Can a Taurus Man Marry a Capricorn Woman? (Why They’re Compatible)

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Can a Taurus man marry a Capricorn woman, or will they part ways?

Here’s the answer from the stars:

  • A Taurus man and Capricorn woman make an exceptional match for love and marriage
  • The major hurdles they need to overcome are their stubbornness and communication

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Can a Taurus Man Marry a Capricorn Woman?

Yes, a Taurus man can marry a Capricorn woman. 

Their marriage will be one of the most stable unions imaginable.

These two are both strong-willed, patient and reliable people, all traits that contribute to a long-term (lifelong) commitment such as marriage.

The type of life they have together will be one of their dreams, likely with all the material luxuries they want.

They’ll just need to watch out for their stubborness and tendency to avoid talking about things if they want their marriage to be the best it can be.

We’ll dive into these issues shortly, as well as the advantages of the Taurus Capricorn marriage.

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Do Capricorns and Taurus Make a Good Couple?

Capricorn and Taurus make a special couple.

This comes from the fact that they’re unusually in-tune with each other and, when it comes down to it, totally alike.

These earth signs are calm, rational and levelheaded.

They don’t take decisions lightly and neither one is in it for a fling.

As a couple, they’re the kind that their friends see as unbreakable but also extremely private.

This is because the Taurus and Capricorn are reserved and don’t let just anybody into their emotional worlds.

But with each other, they sense that they know each other too well to hide.

It almost feels like they’re the same person, and it’s very comforting to them.

Why Are Taurus Attracted to Capricorns?

A Taurus man dreams of wooing a woman he feels is slightly above him in class and status.

Well, he will find that in a Capricorn woman.

She has a classiness and maturity about her that is beyond her years even when she’s young.

Her mind is incredibly sharp and she likes to talk about “real stuff” that matters to her—things the grounded Taurus is eager to talk about with her.

She’s not terribly easy to win over, which is great for the Taurus.

It just means to him that “winning” her is a worthwhile challenge.

Altogether, he views her as a smart, sophisticated woman who knows what she wants—and he wants that to be him.

What Does Capricorn Like About Taurus?

A Capricorn woman can feel the vibes in the room with a Taurus man as soon as she enters it.

Everything from his nice smell and clothes, to his mysterious smile, to his sense of humor attracts her.

His humor is on the darker and naughtier side, which is right up her alley. She needs someone who can get her laughing since she can be hyper-focused on serious business.

A Taurus man is emotionally stable and doesn’t get his feathers ruffled too easily.

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With the Capricorn woman not being overly emotional herself, she finds this to be a strength.

The Taurus man is steady and responsible, without an impulsive bone in his body.

Everything points to a man she can trust and enjoy being with.

Which is quite a title of honor, because the Capricorn is highly selective about her suitors.

Are Taurus and Capricorn Soulmates?

The soulmate potential of the Taurus man and Capricorn woman is high.

These two just fit together.

When they first meet, they recognize something in the other person that’s hard to describe but that they can’t ignore.

On an astrological level, they’re in such harmony that they don’t often have any significant issues that they can’t overcome.

In a relationship, they’ll feel like they’re made for each other.

And in a lot of ways, they are.

Why Their Marriage Works

They have an understanding

These earth signs just get each other. 

They have a similar way of thinking and being, so they completely understand their spouse’s behaviors and don’t judge.

This type of compatibility makes them both feel accepted and appreciated for who they are.

They want the same things and have similar values, such as loyalty, having a stable life and putting money in the bank.

They work hard but also play hard, so they want to have enough money to fund their vacations, a nice home, new cars and the latest gadgets.

They’ll love the life they build together.

They put their family first

A Taurus man and Capricorn woman both have strong and traditional family values.

They believe that the home should be a safe haven and that their children, if they have any, should be disciplined and well supported.

A Capricorn woman can get anything done that she sets her mind to. 

She’ll use this strength as a way to nurture her family (whether she has human children or dog children), including her husband, and make sure they have what they need to thrive.

And her Taurus husband, who finds nothing more rewarding than spending time with his family, will always be there and provide well for them.

They’re committed to each other

No matter what happens in their marriage, this pair is strong.

If they love each other, they won’t be willing to throw in the towel even if they’re having problems.

Even big ones.

The Taurus man has an incredible amount of patience. He feels that love and commitment are the most important things.

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Similarly, the Capricorn woman is not one to give up. 

She made a vow not only to her Taurus, but also to herself.

Deep in their hearts, they truly want to grow old together.

They both enjoy routine

Signs like Taurus and Capricorn have a desire for stability and routine.

Some other signs might call it monotonous, but these two like knowing that dinner is at 7:30 p.m. and what errands get done on the weekend.

The Capricorn woman, for one, is far too busy and ambitious for unexpected shifts in her schedule.

The Taurus man himself is not a huge fan of surprises and looks forward to coming home and relaxing, without having to worry about entertaining an antsy spouse.

Taurus Man Capricorn Woman Problems

They want things to be their way

For the most part, Capricorn and Taurus have the same opinion on a lot of matters.

But where they don’t, they’ll have a hard time convincing the other.

