Will a Taurus Man Change His Mind? (How to Get Him Back)

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He broke up with you, or he decided it’s best if you two cool things off for a while.

Will a Taurus man change his mind?

  • The stubborn Taurus man may never change his mind
  • Most people don’t have the patience it takes to see if he’ll come around
  • If a Taurus man does change his mind, it’s because he’s convinced himself—not the other way around

If you’re struggling to win a Taurus man back and the window is closing, you may need to work on understanding him from his perspective.

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Will a Taurus Man Change His Mind?

The short answer is, not really.

A Taurus man may start to come around eventually, but he will likely be so slow about it that you won’t ever see it.

It makes sense when you consider that Taurus is represented by the Bull. 

And the Bull will not be moved, changed or told what to do.

He feels he knows his own mind and he has plenty of logical reasons for his decisions.

When it comes to a breakup, even when a Taurus man has feelings for you, it’s not typical to get him to reverse his decision to end the relationship.

He’s just so sure he’s right.

And even if he’s not, he’s completely sure that he doesn’t want you to change his mind for him.

That’s not really in your control.

But there are ways of treating him that can help him reconsider based on evidence that he should get back together with you.

We’ll talk about that shortly.

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Is It Hard to Change a Taurus Mind?

Yes, it’s hard to change a Taurus person’s mind.

When it comes down to it, Tauruses are the only ones who can convince themselves.

At least from their perspective.

Given the slow-paced nature of the Bull, Taurus also takes forever.

Sometimes women feel toyed with when a Taurus guy they’re seeing does a 180 and decides he doesn’t know how he feels about the relationship.

Other times, women are simply desperate to know how to get their Taurus exes to take them back.

Most definitely, it’s a difficult road. Difficult, but not impossible.

How to Change a Taurus Man’s Mind

Want to hear something really shocking?

Sometimes a Taurus man is waiting for you to prove yourself to him first.

That way, he can overcome whatever’s blocking him from dating you or being close with you.

You see, a Taurus man considers himself a very rational person and bases a decision to be in or out of a relationship quite a bit on practical matters.

Not especially how he feels.

So you’ll need to give him reasons to change his mind.

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Here are 8 critical reasons a Taurus man needs to come back.

1. Win his trust

If a Taurus man is now out of your life, make sure trust isn’t an issue between you.

All Taurus men come with baggage around trust.

So it must be built, maintained and in some cases, rebuilt.

Especially if you did anything that would cause the Taurus man to feel betrayed or unsure about your intentions, you’ll want to work on this.

Always be honest and tell your Taurus what he wants to know.

Do the things you say you’ll do.

Don’t hide things from him to get the upper hand or save his feelings.

Just be genuine with the Taurus and be OK with showing him your vulnerability.

2. Avoid using emotional tactics

Tauruses may feel deeply, but they don’t respond well to someone else’s strong outpouring of emotion.

If you yell or cry, you may upset the Taurus, but that won’t make him budge.

Keep in mind that he needs more objective reasons to be persuaded.

If you try to get your way through emotional manipulation or playing head games, he will for sure stay far away from you.

The best way forward with the Bull is to be calm, peaceful and open about your feelings, without dumping your emotions on him.

3. Don’t ignore him back

Many times, a Taurus man will ignore you if he’s trying to stick to his decision not to be with you.

When he does reach out to you, whether to apologize or check in, don’t try to turn the tables on him.

Ignoring him may get you another “Hello?” message.

But ultimately, it will make the Taurus man think you’re not being mature or that you don’t really want him back.

It’s definitely frustrating to go through, but unfortunately the cards are all in his hands.

Just be responsive to him (when you have time) and friendly so he knows you’re still there.

4. Stay off the dating apps

Thinking of getting on Tinder because your Taurus ex is too wishy-washy?

If there’s any chance of him nudging him, this would be a huge mistake.

Unless a Taurus man has decided to cut ties with you completely (on grounds of betrayal, being deeply hurt, etc.), he’s probably keeping tabs on you.

Dating other people signals to the Taurus man that you’ve moved on.

And you have every right to see other people if the Taurus man won’t show you any love.

But he’ll see it as you becoming “someone else’s” and not his anymore, after which the possessive Taurus man will let you go completely.

If possessiveness and the Taurus man’s other nasty habits are coming between you, get Anna Kovach’s advice on overcoming them in Taurus Man Secrets.

5. Be responsible

Tauruses like people who are dependable and stable.

