Taurus Man Jealous Signs: 5 Signals You Don’t Want to Miss

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He may try and hide it, but the Taurus man jealous signs are hard to miss.

Here’s what you need to pay attention to: 

  • Possessive behaviors and major clinginess
  • An irritable Bull who gives you the cold shoulder
  • Your Taurus man not trusting your guy friends

Tread lightly here. A jealous Taurus man can easily become a suspicious Taurus man—if that happens it could be instant game over for the relationship.

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Reasons a Taurus Man Becomes Jealous

Because the Taurus man is usually so composed and mature in his years, most think he’s above getting bitten by the green-eyed monster.

However, jealousy just so happens to be a major weakness of Tauruses. And they know it.

There are just some things that get under his skin and make him feel insecure.

If he’s really interested in a woman or he’s in a relationship, these are highly likely the reasons he’s suffering from bouts of jealousy:

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He feels neglected

Have you been paying enough attention to him lately?

If you haven’t, that will make him wonder what’s more important than spending time with him.

He desires an ambition woman who goes out there to get what she wants, it’s true. But if you can’t carve time out of your busy schedule for him, he won’t take it lightly.

Also, check that there haven’t been changes in your relationship and the quality of the time you do spend together. Is your phone coming out all the time? Is your sex life dwindling?

These things can contribute to a Taurus man feeling like he’s playing second fiddle and becoming envious of anyone who gets some of your time.

You’re getting a lot of attention from other men

Don’t get him wrong. If other people find you beautiful, he knows that’s just because you are.

However, if you’re getting hit on by other men all the time, he won’t be fond of that.

I know—what can you do, right?

It’s more about how you react to that kind of attention that the Taurus man will be monitoring. You can’t engage with it—that will send red flags up for him.

Whether it’s comments on your social media page or men flirting with you at the bar, he doesn’t want to worry about them maybe stealing you away from him.

Ignore anyone hitting on you for your Taurus man’s sake.

You cancel plans

What’s worse than when you have something all planned out and then it gets cancelled at the last minute? 

For a Taurus guy this is torture.

Once in a while is one thing, but frequent cancellations are troubling to him.

He may think that you aren’t interested in him and that you’ve found something better to do.

Try to only make plans that you can keep and don’t cancel on him for things that can definitely wait.

Taurus Man Jealous Signs: 5 Signals You Don’t Want to Miss

A Taurus man never wants to come off as insecure because this Bull never wants to be seen as weak.

But he won’t hide it very well since you can easily spot the symptoms of a flair-up.

If you let his jealousy fester, it can easily get away from you and turn into a huge issue he won’t be able to get over. 

You want to diffuse the situation as soon as you can by being honest and forthright. Be caring in your responses to him because a super jealous Taurus man is going to feel exposed.

So how can you tell that he’s jealous? 

1. He becomes seriously clingy 

The Taurus man is known for his possessiveness and this is even more true if he becomes jealous.

When you two are out together he may put his arm around you to signal to others that you’re taken. If you’re talking to another guy he’ll pull you away from the conversation. 

This is harmless behavior that doesn’t reflect his trust in you.

However, if he always wants to be around you and becomes controlling, telling you where you can and can’t go, that’s a problem.

You can learn a lot about the right way to deal with his possessive nature in Taurus Man Secrets.

2. He’ll begin investigating

He’ll ask you where you are and who you’re with. He’ll go through your phone to see who you’re texting and calling.

He may even begin calling you and texting you more throughout the day inquiring about what you’re doing.

He’s suspicious and wants to get to the bottom of why he’s feeling that way.

Remember the common reasons Tauruses get jealous, which we covered above.

Stick to your promises. Don’t suddenly start staying out late at night when you used to be a homebody. Keep your routines with your Taurus.

This can help you avoid a needless investigation into the “real” reasons you’ve been unavailable lately and stirring up emotions and finger-pointing.

3. He ignores you

Has he started giving you the silent treatment?

Tauruses are stubborn and this can go on forever if you let it.

He doesn’t want to tell you he’s jealous, so he avoids bringing it up.

You see, he needs to project a strong image. Instead of revealing his vulnerability, he’ll just pretend you don’t exist.

He may be waiting to see what you’ll do, or if you’ll cop to some kind of wrongdoing.

He’s probably also just mad and doesn’t want to keep dishing out the affection if he thinks it isn’t deserved.

4. He sets boundaries for hanging out with your guy friends

When you mention hanging out with your male friends, does he make a face at the idea?

Don’t be surprised if your Taurus guy starts coming up with complaints about it already the minute you say you have plans.

He’ll become strangely possessive the minute he feels threatened by outsiders, or the idea of outsiders, coming between his partner and him.

And other guys, friends or not, are outsiders.

He may also expect you to follow certain unspoken rules, like avoiding hanging out alone.

Dealing with your male friends is a sensitive issue for a Taurus man and shouldn’t be ignored if you want to nurture trust in the relationship.

5. He turns into a jerk.

This happens because he doesn’t want to reveal his true feelings.

In fact, jealousy is a major reason Tauruses get prickly.

The first stage of jealousy is when he pretends nothing is wrong and casually gets grabby with you around other guys.

But when he starts directing his irritation at you, it’s progressed to the next stage.

He’ll be salty for no apparent reason. He’ll share the bare minimum of conversation with you and may make little comments that bring your loyalty to him into question.

You shouldn’t let this go. Ask him what’s bothering him and stay calm and rational in your responses to him when he shares exactly what’s on his mind.

Be open and honest and show that you have nothing to hide and he’ll eventually cool off once good and convinced.

Dating a passionate, devoted Taurus man is an incredibly rewarding experience, but obviously it has its ups and downs, just like any relationship.

But it doesn’t have to leave you totally confused, especially when he does things like ignore you when he’s upset and stop calling. You just need to know exactly what’s going on in his mind, which you can learn in Taurus Man Secrets.

Check out the Taurus Man Secrets guide here.

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