How to Please a Sagittarius Man (12 Ways to Satisfy Him in Bed)

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Trying to blow a Sagittarius man’s mind in bed?

Here’s how to please a Sagittarius man totally and utterly:

  • Make sex spontaneous and adventurous
  • Don’t lose your sense of humor, even in bed
  • Use your words—the dirtier, the better
  • Sex toys, blindfolds and rope are all fair game
  • Don’t confine sex to the bed, or indoors for that matter

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How to Please a Sagittarius Man

1. Spring sex on him spontaneously

Sagittarius men are ready to go any time, anywhere.

And they’d like to do it any time, anywhere.

They’re not great planners in or out of the bedroom, and they prefer to get swept up in the heat of the moment.

Don’t get him wrong, a Sagittarius man will take sex any way he can get it.

But sex that happens right now because you desperately want him on the spot is so much more satisfying.

2. Let him pleasure you as long as he wants

Lucky you—a Sagittarius man is a giver.

He gets great sexual satisfaction from making you feel good and bringing you to climax again and again.

You don’t have to be self-conscious about it.

It’s a huge turn-on for him, so it’s totally a win-win situation.

3. Try new things

The same ol’ same ol’ bores a Sagittarius man.

(Sorry Tauruses!)

What haven’t you tried together yet?

Is it role playing? Blindfolding? Spanking?

If you don’t suggest something new and different, he will.

But he’ll be so turned on if you do.

4. Get a sex swing

Want to give a Sagittarius man the best gift ever?

Get yourself a sex swing and invite him over.

It’ll take you both to new heights (excuse the pun) in the pleasure department by providing totally new and unique physical positions.

Plus, it has an element of dominance for the Sagittarius man, which gets him really worked up since he loves to take control.

5. Laugh during sex

A Sagittarius man thinks it’s weird if you never laugh.

Funny things happen during sex, and to not acknowledge them is awkward.

Beyond that, humor is just plain sexy to Sagittarius men. They definitely think it has a place in the bedroom.

Don’t worry that it will make things unsexy.

Trust me, when you’re getting down and dirty, a lusty Sagittarius man is not going to be distracted.

6. Talk dirty

Sagittarius men may or may not be particularly vocal on their own in the sack.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t love it when you are.

If you start the dirty talk, your Sagittarius man will pick it up quick and say some of the nastiest, hottest things you’ve ever heard.

Use “vulgar” language if you want and really get into it.

If it gets you excited, it’ll get him ten times more excited.

7. Have phone sex

Distance doesn’t have to put a damper on your fun.

Surprise your Sagittarius man with some phone sex.

Play out a fantasy, either yours or his, over the phone.

Let your Sagittarius man “do” anything he wants to you.

Don’t be surprised if he comes over right after for an in-person round.

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8. Have sex everywhere

The bed is but one of endless surfaces to do it on as far as a Sagittarius man is concerned.

At your place or his, use the table, the counters, the chairs and the walls to get busy.

Don’t forget to have some sly sex outdoors, too.

On the ground in the woods, in the car, in a bathroom—this is where being spontaneous really counts!

9. Bring out the toys

What are you favorite sex toys?

Hand them over to your Sagittarius man and watch his face light up.

If you don’t have any, do some shopping together.

Sagittarius is a sign that lives to experience new things and new sensations, so toys are perfect ways to explore your sexual relationship.

10. Do it reverse cowgirl or doggy style

Sagittarius men love your butt.

It’s a thing of beauty to this sign. He wants nothing more than to worship it while you’re on top, reverse cowgirl style.

For the times that he wants to be in control, try various forms of doggy style, on your hands and knees, lying down and anything creative in between.

11. Try shibari

The Japanese art of being tied up was made for Sagittarians.

It’s super kinky, which is the Sagittarius man’s forte.

But it’s also about complete surrender, which can be an enlightening sexual experience for the philosophical Sagittarius man.

He’ll happily tie you up and explore your body if you ask him to.

12. Do it somewhere you could get caught

This applies to public sex in particular.

Taking risks is an everyday thing for a Sagittarius man.

The risk of getting caught or seen (hello, voyeurism) is not all that terrifying for him.

In fact, it’s downright sexy.

Even if you have to pretend that someone could walk in at any moment, imagining it is tantalizing to him.

Other Sagittarius Man Questions

What do Sagittarius men find attractive?

In terms of lingerie, Sagittarius men like the styles that don’t leave much to the imagination.

The more of your body they can see, the better.

Think cut-outs and crotchless.

In general, a Sagittarius man is attracted to a woman who is smart, sassy and knows how to enjoy herself.

Read How to Attract a Sagittarius Man for the details on his dream woman.

How do you seduce a Sagittarius?

Tell him in plain language that you want him, as described in How to Seduce a Sagittarius Man Sexually.

“Accidentally” flash him what’s under your clothes.

Dirty talk can start way before the actual act, too.

Text him a visual show in your sexiest lingerie, or in nothing at all.

How do you know if a Sagittarius man is into you?

If he’s not admitting it, he will be terrible at hiding it.

He’ll be finding excuses to touch you and trying to impress you with his intelligence as well as his best jokes.

Probably the clearest sign is how available he is to hang out.

While Sagittarius men are famously hard to locate and make plans with, a Sagittarius guy who is into you will jump at the chance.

Read more in How to Tell If a Sagittarius Man Likes You.

How do you make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you?

Sagittarius guys are obsessed with women who refuse to be tamed.

Women who are wild and unpredictable―and hard to get.

If you want him to be crazy about you, show him how fun, interesting and passionate you are with our tips in How to Make a Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You.

Do Sagittarius men fall in love quickly?

Only when they’ve met a woman who seems perfect for them.

In reality, most Sagittarius men go through a slew of dates and short-term relationships before finding someone who could be “the one.”

But when they do, it’s basically love at first sight.

If you want a Sagittarius to fall hard for you, check out How to Make a Sagittarius Man Fall in Love With You.

How do I keep my Sagittarius man happy?

Work on your friendship first.

Being friends is a stepping stone to being lovers, so don’t skip this important part.

Give him lots of space and when you’re together, and do things that are active rather than lazy as the Sagittarius man needs plenty of stimulation.

Get the details in our How to Keep a Sagittarius Man article.

How do you know if a Sagittarius man misses you?

A Sagittarius man will get in touch with you any way he can.

Whether he texts, calls, messages or shows up at your work, the desire to talk to you is strong enough to make him act.

Sagittarius men have their eye on the prize at all times and won’t take time out for distractions unless they’re important.

If love and romance are what you’re after with a Sagittarius man, check out Sagittarius Man Secrets.

It’s the ultimate guide on getting a Sagittarius man to fall for you and overcome his raging fear of commitment.

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