Why Is Your Taurus Man Hot and Cold? (Here’s Why, and How to Stop It)

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Last week your Taurus guy was super hot for you. Now he’s like a block of ice.

Why is your Taurus man hot and cold?

  • He thinks your relationship needs to slow down
  • He’s worried you’re not a true match
  • You’re giving signals that you’re not ready for a relationship
  • You’re still connected to your ex

The good news is that you can turn the cold back to hot (for good) if you know how to handle a Taurus man’s needs, fears and desires. 

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Why Is Your Taurus Man Hot and Cold?

It can be devastating to start falling for a Taurus guy, only to have him go cold on you like that.

Not infrequently, women end up on the internet in a panic, trying to find out how to fix it.

That’s because blowing hot and cold is a typical part of the Taurus man’s courtship.

I know. That’s not what you wanted to hear.

But if you’re out in the Arctic right now with your Taurus, you’re going to need to understand why if you want to get out of it.

The “why” will lead to the “what to do about it.”

So don’t panic, and don’t write him off.

Instead, consider if you’ve stumbled into any of the following hot-and-cold traps.

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Trap #1: You both moved too fast

Slow-moving Taurus always needs quiet time alone to think about where your relationship is going.

And the faster it goes, the harder he’ll pull back.

It’s like he can’t help himself when he really likes you.

So he comes on strong, swoops you up and gets your emotions caught in the mix.

But soon after, the Taurus guy realizes what he’s doing and slams on the brakes.

Otherwise, he’ll feel out of control.

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Not where this calm, cool-headed man wants to be.

What should you do now?

If you did fall into a relationship too quickly, try to give your Taurus the space he needs and don’t hold it against him.

Keep in touch to let him know you care and are there when he’s ready.

If you become angry with him and hurl insults, he may figure that you weren’t really into him anyway and move on.

Likewise, if you start acting single to show him you’re not bothered, he’ll assume you are not trustworthy.

It’s a bit unfair, but you have to be the understanding one here.

Frustrating as it can be, Taurus will take your negative reactions as a sign that you aren’t meant to be.

If you can hang in there and be patient, your patience will be rewarded.

Trap #2: You’re opposites attracted to each other

This can be a pretty tough one to work around.

Taurus men will often be highly attracted to women they’re not super compatible with.

Ruled by the planet that loves love, Venus, Tauruses fall hard and fast for certain qualities in other people.

And then learn the hard way that they’re actually oil and water.

Taurus men are practical, low-key, stubborn and deeply loyal. 

They would rather watch a movie at home than go to a party, and they find it hard to keep up with people who are always on the go.

If your lifestyles are too incompatible, you’ll find your Taurus turning on the cold to put some distance between you.

What should you do now?

First, consider whether you want to be with the Taurus.

Is he really the right person for you?

If you think so, then it’s possible that the stubborn Taurus is not giving your relationship enough time.

Seriously, who is 100% “compatible”? Very few couples, if any.

If this is the case, you can try to meet your Taurus more where he’s at.

Don’t try to drag him out if he wants to stay in.

Ask him to come over and snuggle on the couch next Saturday night.

If he’s not biting, you may want to check out Taurus Man Secrets for tried-and-tested techniques that work regardless of how “compatible” you are.

Trap #3: You don’t seem ready for a relationship

If you have one foot in and one foot out, that’s going to push your Taurus man away.

Any drama or baggage should be left at the door.

Now, you may not even realize that you’re sending signals to your Bull that you don’t want a committed relationship.

Do you cancel plans with him at the last minute or show up late?

Are you flirty with other people in front of him?

If so, you can bet that your Taurus is going to take a step back while he evaluates whether this relationship will be one-sided.

What should you do now?

Call the Taurus and level with him.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable with him and tell him the truth.

If you really want to be with him but you’ve been too scared to let him in, tell him that.

Whatever it is, he will be much more open to working it out together if he feels like you’re being honest with him rather than playing games.

Make sure you call him, though.

No texts allowed—that will seem like a cop-out to him.

Have a heart-to-heart in person, or if you can’t do that, over the phone.

And again, make sure he knows how you feel about him!

Trap #4: Your ex isn’t out of the picture yet

This is a huge red flag.

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No matter how much you say you like a Taurus man, if you haven’t cut all ties to your ex, you’ll never get close to him.

He won’t even friend zone you.

He’ll just stop talking to you.

If you’re living with your ex, that’s a no-go.

If you’re still hanging out with your ex, that’s highly suspect to the Taurus.

Even if you just talk about your ex to a Taurus man, that’s enough to cool his passion off.

What should you do now?

Without a doubt, the first thing you should do is get your ex out of the picture.

Do this before you try to reconnect with your Taurus.

If you don’t, it will seem like you’re never going to do it and you’re just stringing the Taurus along.

Actions are more important to Tauruses than words.

You can make promises, but if you can’t keep them, your romance won’t last long.

Once again, being straightforward with this sign is the way to go.

Let him know your ex is gone for good and leave the ball in his court.

This is the reassurance he needs from you.

Keep in mind, it may take some time.

But if he’s into you, your Taurus will come around to see the proof.

If you don’t know the Taurus man inside and out, your romance can be a painful one full of ups and downs and miscommunications.

What if you had all of the answers?

That’s what Taurus Man Secrets gives you.

It’s your road map to the Taurus man’s heart that will tell you exactly what you need to say, do and avoid to make him want you, need you—even marry you.

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