A Taurus man will be wary of getting close to you if he sees you doing things like partying hard all night, every night and spending all your money like it’s water.

He’ll think ahead to the future…how is all of this going to affect him if you’re together?

He doesn’t want to “fix” anybody, and he definitely doesn’t want a girlfriend who will be a financial drain on him.

Make sure you’re making responsible decisions if you want a Taurus man to see you in a favorable light.

6. Don’t tell him he’s wrong

Feel like your Taurus ex needs a piece of your mind to set him straight?

No matter how wrong you think he is, saying that to him will work against you.

He will not check himself.

Instead, he will become defiant. He’ll turn around and close the door behind him.

The way to make a Taurus guy change his mind is through persuasive action.

Through being gentle yet firm, kind and understanding.

He will convince himself as he starts to soften up.

7. Let him do what he needs to do

It can be heartbreaking to hear your Taurus say he’s decided to spend time away from you.

Whether he’s moving away for a while or he’s just not hanging out with you, you’ll have to let him go.

He won’t not do it just because you protest, anyway.

It isn’t that he doesn’t want you to show that you care.

What he does need to know, though, is that you’re willing to sit back (and wait for him) without trying to control his life.

He wants you to go with the flow and let him lead.

If you can do that, you take away the blinders that would otherwise go straight up as soon as you insist that he can’t do this to you.

He will be much more likely to think about your relationship while he’s doing his thing, which increases the chances that he’ll decide to be with you.

8. Stay consistent

Whatever you do, be consistent about your behaviors, words and actions.

A Taurus is like a rock. He’s steady and he doesn’t waver.

If he’s on the fence, he’ll need to see you show your own steadiness no matter what happens between the two of you.

Don’t go back on something you said before about being together or switch up the rules on him.

Continue to show that you’ll be there for him.

The more he can depend on you, the more comfortable he’ll be with changing his mind.

Other Taurus Man Questions

Why does a Taurus man come back?

A Taurus man comes back for two reasons.

One, because he feels he has a special connection with you—the kind that could last for a lifetime.

And two, because he thinks you have a good shot at being together.

He won’t come back if he believes there are too many problems that can’t be solved.

Or if he doesn’t trust you.

For these reasons, it’s important to prove not only that there are no unsolvable issues between you, but also that you’re fully devoted to him.

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When a Taurus man misses you

When a Taurus man misses you, he stays in touch.

If he’s not actively texting you, he’s checking in through social media and through your friends.

He can be pretty indirect about it, but you’ll know by the sheer fact that he’s around and making himself available to you.

When to give up on a Taurus man

Since every single woman on the face of the earth will need extraordinary patience to be with a Taurus man, it really depends on how much patience you have.

Don’t sit around missing out on years of your life waiting for a Taurus man to pay the slightest bit of attention to you.

But you may want to check How to Know When Taurus Man Is Done With You for a few big signals that you’re drifting apart.

What is a Taurus weakness?

The Taurus’s stubbornness is one of this sign’s greatest downfalls.

A Taurus man could easily lose a potential soulmate if he refuses to compromise, or if he tries too hard to let rationality win out over his true feelings.

Tauruses struggle with change, both within their personalities and in their environments.

This can leave them stuck in a rut while others move on without them.

Will a Taurus man get over his ex?

It really depends on what type of relationship you had.

If it was a short-term dating type of thing, or if the Taurus man admitted that he wasn’t in love with you, he’ll get over the breakup quickly.

He’s way more likely to get over his ex if he dumped her.

On the flip side, if he was the dumpee, chances are good that he still had strong feelings about her.

If that’s the case, he’s not going to get over her any time soon.

Will a Taurus man come back after no contact?

Deciding to stop contacting each other is not going to make your Taurus man forget about you.

No contact is often what he will ask for in order to figure his head out.

In fact, overwhelming him with communications can be the thing that pushes him further away.

Again, he’s stubborn, and he doesn’t like to be pushed.

If you had something real between you, he will still come back even after a no-contact period.

But only after he’s had enough time to think about it and determine that being with you is the right thing.

How to make a Taurus man regret losing you

When your life improves is when a Taurus man will regret losing you.

Post on social media and show the world that you’re doing great.

If you’re getting a promotion at work, spread the word.

If you’re getting super fit now at the gym, show it off.

As earth signs, Tauruses are materialistic and swayed by tangible results.

Want to change your Taurus man’s mind?

If you don’t know how his mind works, you need to start somewhere.

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