Will a Taurus Man Miss You? (5 Big Signs He Wants You After a Breakup)

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Will a Taurus man miss you after you’ve broken up?

Here’s the quick answer:

  • A Taurus man will miss you if he had a strong emotional connection with you
  • He won’t miss you if you had a fling or he never bonded with you

Even if a Taurus man misses you, getting him to be with you again can be a giant hurdle.

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Will a Taurus Man Miss You?

A Taurus man will miss you if he was (and still is) emotionally attached to you.

Sure, he might miss small things like your perfume, but these won’t be strong enough to make him want you after a breakup.

To miss being with you takes a meaningful connection—one of the heart.

But it’s more than that.

To miss you, a Taurus man can’t have sour feelings over something that happened.

If he felt betrayed or like you were not loyal to him, then that feeling will stick out to him and dominate all the rest.

So basically, a Taurus guy misses his ex if he got to the point where he developed real feelings for her, like to the point where he saw a future with her.

On top of this, he should not resent you for something that happened between you.

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How Do You Know When a Taurus Man Misses You?

If he’s pining for you, the Taurus man may be surprisingly direct or so subtle about it that you would never know.

Here are the signs a Taurus man misses you.

1. He texts you

Haven’t heard from the Taurus in a while and suddenly he pops up in your messages?

That’s a Taurus man missing you.

If things ended on a not-so-great note or he just went cold on you out of nowhere, it might be weird to get a text from him like nothing ever happened.

But the fact is that he misses hearing from you.

He may only say “Hey” and want to know what’s going on with you.

It’s a bit of his possessiveness that’s driving him, but that’s because he’s still emotionally involved with you.

2. He asks around about you

Ask the friends and acquaintances you have in common with the Taurus.

Has he been checking up on you through your friends?

Casually bringing your name up to see if they can spill on the details of your personal life?

A Taurus man will never mention you to other people like this unless he’s fishing.

It’s either his stubborn streak keeping him from asking you directly or he doesn’t feel ready to open up to you yet.

But it’s a way for him to still be part of your life, since he’s not ready to let go.

3. He stalks your social media

This will be harder to know unless he’s dropping comments or DMing you.

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But if he has feelings for you, you can be certain he’s stalking your socials.

Even when you don’t hear from him.

He’s checking your photos to see what you’re doing and who you’re hanging out with.

Yes, making sure no other guys are taking his place.

4. He tells you he misses you

It’s also totally possible that a Taurus man will say to you that he misses you.

In which case, you should take it as a very good sign that the future is full of possibilities with him.

Just don’t expect him to throw open the gates and flood your phone with texts.

He may even go quiet again.

But reaching out to you with this message is a huge step for this prideful man and is a strong indication of his feelings.

5. He’s always there in the background

You don’t have to look hard to find your Taurus man somewhere close by, keeping tabs on you.

Maybe he responds when you reach out to him, or you know he’d be there in a heartbeat if you needed help.

Maybe he still goes to the same restaurants you go to.

Or he doesn’t hide from you when you show up to the party.

If he’s missing you and he wants to leave the door open, you may find that he hasn’t completely disappeared from your life if you really look.

Should You Tell a Taurus Man You Miss Him?

Honesty is the best policy with a Taurus man, so yes, tell him you miss him if that’s how you really feel.

The thing is that you have to do so with no expectations.

If he doesn’t respond, let him sit with it. He may be having a hard time figuring out his own feelings or how to reply.

Just to put your mind at ease, sending a message that you miss him and then leaving him alone is not smothering. 

It’s up front, and it offers the Taurus man the security he needs to let you in.

Tauruses hate game playing and prefer to know where they stand with you.

The good thing about it is that it’s like ripping the Band-aid off.

Either you will (eventually) hear from him as he prepares to mend your relationship or he’ll simply drop out of your life.

You’ll just need to be prepared for either result.

If you don’t quite feel prepared, you may want to check Anna Kovach’s advice on turning even a difficult Taurus man around in Taurus Man Secrets.

How Do You Make a Taurus Man Miss You Like Crazy?

1. Keep your own life separate

As a ground rule, you want to stay independent when trying to attract, or re-attract, a Taurus man.

Especially after a breakup, he’ll run away if he gets a sense of any clinginess.

He needs to start fresh with you.

For these reasons, you should keep your own schedule. 

