How to Talk to a Taurus Woman (14 Key Conversation Tips)

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Want to know how to talk to a Taurus woman?

We’re here to give you all the conversation pointers you need to get her attention and keep her hooked.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Make sure your breath is fresh!
  • Direct all your attention toward her
  • Make the conversation more intimate and one-on-one
  • Make her laugh
  • Show your sweet, compassionate side
  • Praise her beauty and intelligence
  • Talk about her passions and achievements
  • Flirt subtly

Let’s dive right in—here are the top 14 tips on how to talk to a Taurus female, including what to say, how to start a conversation and how to keep her engaged.

How to Talk to a Taurus Woman

1. Pop a breath mint

Before you talk to a Taurus woman, don’t bother breathing into your hand to check your breath.

Just pop a mint and make sure your mouth is minty-clean (or sweet and cinnamony, whatever your flavor is). 

Taurus senses are extra sensitive, so you always want to make sure you’re not offending them.

She’ll make good associations in her mind about you and cleanliness and hygiene.

Considering Tauruses are hygiene freaks, this is a very good thing. 

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2. Just walk right up and talk to her

You really don’t need a formal reason to talk to a Taurus woman.

Taurus women love a good conversation and like to talk to a wide variety of people.

And they’re super friendly and open, so you don’t have to get anxious about it.

They do tend to be more passive, waiting for you to show her interest.

So go ahead and start the conversation.

She may have been waiting for you to do that all along.

3. Make her laugh

A perfect way to break the ice with a Taurus female is by telling her a joke.

Tauruses love to laugh and will appreciate you keeping the mood light.

Got a cheesy dad joke?

Share it with the Taurus woman.

It doesn’t have to be the joke of the century.

Just making her smile goes far in her book.

4. Create an intimate space

Taurus women like quiet, comfortable places to talk one-on-one.

So if you can, try to chat with her somewhere that doesn’t have a ton of distractions.

No harsh, glaring lights or rooms packed with people, chatter and loud music.

Sit facing her with your body, and wherever you have the power, make it feel more soothing with soft lighting and comfy pillows.

If you pay attention to her sensory experience and make the conversation feel intimate, and the Taurus woman will feel more connected to you.

5. Be humble

Think you need to drop references to how rich and important you are?

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Not with a Taurus woman.

While Taurus women do like a man who’s ambitious, they can’t stand men who are full of themselves.

Talk about your successes, but keep it brief and don’t brag.

Keep in mind that all a Taurus woman really wants is a sweet and genuine man. 

6. Put your phone down

You definitely want to show the Taurus woman that you’re a good listener.

And part of that is putting away your phone and limiting distractions.

You can’t make a Taurus woman believe you’re interested in her if you don’t act like it.

So give her your attention.

Don’t do all the talking even if she’s quiet and shy—encourage her to share her opinions.

Prove you’re not just selfishly looking for someone to boost your ego!

7. Ask questions that show you were listening

A good way to get a Taurus woman to open up and engage in a conversation is to ask her questions.

Not random questions like what ice cream flavor she likes, but questions that are related to what you already know about her.

Did she mention that she likes a certain type of music?

Ask her to recommend a musical artist to you.

Anything that shows that you were listening and you’re actively interested in what she has to say.

If she turns the tables on you and asks the same questions back, that’s a good thing.

It means you’ve got her fully absorbed in the conversation and she wants to show you the same respect you’re showing her.

8. Flirt

Obviously, flirt!

Taurus women need to know that you’re attracted to them if you’re going to eventually get a date with them.

Keep the conversation polite, but add a little romance to it.

Make her blush talking about what you would do if you had a girl like her.

Be subtle, but make it clear from the get-go that you dig her.

That way, you won’t get friend zoned and miss your chance with her entirely.

9. Relax

Tauruses are very laid-back.

They’re easy to talk to because they’re so relaxed, and they like to talk to other easy-going people.

If you’re full of nervous energy, the Taurus woman will feel you putting out weird vibes and excuse herself.

You want to have calm, soothing energy around her, so always present a cool and collected appearance.

