How to Get a Cancer Man (12 Things He Needs to Fall Hard)

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If you’re determined to end up with a Cancer man, you’re in the right place.

Here’s a quick overview of how to get a Cancer man:

  • Be kind, thoughtful and sincere
  • Work toward getting your life on track
  • Know when to show strength and vulnerability
  • Embrace traditional courtship
  • Be friends first and take it slow

Getting your Cancer man to fall for you is just the beginning.

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What Kind of Woman Is a Cancer Man’s Type?

A Cancer man is looking for more than a girlfriend.

He’s looking for a future wife.

Wondering if you’re his type?

You are if you:

  • Are a compassionate person
  • Love deep, insightful conversation
  • Are sweet and good-natured
  • Are mature and responsible
  • Would go out of your way to help a stranger (or acquaintance)
  • Are on the girly side
  • Have a nurturing streak
  • Want a family
  • Dress nicely but modestly
  • Care about people
  • Are confident and a boss type of lady
  • …But still need your Cancer man to fix your leaky faucets

All around, a Cancer man’s ideal soulmate is a feminine, put-together, kind-hearted woman who makes the Cancer man feel wanted and needed

But also, she’s sure of herself and of what she wants, including the Cancer man.

If you don’t hit every mark on the above list, don’t worry.

Just follow these tips to melt his heart…

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How to Get a Cancer Man

1. Get your life in order

If you’re familiar with the song “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” by Cake, that’s kind of the epitome of the type of woman Cancer men are into.

They’ll take a mature, grown-up woman over a drama-loving, insecure female any day.

Want to get this guy’s attention?

Pay your bills on time, have a five-year plan and be hungry in your career.

Avoid drama like the plague and work toward your goals.

That’s the kind of woman he can build a future with.

2. Be thoughtful

Sensitive Cancer men are suckers for women who put effort into their relationships.

They like nice girls who are always thinking of them and others.

You can easily wow your Cancer man with little gestures.

Gestures like giving him your favorite sci-fi book after he admits he’s a sci-fi nerd.

Baking some extra cookies and giving them to him.

Telling him you’re there for him to vent after he’s had a hard day.

He’ll swoon!

3. Love traditional courtship

Cancer men don’t break the mold when it comes to old-fashioned dating and romance.

Though they like you to be the first to initiate interest, they still need to be the one to move the relationship forward.

So, that means they want to make reservations at a romantic restaurant on the water for your first date.

They want to pull the chair out for you to sit and pay at the end of dinner.

Let your Cancer be the traditional man and he’ll lap it up.

4. Be his friend

Just because Cancer men are super romantic doesn’t mean they don’t need your friendship.

First, in fact.

You see, Cancer guys like to get comfortable with you first.

It’s easiest to do this when you’re hanging out one-on-one, but as friends.

Maybe with some flirting.

But if you can give him that time to get to know you first, he’ll come out of his shell.

5. Respect his boundaries

A Cancer man will hide in his crab shell faster than you can blink if you cross one of his boundaries.

Slow to trust, he’s careful about who he lets in.

He’s not really the type who likes surprise visits to his apartment when he’s getting to know you.

And he definitely needs plenty of space and privacy.

But most of his boundaries are totally unspoken and hard to see, which is a big reason why a lot of women stop hearing from their Cancer guys all of a sudden.

If that’s a concern, the insider tips in Cancer Man Secrets can really help you avoid some big no-nos for Cancer men.

6. Make him feel like he’s the only person in the room

Cancers are shy people.

They have trouble approaching someone they like or sometimes even admitting they like them if they’re afraid they’ll be rejected.

You can help your Cancer man overcome this by putting all your focus on him.

Look into his eyes.

Don’t fidget with your phone or distractedly glance around the room a lot.

Let him know with your attention that you’re into him.

Make everything else fade into the background except you and him.

He’ll go weak in the knees for that kind of thing.

7. Be a little mysterious

Boy does this get a Cancer man’s attention.

Don’t reveal everything about yourself right away.

Give him little tastes, but make it clear he will need to put the time and effort into getting to know.

As a private person, he himself can be a tough nut to crack.

Making him wait for the whole story can be unexpected and drive him crazy, in a very good way.

As long as you’re not closed off, this can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

8. Dress well and femininely

Taking care of your appearance has a big impact on a Cancer man.

Basically, it means that you take pride in yourself, and it exudes that “I have my stuff together” aura.

As for what to wear, go for chic, feminine attire on the modest side.

Something you would meet his mom in.

Tip: He likes soft or deep blues, white, classic black and calming colors.

9. Master the art of conversation

To snag a Cancer guy, work on both your small talk and your intellectual conversation skills.

While he prefers to get lost in the deep stuff with you, he appreciates witty, insightful or just plain uplifting chit-chat.

Be charming and polite and keep a good sense of humor for the little chats.

For the long talks, be a great listener.

Be engaging and respond to him with questions that show you’re picking up on all the little details.

10. Practice sincerity

Superficial interactions leave Cancers feeling uneasy.

As very intuitive individuals, they can tell really easily when someone isn’t being genuine.

They would never call you out on it, but you’d likely see less of them.

With a Cancer man, it’s best to only say things that you mean.

As in, don’t try to compliment him just for the sake of complimenting him.

Don’t offer to do something for a Cancer man unless you’re really willing to follow through.

And above all…be yourself!

Your real self.

Your Cancer man wants to get to know that person, not the one you think he’s into.

11. Be strong yet vulnerable

If you can nail this combination, no Cancer man will be able to resist.

What do I mean by strong yet vulnerable?

I mean that you’re no pushover.

You’re a take-no-s#!* lady, a protector of your own.

If someone were to mess with someone you care for, you’d go into Mama Bear mode.

But you’re not an island.

You also rely on your Cancer guy to do things for you.

And not just handyman type things, but also romantic, mushy things.

You melt for your Cancer man. That’s what he wants, badly.

12. Take things slow

This man hates being pushed before he’s ready.

Yes, he does take a while to get involved in a relationship.

He’ll do a lot of sideways dancing around it (he is the Crab, after all) before he feels it’s safe to call you his girl, and then declare his love for you.

For sure, you do not want to give him ultimatums.

Instead, let things unfold at his pace.

Have patience with him, even when he does the push-pull thing, and you’ll have a loyal man devoted to your happiness in the end.

You probably know that getting your Cancer man is half the battle.

If you want to hold onto him for good, it’s best to be prepared so you can avoid the mistakes that cause this reserved man to go cold without warning.

Cancer Man Secrets has helped countless women understand their Cancer men’s confusing behaviors and react the right way to make them fall even harder.

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