try to act cool and detached, only to come across as uncaring.

It’s a tactic that women may use successfully with other men, but not with the Taurus.

Remember, he wants to know that you really like him.

Honesty is key for this man.

Tell him what you like about him and what makes him different if you want to win with him.

8. Don’t get too emotional

While Taurus is a sensitive sign on the inside, it’s not like water signs where it’s swamped by emotions all the time.

Actually, Tauruses are pretty even-tempered the vast majority of the time.

If you want to entice a Taurus guy, it’s best to stay that way yourself.

He’ll be scared off by too much, too soon.

And if he thinks you’re demanding too much from him, he may have to take a pass and let you explore other dating options.

You can (and should) be honest about your feelings, just beware getting too Romeo and Juliet on him.

Other Taurus Man Questions

What is a Taurus man attracted to?

A Taurus man is attracted to a feminine woman who takes care of her appearance.

Throw on a delicious-smelling perfume and he’ll want to get close to you.

He also has a thing for women who have good rapport with him, which you can have in person or over text.

It’s true he loves a beautiful woman, but that doesn’t mean the woman with the best makeup in the room.

Often, it’s the girl-next-door type, or the nature type who goes makeup free and sports overalls.

Have that femininity about you and add to it a dash of confidence.

Be sweet, classy and genuine and he’ll be all over you no matter what you’re wearing.

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How do you get a Taurus to chase you?

Here’s how to get a Taurus man to chase you:

  • DO give him compliments
  • DO be vulnerable so he wants to protect you
  • DO appeal to his senses with how you look, how your voice sounds (soft and friendly works), how you smell…
  • DON’T play games or hard to get

How do you know if a Taurus man misses you?

You can tell by the way that he’s always around.

He’s there on your social media, he never goes fully quiet on you and he’d drop everything to help you if you asked for it.

You may not see much of him, but it’s his constant presence in the background that shows he still wants to be there for you.

You know, since he misses you.

Do Taurus like to be touched?

Yes, oh yes they do.

Tauruses’ love language is physical touch.

It’s the way that they express how they feel about you.

So if a Taurus is touching you a lot, it’s part of his flirtations.

And likewise, if you touch a Taurus, you’re sending the message that you’re into him.

How does a Taurus man test a woman?

In many ways.

Number one, a Taurus man tests a woman’s feelings for him by (unfortunately) doing things like going off the radar and ghosting.

He’ll also test a woman’s faithfulness by watching what she does and asking her 101 questions about any male friends she might have.

He also tests compatibility.

This he mostly does by sitting back and letting you do the talking, though he may ask specific questions about how you see your future or how you are in a relationship to gauge your reactions.

With a Taurus man you’ve just met, it’s all one big test.

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Would a Taurus man lead you on?

In his eyes, a Taurus man wouldn’t purposely lead you on.

But ask around and you’ll find that plenty of women have felt led on.

During his vetting process of deciding whether he wants to pursue a woman, he can go back and forth and dangle a relationship in front of her, however unintentionally.

At some point, he may decide it’s not right for him and let her know, at which point she may feel toyed with.

But it’s serious business to the Taurus, and he never makes any promises he doesn’t intend to keep.

If you want your best shot with a Taurus man, check out Taurus Man Secrets.

It’s the key to unlocking this mysterious man’s nature, something he expects you to be able to do (even though he won’t offer you any help).

This guide levels the playing field so you can get what you want—your Taurus guy.

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