How Does a Capricorn Man Test a Woman? (How to Pass 8 Secret Tests)

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If you want to nail every merciless test a Capricorn throws at you, be prepared.

How does a Capricorn man test a woman? 

  • He tests her values, morals and the way her mind works
  • He pulls away temporarily and assesses how she handles it
  • If she messes up, she’ll be on “probation” for a while
  • He checks how faithful, devoted and loyal she is 
  • He observes her character and reputation

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How do you know a Capricorn man is testing you?

The reality is, if you have to ask, you’re probably being tested.

In a way, everything is a potential test with a Capricorn man.

I mean that in the way that he will log your every word and action away in a mental safe.

“Overly analytical” is a phrase all Capricorns’ exes have applied to them.

Sometimes, however, you just know by how fixated the Capricorn becomes, asking you multiple questions without moving on or sometimes, straight up telling you.

To be sure, Capricorn guys will leave no stone unturned as they try to figure out whether they should invest their time and emotions in you.

But bottom line, you will often not know exactly when a Capricorn man is testing you, which is why it’s best to err on the side of caution.

By that I mean, assume it’s a test.

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How Does a Capricorn Man Test a Woman?

1. Fishing for Answers

When you’re on a date with a Capricorn man, or even just casually hanging out, he’ll ask you a slew of questions.

Some of which may seem random or put you on the spot, like who broke up with who in your last relationship and why. 

In addition to this, he’ll try to figure out where your morals and values lie as he talks about his own.

Talking politics, world events and social issues is not off-limits for him. In fact, he’ll be eager to hear what your responses are.

This “interview” gives him vital information, such as:

  • Do you have serious girlfriend potential, and are you trustworthy?
  • Are your values, perspectives and interests similar to his?
  • How do you view the world? Yourself? Other people? Him?

He’ll use all of this information to figure out if you might be a good fit.

Ideally, he’ll discover more similarities than huge differences between you in terms of how you think, what kind of person you are and what you want.

How do you pass? 

You’ll need to give completely honest answers about yourself, your beliefs and so on.

Just be upfront and don’t hide anything, no matter how you think you’re being judged.

The Capricorn will continue testing and find out all your hidden secrets anyway. And if he feels betrayed, he might not say a word and just leave you behind.

Better to rip that Band-aid off now, anyway.

2. Taking a Step Back

A Capricorn man will get weirded out in a fast-moving relationship.

The earth signs are slow movers, and Capricorn is no exception.

So how do you know if the relationship is moving too fast for him? 

You’ll know if he starts retreating a bit or closing up after having slowly started to open up to you.

In another scenario, he may also tell you that he needs some space for a while.

The thing is, he really is attached to you. But that scares the daylights out him, so he must—at least in his mind—take control of it.

Simply put, he needs to be alone to evaluate his feelings. 

Does he truly care for you? How much does he feel your absence when you’re gone?

These are the things he’ll be mulling over, and the answer will determine what he does next. 

How do you pass? 

Be understanding.

Don’t try to dig into it, become emotional or persuade your Capricorn guy.

He’s a methodical man, never ruled by his emotions. 

To be with him, you’ll need to act similarly in these types of situations. Or he’ll think you’re unable to handle it and question everything.

You can send him a message from time to time. Make it sweet, but not demanding.

Something like, “Hi, I was just thinking about you. If you ever want to talk, I’m here.”

It works because it signals to the Cappy that he’s important to you while at the same time leaving the door open for him to come to you.

With a Capricorn man, it’s all about surrendering to him.

3. Avoiding You

One of the most confusing Capricorn moves is to ignore you.

A Capricorn man might not answer his phone for days on end.

His availability will shrink. He’ll be busy at work. He’ll act nonchalant and tell you vaguely that he was taking care of other things when you get a hold of him.

It’s not a breakup. And while this isn’t always a conscious test for a Capricorn man, the way you approach it speaks volumes to him.

He’s looking at two basic things:

  1. Can you deal with it? And,
  2. Will you still be there? (Or will you hold it against him?)

Number one, he needs an absolutely independent partner who will not complain or become insecure when he has to focus on his career, his family or himself.

But also, he’s cautious to the extreme, not letting anyone in until he feels trust runs both ways and he can count on you.

How do you pass? 

Respect the space he’s creating.

Get back to your own life and focus on what makes you attractive to the Capricorn—taking care of business and accomplishing your goals.

If he’s a good guy and he’s really into you, he’ll come back refreshed, missing you and trying to see you ASAP.

Yes it’s nerve-wracking in the meantime, but it can help put your mind to learn the ropes of how to influence a Capricorn, which you can learn about in Capricorn Man Secrets.

4. Making Sure You’re Not Messing Up (Again)

If you did something to break a Capricorn guy’s trust, he will for sure test you on it periodically.

But even if you didn’t do something to betray him, there could be any number of mistakes you could have made while he was silently watching.

If he’s decided it’s worth fixing, you’ll be on probation for possibly quite a while.

To him, you’re either breaking the rules or following them. And he wants to be sure you’re not breaking them.

Depending on what the offense was, you may not particularly know how a Capricorn man is going to test you.

On the other hand, he might tell you specifically what he needs you to do to make it right.

How do you pass?

The biggest thing is, obviously, not to be a repeat offender!

Because there may not be a third chance with a Capricorn.

Let your behaviors demonstrate your regret and commitment.

Words will do little to smooth things over, ultimately.