The horns of the Bull and the Goat are equally hard and they’re both going to stand their ground.

So if they don’t agree on whether to put their money in separate or joint bank accounts, or who should do what chores at home, it can seem impossible the find a solution.

But there’s also a risk that the Capricorn will try to placate the Taurus man, but not actually change anything so that she can still have her way.

Sometimes they don’t communicate

Although these two have great rapport and conversations, communication can still go bad.

A Capricorn woman wants her husband to open up and share with her.

But a Taurus man isn’t the most comfortable doing this, particularly when he’s put on the spot. 

If he’s upset, he may (wrongly) assume she should know what the problem is.

The Capricorn woman herself is not afraid of opening up, but she tends to want to wait until she has the perfect thing to say to make herself understood.

So both of them can have trouble expressing their feelings to each other, which can put off dealing with issues that really need to be addressed.

Different romantic needs

Neither of these signs is over-the-top in the romance department in a marriage.

In fact, the Taurus man can get so laid-back and comfortable in his routines that some signs would feel some rejection when he slows down the showers of flowers and chocolates.

Still, the Capricorn woman needs these things even less—what she wants out of a marriage is a real partnership.

There’s a possibility that the Taurus man could get a little bummed out from time to time when he wants to snuggle up under a blanket and the Capricorn woman has things to knock off her to-do list instead.

He may even hide his sentimentality so he doesn’t feel foolish in front of her.

Career issues

Not every Taurus man will take issue with a Capricorn wife working well into the night.

But some might.

The ambitious Capricorn woman will do what it takes to get her career where she wants it to be and doesn’t want to put it on hold for any reason.

Especially if they have children, the Taurus man being an old-fashioned type might ask her to be home more as he sees the woman as the primary nurturer.

Again, this may not necessarily happen at all, and a Taurus man can also go the other way and be amazingly supportive of his workaholic wife.

But it’s a possibility that she should be prepared for.

What They Need to Work On

They should talk about what their goals are and also where their boundaries are.

Whatever the Capricorn woman is willing or not willing to sacrifice, she should make abundantly clear, in plain words.

And as impossible as they may think it is, they’ll have to make compromises even though they’re not getting what they really wanted.

The Capricorn woman should beware continuing doing what she wants to do even without the Taurus man’s knowledge.

If he finds out, his trust will be broken down bit by bit. Once it’s lost, it’s basically impossible to get back and the marriage can become threatened.

Communication in general should be a priority.

If talking on the spot isn’t comfortable for them, they need to find a way that works for them.

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Whether that’s writing it down or making a plan to come back to a topic later.


The Capricorn woman and Taurus man make a generally happy and successful match in marriage.

Their problems are not likely to dominate their marriage, and may not even really exist to any significant extent.

But even if there are issues, this couple loves each other and wants to stay strong for each other.

If they keep their communication open and they give their spouse some flexibility, the Capricorn woman and Taurus man will be over the moon with each other.

Other Taurus Man Capricorn Woman Questions

Capricorn woman Taurus man sexually

As earth signs, the Capricorn and Taurus will have very sensual experiences in the bedroom.

They’re both physical people who let their bodies do the talking.

Capricorn can be on the reserved side at first, but once she lets the Taurus man take the reins, she’ll relish being able to let go of all other thoughts and worries in the throes of passion.

The Taurus takes his time, so she won’t be rushed and can fully enjoy it.

When the Capricorn gets comfortable with the Taurus man, she can unleash a sexual intensity that only a man like him can handle.

The only thing is that she may want to explore some kink in bed and will have to be the one to introduce it.

But the eager Taurus man will love going down just about any sensual path with his Capricorn lover.

What is Taurus love language?

Physical touch.

Especially as the first earth sign of the zodiac, a Taurus lives to experience the world through their physical sensations such as smell, sight and touch.

Naturally, when it comes to love, the Taurus is going to experience it the same way.

Touch is the primary way a Taurus gives and receives “declarations” of love.

That is, it’s only really clear to Tauruses that you love them through the quality of your hugs, kisses and tender touches.

And likewise, you’ll know a Taurus loves you if he can’t keep his hands off you in an affectionate, not just sexual way.

Read How to Know When a Taurus Man Loves You for more signals he sends.

Is a Taurus man possessive about a Capricorn woman?

Yes, a Taurus man is possessive about any woman he’s with.

His sign’s motto is “I have.” This sign is literally about possessions.

A Taurus man will feel threatened by the idea that someone might take his possessions away, which, to him, include his significant other.

However, with a Capricorn woman, his possessiveness is not nearly as bad because she’s good at making him feel secure.

She doesn’t even look in another man’s direction so he doesn’t get the idea that she’s flirting.

Since she’s so reliable and predictable, she’s less likely to deal with the Taurus man’s jealousy.

Do Taurus fall in love fast?

No, Tauruses don’t usually fall in love fast.

Even for a Taurus man and Capricorn woman, love at first sight is not likely since both of these signs are slow to get their hearts involved.

They can experience lust at first sight, for sure.

But for the Taurus man, love will come slowly once he’s tested his potential mate and found her loyal and trustworthy.

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