Will a Taurus Man Come Back? (After Breakup, No Contact or Ghosting)

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You and your Taurus man broke up and you regret it. 

Will a Taurus man come back? What about after no contact or ghosting?

  • The answer is a Taurus man will come back only if he hasn’t lost all feelings and trust
  • He needs both emotional and logical reasons to get back into the relationship

If you’ve been frustrated by a Taurus man showing no signs of wanting you back and you feel the clock is running out, you have to start exploring his real fears and desires. 

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Will a Taurus Man Come Back?

After a breakup, A Taurus man will come back to his ex if it makes sense to his heart as well as his head.

If his emotions and logic are in conflict, he won’t budge.

First, if you want to get him back, it helps if you’re the one who broke up with him. 

This has to do with appealing to his logic—you were the one to have a reason to end the relationship, not him.

Second, he needs to have good memories about your relationship.

This appeals to his emotions and sentimentalism. 

Third, again appealing to his emotions, he should not have lost all feelings for you as a result of the breakup.

If he didn’t fall out of love with you and his feelings ran deep, they should be easy to connect with again for him.

A little later, we’ll talk about what steps you should take to get the Taurus man back into a relationship.

When will a Taurus man not come back?

If he broke up with you, the Taurus have an excellent memory about why he chose to end things. 

However, this really only applies if he broke up with you for an “unfixable” reason.

For example, a serious breach of trust, or because he thought you weren’t compatible.

He’s a bit more likely to come back if the reason he broke it off had to do with factors out of your control, like long distance or personal problems he was dealing with.

If he completely lost all caring for you, however, it’s basically a lost cause.

The truth is that he won’t see any point in talking about it since his feelings are his primary motivator.

Will a Taurus man come back after no contact?


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You don’t have to worry about a Taurus man forgetting about you just because you haven’t spoken.

Even if it’s been months. Sometimes even years.

If you were in love and your relationship was important to him, he may carry a torch for you and want to rekindle a relationship when he sees you again.

Even if he’s dated other women in between.

Will a Taurus man come back after a fight?

Yes, a Taurus man will come back after a fight.

He needs an alone period to get over his anger before he can face you again.

After which, he may actually feel pretty bad.

If you think that a fight caused him to leave you without saying anything, know that’s not his style.

A Taurus would only officially break up with you if he were calm and could tell you rationally.

Otherwise, don’t assume that him walking out after a fight means he’s gone for good.

Will a Taurus man come back after ghosting?

It depends on the reason he ghosted you, but it’s possible a Taurus man will show up again like nothing happened.

If he ghosted you because he lost interest, don’t count on getting a courtesy call.

But if he’s gone MIA after you’ve spent a lot of time together and things were starting to get more serious, he’ll almost definitely be back.

In that case, he needed to slow down and assess your relationship because he likes you and doesn’t want things to get screwed up.

In case he ghosted you because things were rocky in her personal life, don’t sweat it too much.

He may or may not have time or the emotional capacity for an actual relationship, but he will at least be in touch when he has things more under control.

Why Does a Taurus Man Always Come Back?

If a Taurus man keeps coming back to you, it’s likely for one of two reasons.

One is that he sees the long-term potential in dating you, and the other is that he’s comfortable being casual with you.

A Taurus man is not usually the type to date around and keep flings going.

However, if he thinks that’s what you want, he might try to make it happen.

But if he keeps disappearing, only to show up again to hold you in the night and be sweet with you, he’s got emotions tangled up.

For his personal reasons, he’s not letting things progress any faster.

Potentially because he’s still in the stage of judging whether he can fully trust and be with you, or possibly because he’s getting mixed messages from you.

How to Get a Taurus Man Back After a Breakup

After a breakup, a Taurus man will need some space first and foremost.

If he asks for it, or if he seems like he’s making himself unavailable to you, take it as your cue to cool things off for a few weeks.

Then what you do will vary depending on whether you broke up or he broke up with you, as we’ll talk about below.

What to do if you broke up with him

If you broke it off, it’ll be easier to win the Taurus guy back.