Show you’re confident and in control, and the Taurus woman will be more attracted to you and want to chat you up.

10. Show your tender side

A Taurus woman has a deeply compassionate nature.

Many Tauruses volunteer at shelters and donate money to charities.

If you can tell a Taurus woman about the things that tug at your heartstrings, it will show her that you’re a sensitive man.

Though a Taurus woman likes masculine men, they must also be kind, thoughtful and generous.

It’s not easy to impress a Taurus woman, but if you talk about your rescue pup, you’re sure to get her approval and an “Aww!”

11. Find out what she’s passionate about

While you’re chatting, you should do some detective work.

Try to find out what she’s interested in and where her passions lie.

Fitness? Health? Politics?

Whatever topic she steers the conversation toward, explore it.

Taurus women are passionate and have strong opinions on a lot of subjects, which you’ll find with a little bit of creativity.

12. Compliment her appearance

One thing a Taurus woman loves to hear is that she’s pretty.

She puts a lot of effort into looking good, and she likes you to notice.

Being ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance, beauty is naturally important to a Taurus woman.

On the one hand, she likes a man who’s not shallow and only into her for her body.

But it’ll make her day if you call her gorgeous.

13. Praise her achievements

Taurus women also want to be recognized for their accomplishments.

They’re determined and ambitious, and it shows them respect to acknowledge that they’ve worked hard to get where they are.

So if you hear a Taurus woman mention something like getting her graduate degree, tell her you’re not surprised because she’s clearly very intelligent and capable of whatever she sets her mind to.

Whatever is important to her and she’s proud of doing, let her know you think it’s amazing—just remember to be genuine!

14. Use your body language

Taurus women are very responsive to what you’re communicating with your body language.

More so than your words.

If you’re sitting on a chair with your legs kicked up and your hands folded behind your head, you may look comfortable, but not particularly into her.

Lean in when she’s talking. Use eye contact and hold her gaze.

Use your energy to command her attention and reel her in.


How do you make a Taurus woman feel special?

By paying attention to her and doing nice things for her.

She likes to be pampered.

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Cater to her every sense with her favorite flowers, a delicious dinner and a nice glass of wine.

Put effort into her comfort and always choose quality. 

Never cheap out when it comes to spoiling her.

What is a Taurus woman’s weakness?

Her stubborn streak.

Taurus women are tough, and though they’re practical and logical, they think their way is the only way.

You can’t win an argument with them, and they don’t want your advice.

This, of course, can lead them into situations where they could have used some help, but they refused to take it.

How do you know that a Taurus woman likes you?

If a Taurus woman likes you, she’ll use every excuse to hug you and touch you flirtily.

She’ll make steady eye contact and listen to you intently.

You can also tell if she dresses up to see you, even if it’s a Monday afternoon and you’re just hanging out.

She wants you to notice her in a romantic and sexy way, so she’ll do everything in her power.

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How do you start a conversation with a Taurus girl?

Just talk to her!

Say, “Hey, I noticed you at the coffee shop the other day and wanted to introduce myself.”

This shows confidence and lets her know you’re interested in her right away.

You can always break the ice with a joke or a funny observation if that’s more your thing. 

She loves comedy and will think you’re witty and fun to talk to.

How does a Taurus woman show love?

A Taurus woman shows love through the way she behaves around you, totally sentimental and romantic.

She gazes at you adoringly and takes care of you.

As a nurturer, she’ll do things to make your life easier because she loves you.

And most tellingly, she’ll stick by you no matter what.

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What a Taurus woman wants in a man?

A Taurus woman wants a man who is responsible, respectful and stable.

He must be masculine, yet sensitive.

Other qualities he should have are being romantic and capable of courting her the old-fashioned way that she dreams about.

And he must be honest, reliable and loyal, above all else.

What Taurus needs from a lover?

A Taurus needs their lover to be super sensual.

As sensual lovers themselves, they feel connected through romance, sensory delights and a slow buildup of sexual desire to get their fire burning.

If you want to get down and dirty with a Taurus, be patient and never rush anything, no matter how excited you both are.

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