Will a Taurus Man Confess His Feelings? (+ How to Get Him to Talk)

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Will a Taurus man confess his feelings? If he doesn’t, is there a way to tell?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you on this one. Here’s the answer:

  • A Taurus man will open up only on his time table
  • You may already be in a committed relationship with him before he confesses his feelings
  • If you want a Taurus to talk, be patient, loyal and open with your own feelings to convince him

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Will a Taurus Man Confess His Feelings?

It’s not like no Taurus man has ever confessed his feelings for a woman.

However, many women struggle to get their tight-lipped Tauruses to put into words what seems like deep emotions, if not love.

Sometimes women get into full-on relationships with Taurus men and are still waiting to hear that confession.

The truth?

The Taurus is deeply sensitive to rejection and puts a giant fence around his heart while getting involved with a woman.

He thinks that it’s best to hook her completely first so there’s no chance she’ll desert him once he puts himself out there.

This man is so stubborn, he would rather let a woman he loves walk away than risk being rejected or toyed with.

So will a Taurus man confess his feelings?

Usually the answer is yes, eventually. 

But the timeline for when it happens is probably not going to be your favorite.

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Do Taurus Show Their Feelings?

Yes, Tauruses will show their feelings before they admit them. 

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But many women miss the Taurus’s cues because they can be subtle. 

Tauruses are physical creatures and show their feelings when they’re with you in person through physical interactions.

Not through how much they call you or by how much they hang out with you.

Even if they’re with you 24/7 in the beginning, be prepared for them to pull back at some point so they can slow things down and analyze the situation.

This is why you need to pay close attention to how your Taurus man is behaving when you’re together—let’s talk about that next.

How Does a Taurus Man Express His Feelings?

A Taurus man expresses his feelings mainly through touch.

He won’t try to touch you or make any kind of purposeful physical contact if he’s not into you.

If he loves you, his touch becomes more and more gentle.

His hand will linger on yours. He’ll touch your hair and wrap his arms around your waist.

Additionally, the Taurus man shows his feelings through his possessiveness.

This means you’ll probably see his jealousy, and he will be (perhaps a little overly) protective of you.

But let’s get a little more into how you can tell a Taurus man has caught feelings.

How to Tell If a Taurus Man Has Feelings for You

Here’s a run-through of the signs:

  • He’s slightly clingy, then he falls off the map. He’s pulling away because his feelings run deep. It’s time for him to protect them while he continues to figure you out.
  • He’s sensual. If you’re physically intimate, the sex will feel emotional as well as passionate. 
  • He gets weird about other men. He may ask you questions about your guy friends to see how close you are. He’s jealous and insecure about them because he wants you to be his. 
  • He cuddles with you. Taurus men don’t want to cuddle with you if they don’t have feelings for you. But if they do, they may even choose a cuddle session over a roll in the hay.
  • He acts guarded at first. But once he knows your feelings for him, he opens the door slowly and becomes more expressive, sweet and sentimental.
  • He’ll go to bat for you. If anyone messes with you, they’ll have to go through him first.

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How to Get a Taurus Man to Talk About His Feelings

  • Practice patience. No matter how long the Taurus drags it out, remember how stubborn he is. The only way to combat this is with a ton of patience and understanding.
  • Give him every reason to trust you. Don’t share the details of his life with other people. Avoid trying to make him jealous. Anna Kovach can show you the right way to gain his trust in Taurus Man Secrets.
  • Be a rock for him. Demonstrate to the Taurus that you’re there for him. No matter what happens, you won’t judge him and you won’t abandon him. You can tell him, but it’s best to back up your words with how you treat him so he has actual experiences to go on.
  • Tell him how you feel. Since the Taurus is so afraid of sharing first, you might need to bite the bullet and do it. Be totally honest and sincere. But, a couple of caveats. 1) Don’t wait for him to reciprocate—just leave it there with him to think over because pressure makes him shut down. And 2) Make sure you’re already committed to each other or he could feel like you’re moving too fast.
  • Don’t corner him. If you think you’ve got a Taurus man in a good spot to spill his guts, resist! Don’t beg him to tell you. It will put him on the spot and he’ll back away from you.

Other Taurus Man Questions

Are Taurus good at hiding their feelings?

The more physically distant they are from you, the better a Taurus is at hiding their feelings.

So if a Taurus is not talking to you much or only talking through text, you won’t have much to go on.

In person, a Taurus man will also try to hide his feelings, but he’s not as good at that.

His physical cues (as we talked about above), like wanting to touch you, give him away.

As does his body language.

You can see it in his eyes, in the way that he turns his body toward you when you talk and his shy smile around you.

How do you get a Taurus man to chase you?

How to get a Taurus man to chase you comes down to a few basics.

An important tip is to show him your uber feminine side. Taurus men fly to a feminine woman like bees to honey and find her to be super seductive and charming.

When you flirt with a Taurus man, pay extra attention to being sweet but sexy about it. Some innocence touches his heart.

Don’t forget to be vulnerable with him and show your softer, more nurturing side.

And finally, don’t revolve your life around him!

The Taurus likes to be the one to chase. He can chase a woman who has her own life, not a woman who seeks his attention all day every day.

How do you emotionally connect with a Taurus man?

Set the scene sitting on a soft couch, with soft pillows and low lighting. 

You want the Taurus man to be physically comfortable since his immediate senses dominate his experience. 

Make sure you have privacy.

Just talk and let the evening (or day) take you where it will.

The key to connecting emotionally with a Taurus man is to make him feel relaxed with you, doing things he likes to do.

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Like talk, eat good food and just enjoy each other’s company.

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Is Taurus man testing you?

How do you know if he’s testing you?

The answer is that you may not really know. 

A Taurus man is always quietly observing you. He’s gathering information to make a judgment about whether he can pursue a relationship with you.

But there are some giveaways.

Like if he’s asking you questions about your dating history, men in your life and maybe even your attraction to him.

Sometimes a loyalty test is to not return your phone call, cancel plans with you and push you away to see what you’ll do.

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How long does it take a Taurus man to say “I love you”?

A Taurus man won’t say he loves you unless he has no fear of losing you.

That usually doesn’t happen within the first few weeks.

Maybe not even the first few months.

In fact, you may not hear it until you say it first.

But one thing is certain, he’ll probably start testing your loyalty and your feelings about him to see how you react before he says those three words to you.

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