How to Tell If a Taurus Man Is Into You (9 Clear Signals)

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So you’re interested in a Taurus man. We don’t blame you. Here’s how to tell if a Taurus man is into you so you know if you’re on the same wavelength.

How To Tell If a Taurus Man Is into You

Maybe you two have been flirting in the office break room. But if you’ve already developed full-on love goggles for the bull, you need to know how he feels. Like right now.

The truth is, it may not be the easiest task in the world to decipher Taurean signals (is he even sending you signals? Do they mean that he’s got a crush on you, too?). This is partly because the bull is **unfortunately for us** famous for stuffing down his feelings when he’s not sure how you’ll react. 

The good news, however, is that he isn’t the waffling type. If he likes you, he likes you, and if you’re observant, you’ll know.

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Worry not, my romance-addled friend. If you know what you’re looking for, you can suss out his intentions. The key is to look into how he treats you and only you, as you’ll learn below.

Here’s exactly how to tell if a Taurus man is into you.

He Pays a Ton of Attention to You

It’s kind of in the Taurus nature to be sociable, affable and easygoing as per that charming, lover-not-a-fighter Venus ruling his sign. 

But while that might help him get along with everyone, it won’t make him direct his focus toward any one individual repeatedly or with specific purpose unless he’s romantically inclined.

In other words, you’re gonna notice.

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His eye contact is pretty intense.

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Does he make heavy eye contact while you’re talking? Not in a creepy way, but in a way that shows you that you’ve got his full attention. Clearly, or at least as far as you can tell, he’s not thinking about his next Taco Bell order or scoping out chicks thinking he’s being sly because his eyes are glued on you.

If he likes you, he literally has eyes only for you

He’ll probably look at you a lot in general. Like, he might gaze at you discreetly. If you’re not catching him doing it and you feel comfortable asking someone else, see if they can tell you if he’s looking your way at work, social functions or in any situation where it’s pretty obvious that his line of sight keeps making a path toward you.

He listens to everything you say.

And you can tell. He’s digging deep into the things you say and generally treating you like you’re the most interesting or important person around, responding to specific statements and asking you questions that give you floor to talk more.

Most likely, you’re not going to feel like he’s just waiting for the opportunity to dazzle you with wit (ahem *Geminis*) or showboat (ahem *Leos*). He’ll make you feel like he’s truly interested. Because he is. Because he likes you.

He wants to hang out with you and you alone.

While some signs like Sagittarius and Aquarius might be cool with hanging out with you and all their friends at the same time while they get to know you, chances are, Taurus wants a little more privacy.

If he’s asking for hangout sessions one-on-one a lot, it’s one of those indications that you’re important to him.

He Wants to Pamper You

Taurus men are pretty traditional when it comes to the here-is-how-I-court-you gestures, as in gift giving. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to buy you a diamond necklace, but it does mean that he’s probably going to get some type of token of his affection into an interaction.

He gives you stuff.

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Do be on the lookout for the traditional romantic items if he’s more brazenly pursuing you—you know, openly—like flowers, chocolates and such.

If you’re not on the date-asking level yet, he may want to pay for your food or drinks at a general social function, like going out with the work crew at the end of the day. Or just pay for something.

If he’s pulling out his wallet, it’s a good sign. Taurus doesn’t spend money on anything that doesn’t matter to him.

You’re well-fed with this Taurus man.

If you’re the type who likes nice dinners and feels cheated by being asked out on a date and ending up at the local pizza joint, unless that pizza is THE BEST in town, it’s not likely going to happen that way with the Taurus.

He’s going to want to impress you with a fancier meal OR what he deems truly good food (don’t forget that this is the number-one foodie of the zodiac). If he’s culinarily inclined, don’t be surprised if he asks if he can cook you the best meal of your life.

He shows you how well he’s been listening by surprising you with special gifts.

Once, a Taurus was into me. I told him that I loved this really obscure band and that I’d smashed this one CD over and over again. (Yes, this was when we were still buying CDs. Yes, I’m old.) 

One day soon after, when I was meeting up with my Taurean admirer for a cup of coffee, he had that very same CD for me that I’d told him about. Not only was he proving that Taureans love to shower their romantic interests in gifts, but they also have a penchant for nailing those gifts based on your interests. See, they are good listeners.

He Acts Differently Around You

Sure, anyone struck by Cupid’s arrow is going to be different around you. It happens to all of us love-sick astro signs. But it’s how the sign behaves just when you’re around that matters. 

The Taurus guy’s signals are subtle, but they’re definitely there.

He’s nervous.

woman laughing and holding a mans face with a quote about Taurus men being shy

In my experience, Taurus men are so cool-headed that it sometimes seems like they’re incapable of experiencing social awkwardness. Not every Taurus, maybe, but…most. Does George Clooney seem like he’s anything less than comfortable in his own skin? Oh yes, Clooney was born on May 6th, placing him smack inside of the Taurus sun sign.

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Try to assess whether your Taurus man is acting shy around you and not around others. He may be a little quieter, choosing his words carefully around you. Or he may just smile dorkily and fumble over his words.

Or he may be smooth like butter but seem hesitant. It’s not because he isn’t sure about you. Chances are, if the other signs are there, he’s plotting his *eventual* declaration of affection. Just don’t expect it too soon—the male bull will only come out with it when he’s 100% comfortable.

It kind of seems like he wants to protect you.

Now, you certainly may not need this from your Taurus or from anyone else for that matter. But it can be hard not to appreciate his little gestures if they’re something you fancy.

Does he ever place his arm around your shoulder when you’re walking down a crowded street? 

Do you notice that little things that are difficult or irritating are suddenly being taken care of by the Taurus? 

Maybe your Taurean coworker who has a crush on you volunteers to do those spreadsheets you hate doing. Maybe your Taurus friend who wants to be more than just friends gets a little defensive for you in the middle of the usual teasing banter that goes on hanging out in a social group.

Oh yes. This dude is hooked.

He uses any excuse in the book to touch you. 

Are you into massages? Your Taurus paramour is likely going to try to give you a little back or even foot massage at some point just to get close to you. And not even in an overtly sexual way. It’s sensual, sure. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and, you know. Mood setting. But this is not a man who wants to rush things.

Think back to your interactions with him. Has he been touching your arm a lot in conversation? Maybe he just leans in really close when you’re talking. (Make sure that he is not just a close talker and that he only does that with you.)

A Taurus is all about the sensory world, what he can touch, taste, smell, see and hear. Touch is huge to a Taurus. It’s a big way of how he connects with you—and how he shows you that he wants to get to know you better.

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