How Does a Taurus Man Test a Woman? (8 Ways He Will Test You)

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How does a Taurus man test a woman? 

Better yet, how can you make sure you don’t fail?

  • A Taurus man will test your girlfriend potential, meaning your compatibility, trustworthiness and commitment to him
  • He’s always observing you, so you may not realize when he’s testing you

Worried you’ll make a mistake? Your first stop should be to understand him better. 

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How Does a Taurus Man Test a Woman? 

Whether you’re being courted by a Taurus man or you’ve been seeing him for a few months, rest assured—he’s already started testing you.

He wants to know how good of a match you are for him. But he can’t just go on his feelings alone.

A grounded earth sign, he doesn’t trust anything he can’t see with his own two eyes.

So he gives you tests and watches your reactions.

Get ready, because some of them are pretty subtle.

Here’s what he’s testing you for:

  • How compatible you are
  • Your faithfulness and loyalty
  • How truthful you are, and if you’re hiding anything
  • Your long-term relationship potential

Luckily for you, we can help you prepare!

Here are the big tests a Taurus man will give you (and how to pass them).

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Test #1: Taurus man acts interested, then disappears

Why would a Taurus man who seemed to like you just drop off the map?

If he still likes you (which he probably does), he’s playing the watch-and-wait game.

You see, he really wants you to want him, but he’s not not sure how much you do.

How better to find out than to back away and see what you do?

If you had some wonderful dates and everything seemed fine, only now the Taurus is MIA, consider that he’s waiting for you to reach out to him.

Don’t bombard him with texts asking where he is as that will surely scare him away.

Just give him a quick call or send him a friendly message to confirm you’re still interested.

Test #2: He ignores your text

If you don’t hear back from your Taurus guy, he might be playing that hard-to-get game a little harder than you might think.

However, there’s a strong possibility that he’s deciding how he feels about you.

Are you worth pursuing?

Does he feel strongly enough about you?

Either way, you might want to give it a few weeks.

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If you overwhelm him with communication and questions, he could think you’re too needy and write you off.

The underlying test here is to see how cool you can be while he does what he needs to do.

Are you the laid-back type in relationships that he’s looking for?

Or is he going to have to give you more attention than he’s willing to for any woman?

Test #3: He cancels plans

This is another test of how you’ll deal with things in the long run.

There could be all sorts of reasons he cancels your plans, from legitimate emergencies to just wanting to slow things down.

You’ll need to take it gracefully and back off a bit.

Let the Taurus know that you understand and wait for him to be ready to make plans with you again.

A Taurus man needs flexibility from his significant other, because he won’t be the one to budge.

Test #4: He listens and asks lots of questions

On dates, if you find that your Taurus guy is quiet for long stretches of time while you talk, he’s soaking it all in.

Taurus is a passive feminine sign, which makes the Taurus man receptive.

He doesn’t act so much as he reacts.

So while he’s listening to you speak, he’s assessing your match potential.

He’s logging it all away, from how much you have in common to your future goals.

He’s keeping the spotlight on you the majority of the time because he wants to know who you are, what you ultimately want from dating him and, of course, if you’re compatible.

Just be yourself and don’t try to change your answers to please the Taurus, or he’ll detect a false front and lose interest.

Someone who is different from him can be exciting to him, not incompatible.

If you want to impress him, make sure you ask him questions about himself as well.

He likes it when a woman shares the spotlight with him because it shows that she’s genuinely into him and also that she’s not going to be a selfish girlfriend making things all about her.

Test #5: He goes slow

Are you dying over here waiting for your Taurus man to ask you on another date?

Taurus men go at a snail’s pace because they’re careful and need to be absolutely confident about something before they commit (hence all the tests).

But moving slowly also gives the Taurus a chance to see you in a variety of lights and situations.

How do you conduct yourself in a social situation? Are you classy and polite (which he likes)?

What if you jumped into physical intimacy early?

He’ll need even more time to assess you and put you in either the romantic category or the friends-with-benefits category.

