How to Know When Taurus Man Is Done with You (The 5 Red Flags)

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Suddenly your Taurus guy isn’t calling or texting. Is he just busy or is it something else? Here’s how to know when Taurus man is done with you.

Is He Thinking About Breaking Up?

He’s been different lately. Something has changed in the relationship and you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you don’t want to jump to conclusions.

It could be a number of things, especially if your Taurus man is going through a rough patch in his personal life. 

Are you having frequent arguments? They could be taking a toll on this peace-loving man. Take note of how you interact, too. He doesn’t take criticism well, so if you’re used to putting things rather bluntly, it could be upsetting him.

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Once committed to you, a Taurus man is not going to give up easily. If he isn’t happy, he’ll likely stew in his feelings for a long time before making the move to break up. It’s not a quick decision for him by any means.

When he’s not happy anymore, the signs are there. It just takes interpreting them correctly.

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How to Know When Taurus Man Is Done with You

Watch out for irritability.

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Does every little thing you say seem to spark an argument? It may not be you. This kind of behavior can be a sign that he’s acting out the emotions building up in him.

And he can be kind of…mean. A Taurus man in love is romantic and sweet. But a Taurus man who’s ready to move on might be more blunt with you, even cold.

If he snaps at you a lot, it’s his way of dealing with his feelings about the relationship fizzling out. You could always ask him directly about it. Chances are, he’ll give you a direct answer.

He keeps giving one-word answers.

This can be a tough one to interpret because when you’re in the beginning of a romance with a Taurus man, he may pull back suddenly in his communication. When he becomes more reserved, it’s usually because he’s assessing you and the situation.

But an established relationship with a Taurus man in which communication suddenly drops off to single-syllable answers when you ask him how his day was isn’t a sign of a happy Taurus.

If he’s getting ready to move on, conversation is going to be strained. He may not even bother talking to you when you’re in the same room if you live together. It’s hard not to notice.

Yes, texts and calls are fewer and farther between.

This goes hand-in-hand with the one-word answer thing.

As you may suspect, the lack of phone time if you’re used to getting a lot more may be a red flag. If you can’t chalk it up to his busy schedule, he may be avoiding talking.

In general, avoidance is a big tactic the Taurus man will pull out when he’s emotionally distancing himself. Eventually, he’ll either break it off or wait for you to do it for him.

Nothing’s happening in the bedroom.

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There’s not much that a Taurus man would prefer to a roll in the hay with someone he’s really into. Sex is important to him, and it means something.

Without an emotional connection, the physical connection disappears. He’ll initiate less or stop initiating altogether, and you’ll notice that he’s turning you down left and right.

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If he’d rather watch TV and go to bed after you’ve slipped into some skimpy lingerie, he may be thinking about calling it quits soon.

You spend less time together.

Where once he was always up for going out of town for the weekend, now he always seems to have something else he needs to do.

Not only is he not prioritizing quality face time, he’s actively hindering it by being anywhere else when you’re free.

It’s hard for the Taurus man to act sincere when he’s not. So at least you know when he wants to be around you and when—and if—he doesn’t.

Constantly finding reasons to ghost you is a surefire sign that the Taurus man is no longer invested. He may not have gotten to the point where he’s ready to end things yet, but he is backing out.

What’s your experience? Have you ever had a relationship with a Taurus man end shortly after seeing any of these signs?

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