Easier, but not a guarantee.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Be straight with him. Let him know that you miss him and you want to see him again. If he has questions, answer them with complete honesty, even if it makes you feel vulnerable. He won’t go for it unless he’s confident you really want this.
  2. Show that you’re trustworthy. He may hesitate because he doesn’t want to get hurt again. You’ll just need to prove over time and with repeated actions that you want to try again, and that you won’t change your mind.
  3. Cook for him. Invite him over, make him a delicious dinner and help him feel relaxed with you. Be sure to make the environment soft, comfy and inviting.
  4. Don’t accept dates or flirt with anyone else. Show the Taurus man that he’s the only one you want.
  5. Avoid blaming him. Whatever happened in the past, it’s a new chapter now. Besides, he’s not going to change to any great extent because it’s just not possible for this stubborn fixed sign. Appreciate him as he is.

What to do when a Taurus man breaks up with you

  1. Apologize if you upset him. It MUST be from the bottom of your heart. Show that you have nothing but remorse for your actions. No finger-pointing or self-pity, or he’ll block you out.
  2. Don’t become overly emotional. At best, he’s not great at handling an avalanche of your pent-up feelings. At worst, he’ll feel like you’re too dramatic and clingy.
  3. Use touch. If you’re able to see him in the flesh, use gentle touches to show that you still want to connect with him, especially when you’re saying something heartfelt and sincere.
  4. Get ready to prove yourself to him. Be there for him. Don’t nag him when he goes quiet on you, just continue to be friendly and kind. If he seems like he’s testing your loyalty, he probably is. Try not to flaunt your male friendships on social media or you may give him the wrong idea.
  5. Follow his lead. If he doesn’t call you for a while, let him have his space. If he reaches out to you and shows you special attention, give it back. Let him set the pace and lead you into a new relationship if there’s a chance.
  6. Stay patient. If you try to force his hand, threaten that you’ll see other people or otherwise put pressure on him, the game will be up and he’ll stop calling. It takes more time than you’re used to to win back a Taurus man, so be prepared.

If a Taurus man has broken up with you because he thinks you have compatibility issues, check out Anna Kovach’s advice on how to be with him even if you’re not compatible in Taurus Man Secrets.

How to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You

Your greatest weapon is improving yourself.

Then flaunting it.

Post about it on social media. Talk about it front of him and anyone who knows the Taurus so word gets back to him.

Did you start taking a Jiu-Jitsu class? Take the opportunity in small talk to chat about it (and show off your rockin’ body).

Taurus men are usually physically active people and are attracted to others who get out there and kick butt.

Are you reading more now that you have more time to yourself? Post cute pictures of you curled up with a book, especially if the Taurus man admired your smarts.

He’ll get the warm fuzzies and could really start missing you.

Other Taurus Man Questions

Why is my Taurus man so distant?

First, think about whether you’ve had a fight recently.

He can hold a grudge, so think past the last 24 hours.

If that’s not it, as we explain in our Taurus Man Hot and Cold article, it could be that he’s worried you’re not ready for a relationship.

He may be concerned that you’re toying with him. Or maybe you just haven’t said in no uncertain terms that you want him.

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As mentioned before, he could also be trying to slow things down so that he can get his head around how he feels.

In fact, having him pull back while he really likes you is a good thing because it means the Taurus is in his own process of getting serious with you.

When a Taurus man is done with you

If he’s over you, a Taurus man will become moody and touchy around you.

Like, all the time.

Contacting him will get harder and harder. Almost like he’s trying to avoid you.

And finally, your intimacy will suffer.

Read about it in How to Know When a Taurus Man Is Done With You.

How do you get a Taurus man to chase you again?

Here’s how to get a Taurus man to chase you—again.

First, don’t act needy.

Being independent is your first step toward getting a Taurus man back in the door.

After that, it’s really about feeding him what he wants to see.

Whatever attracted him to you, show it off around him and on social media.

But also, there’s that trust thing again!

He has to be sure he’s not going to be rejected or find himself second-best to another guy if he chases you, so make it clear that’s not the case.

How do you know if a Taurus man misses you?

You’ll know because the Taurus man will always be around.

Whether it’s online or in person, he’ll be sending you messages and keep in communication with you.

He’ll continue to be there for you. He’ll talk to you in a special way reserved for close people he cares about.

We dive into this more in Will a Taurus Man Miss You?

If he misses you, he’ll be consistent, even if he’s basically in the background.

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