How to Please a Taurus Man (7 Simple Tips to Rock His World)

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Things are heating up with your Taurus guy and there’s one question on your mind. Want to know how to please a Taurus man? You have to know these key things about him.

How to Please a Taurus Man

Being the Venus-ruled sign of all things sensory, the Taurus’s natural pursuit is pleasure. And not something like intellectual pleasure. Raw, physical pleasure.

I once worked with a Taurus man who could not. Stop. Talking about sex. We worked at a cafe, so there were plenty of opportunities for him to ogle gorgeous customers and give me his thoughts in detail. 

The way he talked about women wasn’t in a conquering sort of way—he genuinely seemed to appreciate every intimate sensation, every toss of a woman’s hair from her shoulder, every flirtatious glance when he was ringing a pretty lady up.

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The women of this zodiac sign are equally lusty. A good friend of mine, a Taurus woman, has been reading grocery store romance novels since she was a teenager. She’s married and she still does—probably always will!

The point is that Tauruses live for pleasure, and sex is not just an act for them. It’s a way for them to express the very core of their being. It’s second nature to them, along with a love for all the sights, sounds and other sensations in moments of passion and intimacy.

As for the Taurus guy, there’s a certain kind of road map to his lustiness that you can follow for maximum results, and it has to do with—yep—his senses. And his love of food.

If you want to know a lot more about how to please a Taurus man so that he’ll never want anyone else but you, I’d suggest reading the all-encompassing guide to dating and loving a Taurus man, Taurus Man Secrets.

The Taurus Man Between the Sheets

The Taurus man’s prowess in bed makes him famous in the astrological community. He takes his time and does everything right, like Salt ‘N Pepa said. 

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Not known for rushing anything in life, he can turn sex into a marathon. A passionate lover, the Taurus man pays careful attention to your body and likes the same in return.

Now, as steamy as Tauruses are, they’re also routine-oriented, even in bed. That means that they may not be switching it up so much as sticking to what they know and like. But what they do, they do well.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Taurus men are romantic at heart, which definitely translates to the bedroom. Even if it’s a one night stand, the Taurus man is likely to treat it as an affair not to be soon forgotten. That being said, one night stands aren’t typically the Taurus’s thing.

Sex and sensuality are a huge way that Tauruses connect with their partners. If you’ve bagged a Taurus man, you know this by now!

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How to Rock the Taurus Man’s World

These tips are simple but, trust me, highly effective.

When you’re done reading here, move on to Taurus Man in Bed.

Wear sexy lingerie.

If you love shopping at Victoria’s Secret for sexy under-things, you might be a Taurus yourself, or you might find your dream appreciator in a Taurus man.

Recall that the Taurus is a big-time creature of the senses. That means that he’s most definitely a big fan of the visual feast that is a woman in something lacy and revealing.

As I mentioned before, Tauruses take their time. They want to enjoy you, so give them a little something extra to take in.

Invest in nice sheets.

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All Tauruses are perhaps the biggest fans of nice sheets you ever met. When my Taurus roommate and I were broke eighteen-year-olds getting our first apartment, you best believe that while I was saving my pennies and sleeping on the cheapest sheets I could find, my Taurus friend was sleeping on luxurious satin sheets—not from Walmart.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again that a Taurus guy I once knew lived in a crappy apartment but made sure to invest in a king-size bed with not one, but two mattresses stacked on top of each other and a pillow-top mattress topper for nothin’ but comfort.

Yeah. Tauruses really do like a nice, comfy bed. And luxury is an important and personal aspect of their lives. Get yourself some soft sheets and pillows if you’re expecting a Taurus man to spend the night.

Give his neck some attention.

Each zodiac sign rules a certain body part, making these areas particularly sensitive for those particular signs. Aries rules the head, Pisces rules the feet and Taurus rules the neck and throat.

Tauruses are famous for having great singing voices because of this. It’s a powerful erogenous zone for them, so kissing or stroking their necks with your fingertips is a must.

A shoulder and neck massage can also be a highly sensual event for a Taurus. Don’t be afraid to break out the massage oils, either. Those types of things were probably invented by Tauruses.

Ask for what you want.

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This man takes direction well. Not only that, the Taurus man wants to know what you want. How else is he going to blow your mind in bed?

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He has plenty of moves to make you swoon, but he’d really like to give you an experience that will keep you coming back for more. His ability to please you is his secret weapon.

Don’t be shy about telling him what you like. Hearing it is going to be a turn-on in itself. Really, it’s a win-win for both of you.

Bring the romance.

Or maybe I should say, get ready for the romance. Because nobody pulls it off like a Taurus man.

If he’s with you, don’t be surprised if sex is tender and romantic, even if you’re not in a serious relationship. But remember, Tauruses usually have an eye to the future. They’re more likely to want what you have to turn into something serious than not.

Reciprocate with candles and romantic gestures if he’s coming over to your place. Even if you’re not a traditionally romantic person yourself, it’s hard to resist with the Taurus man.

Satiate his appetite…you know, the one for food.

Yes, Taurus men have healthy sexual appetites. And regular appetites. And why shouldn’t the two go together?
That’s how the Taurus feels, anyway. This is the man to introduce chocolate-covered fruit in the bedroom.

If he doesn’t, feel free to do this yourself. He is NOT going to say no.

Don’t make him do all the work.

While Taurus men are very generous lovers, they want to feel like you’re putting in effort, too. Pleasing you is very important to them, but what they’re looking for is a mutual give-and-take.

It’s all about reciprocity. Show your Taurus that he’s not investing his time and energy somewhere that it’s not going to be given back. That would be discouraging, and just plain unattractive to the Taurus man.

These tips can give you confidence when getting intimate with your Taurus man, but there’s always more to learn. Give Taurus Man Secrets a read-through if you’re looking for a deep dive into his heart, mind and soul.

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