Don’t revolve your life around him or answering his texts the minute he sends them.

This can demonstrate that you’re not going to be an emotional burden on the Taurus man and ask for more than he’s willing to give you.

And don’t forget, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

2. Allow him to lead

Chasing after the Bull is not the way he wants things to go down.

He won’t miss you if you go too fast for him. He’ll feel like his security is threatened.

A Taurus man needs plenty of time and space to come to the conclusion that he does, in fact, miss you.

He should know that you care about him, but that you’re not going to cross his boundaries by trying to reestablish the relationship too soon.

The best thing to do is let him set the pace.

You can prompt him from time to time with a message, but it’s better to let him come around to do the chasing.

3. Always be real with him

Never lie or try to hide what you want from the Taurus man.

He’s got an excellent sense for these things and he’s already defensive about them.

Whenever you have an interaction with the Taurus man, show him the real you.

Be upfront about your intentions. And if he asks you a direct question, answer it without fear of judgment or holding back.

It’s that vulnerability that you’re willing to show him that gets him hooked.

And trusting you, which is critical for the Taurus.

4. Don’t push him to open up

Some women make the mistake of trying to get a conversation out of their Taurus exes about the past.

Which we get. We all want that closure or to at least talk things out so we don’t repeat history.

But Taurus men aren’t really interested in rehashing things.

It’s not like past experiences don’t sway him, but his primary focus is on what’s going on right now.

How are you behaving now, in the present?

You should focus on that too. Let him bring up past arguments or unresolved business if he’s ready to.

Otherwise, give him a chance to focus on the good happening right now.

5. Be sweet to him

Taurus guys like women who are friendly, open and kind to them.

If you’ve heard you should be a little mean to get him to come around, you should know that’s not going to make him stay.

If anything, he’ll hold a grudge.

Just be your sweet, charming self and let your personality open his heart up to you.

Other Taurus Man Questions

Why is my Taurus man so distant?

If you’ve broken up, a Taurus man will naturally distance himself to repair his emotional state.

And if he broke it off with you, he’ll want to set the tone with you.

As in, he won’t want you to think he’s not serious about ending things.

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If things are cool between you and he’s not mad, he may be distant just because it’s in his nature to not trust people.

He guards his inner sensitivity so well you wouldn’t even know it’s there.

So if he’s being distant with you, don’t take it as a sign he doesn’t want anything to do with you.

He may just be protecting himself and watching how you’ll react.

How do you know if a Taurus man is serious about you?

He stops keeping you at serious arm’s length.

He’ll be available to you and show you warmth and affection with physical touch and lots of hugging, kissing and cuddling.

He’s suddenly more possessive of you because he’s more afraid of losing you.

You can read more about it in How Do You Know When a Taurus Man Loves You?

What to do if a Taurus man ignores you?

Most importantly, give him the space he’s asking for.

There could be any number of reasons he’s ignoring you, but backing off is a wise move if you’re in the dark.

Go about your own life as normal.

If you don’t hear from him, you can reach out with a friendly text and see if he responds.

If he’s open to talking to you, you should hear back within a few days.

In case he keeps ignoring you, as a last ditch effort you can send him a message or leave him a voicemail where you are sincere about how you feel.

Keep it brief, to the point and not overly emotional.

But one thing’s for sure, you can’t force the issue if he’s not ready to talk to you.

Check out What to Do When a Taurus Man Ignores You.

Do Taurus stay friends with exes?

If a Taurus stays friends with an ex, it probably means there wasn’t a lot of attachment there for the Taurus.

If there was a strong emotional attachment, Tauruses may stay friends because they’re possessive and can’t let go.

But they’re not really the type to go out of their way to make friends with an ex.

They’ll want an ex out of their lives if they’re totally over it.

What is Taurus love language?

The Taurus’s love language is the language of the body—physical touch.

Tauruses need to feel physically close to know that you love them.

And this is also how they’ll demonstrate that they love you.

It will be through putting an arm around your waist, giving you massages and holding you in bed at night.

So if you want to express your love for the Taurus man, touch him, hug him and give him that TLC he desires.

There’s a lot to learn about how a Taurus man operates, especially since he keeps so much of it hidden.

You can learn how your Taurus ex thinks and what he wants from you now with a guide like Taurus Man Secrets.

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