How to Communicate Effectively With a Taurus Man (Top 10 Rules)

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Taurus men aren’t great communicators, which can strain your relationship.

Here’s how to communicate effectively with a Taurus man:

  • Speak in plain language and be upfront
  • Save important talks for when you’re face-to-face
  • Approach him calmly and limit big emotions
  • Use logic and rationality to get your point across

Women tend to misunderstand Taurus men, sadly leading to the demise of many new relationships.

If you’re concerned or you just want to steer your relationship in a happy, healthy direction, learn how to read your Taurus.

This is what a guide like Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets teaches.

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How Does Taurus Communicate?

When Tauruses communicate verbally, they do it directly. 

They’re pretty blunt and to the point without a lot of flowery language.

However, with a Taurus, you have to be aware that most of their communication takes place non-verbally.

This sign is physically oriented. Tauruses will use their body language to give you signals way before they open up their mouths.

They are also action-oriented. They prefer to do rather than to say.

Bulls will show you how they’re feeling through how they treat you.

Similarly, if they want something, they’ll start controlling their behaviors and the environment to get it.

For example, if a Taurus wants to get more serious with you, they’ll start demonstrating to the world that you are exclusively theirs and ensure there’s no competition.

On the flip side, if they want to slow things down, they’ll make themselves busy and even disappear for a short period to cool the romance off.

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How to Communicate Effectively With a Taurus Man

Here are the ground rules when communicating with a Taurus man.

1. Show that you understand him

To have a conversation with a Taurus man that will land, you should show that you can identify with his thoughts, concerns and feelings.

One step toward this is to find common ground with him to agree on.

But don’t agree with him blindly.

Use empathy to hear what your Taurus man tells you. Share your own viewpoints and experiences that demonstrate you see where he’s coming from.

If he feels like you’re on the same wavelength, you’ll have a much more meaningful interaction.

2. Communicate in person

An important tip when it comes to talking to Tauruses is that they always prefer in-person.

Most times, you can’t expect a meaningful exchange to happen with a Taurus man over text.

There are exceptions, such as in a long-distance relationship.

In this situation, a Taurus man would try to talk on the phone or simulate an in-person experience as much as possible.

But in any other situation, you will want to save the deep talks for when you’re face-to-face.

You’ll get a lot more of the nuance of the Taurus man’s nonverbal messages this way.

What’s more, he’ll feel more connected to you in person.

He’s a physical, sensory type and needs that real, up-close experience with you.

3. Say what you mean

Absolute honesty is a must with a Taurus man.

Of course lying is a huge breach of his trust. He won’t tolerate the smallest of lies—they will make him suspicious of everything you’ve ever said to him.

But honesty goes much further than this in a Taurus man’s books.

Being honest is also about being upfront.

Not trying to hide certain details because you think he can’t handle them.

If you want to communicate with a Taurus man, give it to him straight. He needs to feel grounded in reality to feel secure with you and open up.

4. Speak plainly

How do you get a Taurus man to understand you? Be direct.

Put things in plain terms.

Taurus men are simple creatures. They take you at face value and they don’t worry about all the things you didn’t say. 

Instead, they focus on the messages delivered to them and use logic to make sense of them.

However, crossed wires and assumptions will hurt your relationship.

As Anna Kovach points out in Taurus Man Secrets, the Taurus may silently conclude you’re not as compatible as he thought.

Don’t assume he’s going to know what’s going on inside your head if you don’t say it.

Simplicity and straightforwardness are your best friend here for clarity’s sake.

5. Don’t back him into a corner

A Taurus hates being backed into a corner.

They will respond by avoiding you or quite possibly even getting rude or childish.

A Taurus man needs to feel like he’s in control. Don’t put him in a situation where he’s feeling forced to reply.

Leave him an out. Let him know that you’re not expecting him to respond right now.

And if he doesn’t reply to your text right away, give him space.

No matter what, you should avoid demanding an answer or trying to pry information out of a Taurus man, or you’ll either get the mad Bull or iced out.

6. Wait until he can hear it

Depending on what you want to talk to your Taurus man about, you won’t be successful if he’s not ready to hear it.

You can get clues about when he’ll be ready by paying attention to the signals he’s giving you.

Remember when I mentioned that Taurus men communicate through their behaviors? Let’s say you want to talk about making a commitment to each other.