A humble apology should be followed by doing whatever it takes to stay on the right track now, even if that means giving him your phone password to see you’re not texting your ex anymore.

If he’s told you explicitly what he’d like to see, show him you’re working toward that, actively.

But even if he hasn’t, you can build back his confidence in you by staying true to your word.

There’s no way to speed this process up—just stick it out, have patience and give your Capricorn time to feel your loyalty to him.

5. Confirming Your Faithfulness

Even in the beginning, before either of you has made a verbal commitment to the other, a Capricorn man must see signs of faithfulness.

Usually, this test is purposely done in a subtle, indirect way.

He may do something out of character like pop in on you. 

He might try to confirm you’re really doing what you said you were doing tonight, or simply seek to get reassurance.

He’ll also potentially ask around for how you behave when he’s not there, and will likely study your social media comments and pictures.

How do you pass?

If you’ve just started dating, get off any dating apps if you haven’t already.

He refuses to compete with anyone else, straight up.

Be conscious of how he would feel about other men flirting with you, in person or on social media (he wouldn’t like it).

If you’re naturally flirty with other people, even if you see it as harmless, keep it in check!

You just need to confirm to him that you’re not looking elsewhere.

6. Assessing Your Devotion

A Capricorn man must know he can count on you in the long run.

Not only to be there for him, but to be present throughout your relationship.

Little ways he might test this include asking you about a meaningful gift he got you.

Did you keep it? How important was it to you?

In general, are you putting as much effort into spending meaningful time together as he is?

Would you be there and willing if he needed a favor?

Possibly, he’ll test your memory from time to time on significant dates and events as a couple, beyond birthdays and anniversaries.

If he does something big for you or makes sacrifices for you, part of him will be disappointed if it slips under the radar.

How do you pass?

In general, take him seriously.

Everything he’s done and said with you, he’s put careful thought into. Show him you really appreciate that.

Respond genuinely to his gifts, his affections and the devotion he lavishes on you.

Be supportive of his goals and decisions, and repay his generosity with selfless acts of your own.

He wants things to be 50-50 in a relationship.

Once he’s fully invested, he doesn’t hold back and never wants to feel taken for granted.

7. Observing Your Emotional Reactions

Capricorns are head over heart types, influenced by what they see as rational and practical. Not so much by big emotional appeals.

Obviously, they’re human—ever dealt with a Capricorn mood swing?

Still, Caps are quite emotionally stable, neither experiencing super highs or lows. 

What a Capricorn man needs is a partner who can deal with that, and also someone who won’t be too taxing on his energy.

So he’ll be observing how you react, and what upsets you.

Are you pretty even-keeled? Are you emotionally needy? 

Do you fly off the handle? How do you act when mad at him?

How do you pass?

If you’re a particularly emotional person, understand the Capricorn man may not be on the same level.

Don’t take it as the Capricorn having no feelings of his own or not having feelings for you.

Show him you’re strong, confident and emotionally self-sufficient.

Be calm and if you get upset, try to put things to him in a way that appeals to his logical brain.

Then give him space—chasing him to get a reaction never works with a Capricorn man anyway.

8. Watching and Waiting

Throughout your relationship, he’ll assess whether everything about you adds up.

Does everything you say to him ring true and remain consistent?

Can he trust you to do what you promise?  How reliable are you?

What kind of person are you behind closed doors, once the initial infatuation wears off?

In addition, he’ll do some deep-diving into your character and reputation if given the chance, whether that’s by asking around or observing how you interact with other people.

It will definitely take a while, but that’s the only way with a Capricorn man.

And this is what we mean when we say that Capricorn men are always testing you.

At least, unless they’ve determined that you’re absolutely the one for them.

How do you pass?

Just be consistent!

Be truthful and unwavering.

Once the Capricorn sees (over time) that you really are the sweet, honest and good person you present, he’ll be won over, completely and helplessly.

Other Capricorn Man Questions

What does a Capricorn man find physically attractive?

Physically, a woman who appeals to a Capricorn man is outwardly beautiful because her appearance is important to her. She never neglects it. 

That means her body is fit, her clothes are flattering and she always looks well put-together.

As well, femininity combined with maturity really appeals to Capricorn men.

This shows through your personal style—clothes, hair and makeup.

Typically, darker features including hair and eyes are also the Capricorn’s thing.

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How do you know if a Capricorn man is serious?

A Capricorn man who is serious about you will show you a romantic side of him that you’ve never seen before.

As reserved as he is, he’ll spontaneously say sweet things that are so heartfelt, you’ll feel like the luckiest woman alive.

Getting serious about you, for a Capricorn, involves both testing you—seeing if you can handle being with him in the long run—and moving toward a stable future together.

The more sure he is about you, the more he’ll be planning you into his life.

He will not fear making commitments or asking you for commitments to him and your future together.

What Capricorn man loves in a woman?

Capricorn men love a sweetness and strong maternal instinct in a woman.

However, these qualities must be balanced with a strong drive and ambitious nature.

The Capricorn man adores mental sharpness, elegance, independence and strength.

He prefers a no-nonsense attitude, but a little playful sassiness makes him smile.

Ultimately, Capricorn wants to be a power couple, to be admired and respected by others for what the two of you achieve together with your strengths and capabilities.

And if you two should stay together and get married one day, he will want to watch you dote on your future children.

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It’s a go-to guide for women when they don’t know why Capricorn men are ignoring them, why they may not commit and what they need to get serious with you.

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