He’s always observing you and weighing your behaviors to see what your long-term potential is.

…And, if there are any red flags there.

Anna Kovach can help you handle the Taurus man and avoid his red flags in Taurus Man Secrets.

What you need to do is be patient and let the Taurus man take the lead.

When he’s comfortable (and he’ll only get there if you give him space), he will make the next move.

Test #6: He tests your honesty

You’ll need to be totally honest with a Taurus man at all times.

Not only does he expect you to tell him the truth, but he’ll also make sure you do.

He might find certain information out that you haven’t shared with him and then ask you about it casually to see what you say.

If you try to hide it from him or lie, he’ll get even more suspicious.

And a Taurus man who doesn’t trust you will never let you in.

Test #7: He doesn’t let the relationship progress

If you find that no matter what you do, you can’t get the Taurus man to commit or take the relationship further, it could be that he’s testing your loyalty.

Is your heart really free for the Taurus man to conquer, or are you still stuck on an ex?

Maybe you’ve been holding back, not letting him in?

Sometimes women do this in response to the Taurus man’s hot-and-cold dance, but unfortunately it just has the effect of making the Taurus man back away.

Whatever the case may be, the test here is: Are you going to prove your devotion to him?

Remember, he prefers to react. 

So if you’re not sure what’s going on, be upfront and talk to him.

Tell him your feelings for him and let him know what you want to happen.

Put things to him in a non-confrontational way and don’t pressure him, and you’ll get your message across.

It will show the Taurus you’re serious and also put him in a position where it’s his turn to reciprocate.

Test #8: He shows jealousy

Does he ask intimate questions about your male friends?

Has he wanted to know where you’ve been and who you’ve hung out with when he’s not around?

Maybe you mentioned another man flirting with you and the Taurus started to make sarcastic comments like he’s super jealous.

Or told you that maybe you should just date that guy instead.

All of these are indications that he wants you to reassure him of your faithfulness to him.

Trust me, if you and a Taurus man like each other and he says you should see other guys, he’s secretly watching to see if you’ll really do it…or wait for him.

Because that’s what he really wants.

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Best thing is to not talk about other men around your Taurus. But if the subject comes up, make it clear that you’re a one-man woman and your Bull is the one for you.

Other Taurus Man Questions

How do you know if a Taurus man is serious about you?

A Taurus man is serious about you if he’s giving you all the signals that he’s crazy about you, but he pulls back a bit.

He’ll be romantic, generous and open with you.

But still, he will go through a period where he seems like he’s taking two steps back.

This is only because he is serious about you and wants to slow things down to get them right.

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How does a Taurus man express his feelings?

A Taurus man expresses his feelings non-verbally.

He uses touch to communicate loving feelings and attraction.

He’ll do things like rub your back and kiss the top of your head.

Tauruses also love cuddling, but only with someone they have feelings for, so that’s another good display of his emotions.

He will also be romantic and patient and give you his full attention when he’s with you.

How does a Taurus man court a woman?

A Taurus guy courts a woman in a very traditional way.

With flowers, gifts and romance!

He’ll ask a woman he’s into out to a nice dinner.

After, he’ll text her to make sure she got home safe.

He’ll do thoughtful things for her and get her things he knows she’ll like because he’s been listening and observing.

A woman can easily swoon for a Taurus man once he turns on the charm.

How do you drive a Taurus man crazy?

Drive a Taurus man crazy through his senses.

He’s an earth sign, so he’s very connected to sound, sight, touch and smell.

Make your voice sound a little softer and sultrier when you talk to him on the phone.

Wear classy, feminine dresses and put on a delicious smelling perfume with hints of vanilla, flowers or sandalwood.

Lightly put your hand on his shoulder while you laugh to make physical contact.

All of these things will drive a Taurus man wild with attraction.

If you’re worried about it, passing a Taurus man’s tests and getting past his barriers is all about how well you understand him.

Start learning how he thinks with the help of a guide like Taurus Man Secrets.

It can help you do the impossible—read his mind.

Check out Taurus Man Secrets here.

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