It wouldn’t be wise to bring it up if you were getting actively pushed away with the Taurus man trying to claim more space and time apart.

But if he’s acting more romantic with you and dropping hints about the future, your conversation will go down much more smoothly.

Pay attention to his emotional states as well.

If he’s mad, he will not hear you. Wait for him to cool off, such as after an argument, to talk about what happened.

7. Control emotions

Tauruses feel things deeply.

However, they have trouble expressing their emotions.

Stoic to the core, a Taurus man will probably not put on too much of a display of his feelings. At least not until he fully trusts you.

But even then, he needs a feeling of stability, which emotions can easily throw off.

So when it comes to communication, it’s better for him to process and determine how to respond to you when your emotions are not turned up full blast.

To clarify, he does want you to be able to come to him when you’re upset. He’s famous for being the one his loved ones lean on for support.

Otherwise, if you throw a tidal wave of emotion at him, he can get overwhelmed.

Try stating things in a more casual way as much as possible so that he doesn’t feel like you’re jumping into any deep, emotional waters he can’t swim in.

8. Put it logically

Taurus men think in this-or-that, black-and-white terms. 

If you’re the type who sees all the gray areas, you may find yourself having frequent misunderstandings.

A good way to cut through the fog with him is to put things in logical terms.

Make natural associations with concepts he already understands.

If you can put things in an A + B = C type of formula for a Taurus man, he can verify based on his objective reasoning skills.

He’ll be more open to what you have to say if he feels like he can analyze it logically.

9. Stay calm

Upset with your Taurus? Definitely wait until the immediate anger has passed to talk to him.

Because if you come at him from a place of anger and hostility, no matter how justified you are, his instant reaction will be to go into combat mode.

The Taurus man’s natural instinct is to fight when cornered. 

So don’t give him a reason!

Approach him when you can explain to him why you’re upset without finger-pointing or arguing.

If he did wrong, he’ll know it.

But he will never admit it or open up about it if he feels you’re being confrontational and his back is up against a wall.

10. Lower your defenses

You may not be ready for how blunt a Taurus man can actually be.

If you’re sensitive, this is something you’ll need to build stamina for in order to date a Taurus man or have a lot of interactions with him.

The thing is, he’s also sensitive. But that doesn’t stop him from saying exactly what’s on his mind.

He may be surprised if you take offense. If he’s leveling with you, it’s because he thinks you can deal with the truth as he sees it and expects you to understand.

But if you start to get defensive he’ll either shut down or get defensive right back.

If he says something that hurts you, know this is never his intention. He wants you to tell him so he can make it right.

Just don’t lash out at him. Remember, calm is the way with a Taurus man.

Other Taurus Man Questions

How do you emotionally connect with a Taurus man?

Start by making the room you’re sitting in comfy, cozy and relaxed-feeling to him.

Dim the lights, have a nice glass of wine, stretch out on a soft sofa and let the mood guide you.

Just be sure not to try too hard.

Tauruses have a strained relationship with expressing their emotions, so you need you to take the pressure off to get past their hang-ups.

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How to start a conversation with a Taurus man through text

Just say “Hey.”

A Taurus man doesn’t need you to make up a story as an excuse for reaching out.

He can be shy, so getting the ball rolling with a simple, friendly greeting can be the perfect way to break the ice with him.

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How do you win a Taurus man’s heart?

By being dedicated, nurturing and supportive.

You want to show your long-term match potential to him. He needs to know that you can be together for the long haul.

In addition, you will want to start earning his trust from day one.

Know that it doesn’t come easily. 

Just have the patience to stick it out because trust turns to love, and a Taurus man who loves you will want to give you the world.

How to Make a Taurus Man Fall in Love With You explains in more detail.

How does a Taurus man test a woman?

A Taurus man tests a woman’s desire for him as well as her honesty and loyalty.

For example, as we describe in Taurus Man Testing You, he could do things like:

  • Ignore your phone call to get you to try again
  • Push your buttons to see how you handle it
  • Make jealous comments about other guys so you must prove you’re loyal to him

If a Taurus man is testing you, he’s doing so because he needs to find out first-hand if you’re the right woman for him.

If you’re not sure how to approach a Taurus man or you just want to have the best relationship you can have, check out Taurus Man Secrets.

In it, Anna Kovach covers the fundamentals of communicating, avoiding some of the biggest mistakes you can make with your Taurus and getting him to commit.

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