Taurus Woman Stopped Texting? Here’s Why and What to Do

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Want to know why that Taurus woman stopped texting you?

Keep reading, because we have your answer below. 

We’re listing the top reasons why Taurus women stop texting, and how to get her to text you back again.

Here’s why you stopped hearing from your Taurus:

  • She got lazy
  • She’s pulling away because she doesn’t think you’ll end up together
  • You annoyed or upset her
  • You haven’t really charmed her yet
  • She likes you, but she thinks you’re not ready

Let’s dive in below.

Why Taurus Woman Stopped Texting

1. She’s lazy

One of the biggest reasons Taurus women stop texting is sheer laziness.

That’s right.

Tauruses love being sloth-like on the couch, watching episodes of their favorite TV show with their favorite snacks.

If you’re texting them during a lounge session, that’s a lot of work to put down the Doritos, pick up their phone, read your message, think of something clever to send back, type it out…

Then she probably won’t remember to continue your conversation later.

So if it’s been a couple of days since you’ve heard from her, don’t jump to conclusions.

She might have just been treating herself and didn’t want any interruptions.

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2. She’s not interested

A Taurus woman will stop texting if she’s made up her mind that she’s not into you.

She will completely stop reaching out to you and responding to your texts.

She may read yours, but “forget” to text back.

So if you haven’t really charmed her, then you can expect to get cut off.

The thing is, a Taurus woman isn’t great with handling your feelings.

Instead of telling you she’s not interested, she’ll put her phone on silent and turn her attention to other things.

Note, this is the likely reason she stopped texting you if you’ve continued to reach out to her with no reply, for weeks.

3. She’s mad at you

Taurus women are queens of the cold shoulder.

When a Taurus female is mad at you, she will not rage.

Instead, she’ll turn to ice and ignore you for days…weeks…whatever it takes to get under your skin.

If you had an argument or you hurt her feelings and now she’s not texting you, you need to address it and apologize to her.

Because she can wait forever for you to come to your senses.

4. She’s jealous

Hell hath no fury like a Taurus woman scorned.

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She’s jealous AF and will punish you if she thinks you’re messing around with other women.

Part of how she punishes you is to ignore you.

All your pleas to respond to your texts? She’ll go on ignoring them.

She wants to send the message that she doesn’t need you.

If you know you’ve made her jealous, tread carefully.

Because if it turns into a betrayal of her trust, you will likely never hear from her again.

5. She thinks you’re not ready

Most likely, a Taurus woman will only keep talking to you if you’re relationship material.

So she’ll be testing to see if you’re capable of handling her.

If she believes you’re not really looking for a relationship, you’re not mature enough or you’re still hooked on your ex, she’s going to start distancing from you.

This is out of self-protection, and you really can’t blame her.

If you’re sincerely into her and want a relationship, then make sure she knows it.

Text her to say you don’t think you’ve been clear enough about that, but you’d like her to give you a shot.

If she likes you, you’d be surprised at how far a little sincerity will get you with a Taurus woman.

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6. You were just a fling

Did you have a passionate fling, and now it’s over?

Well, if she’s not texting you anymore, then you might have your answer.

While Taurus women do prefer relationships to flings, they have needs and won’t pass up a fun time with a handsome stranger when it suits them.

But beware, if that’s how a Taurean sees you, that’s how they’ll treat you.

Tauruses are creatures of habit and routine.

Why would she text you for anything but a booty call if that’s how you’ve done things in the past?

So if you want to take things to the next level, you’re going to need to be honest with her.

But don’t bank on it—if she’s met someone else she’s really interested in, she won’t entertain a dalliance with you.

7. You offended or embarrassed her

Tauruses are somewhat easily offended.

They have delicate sensibilities and hate looking foolish in front of others.

So if you made some off-color comments to her friends when she introduced you, she may be thinking twice about staying in touch with you.

It can be difficult to know if this is the case, though, because a Taurus will not say anything about it in the moment.

They’ll just quietly obsess about it until they’ve decided whether they’re over it and they want to talk to you again, or not.

8. She doesn’t know what you want

Although a Taurus woman comes across as strong and determined, she is passive.

She’ll wait for a man to show active interest in her in order to reciprocate.

And if she can’t figure out your intentions, she’ll pull back a little to see what you do.

Are you going to be friends? Or are you romantically attracted to her?

Tauruses need stability and control.

If they’re constantly wondering where they stand with you, that’s going to cause them to shut down.

She’ll give you some time, but if you’re not pursuing her, she may just assume you’re a lost cause and move on.

How to Get a Taurus Woman to Text You Back

Follow these three golden rules if you want a Taurus woman to start answering your texts again:

  • Don’t overwhelm her
  • Be honest and direct
  • Don’t waste her time

Regardless of the reason she stopped texting you, if you hound her relentlessly, she’s going to think you’re a big red flag and run far away from you.

Text her, wait a few days, and if you still don’t get a reply, you can take the next step.

Which is to talk to her honestly and openly.

Let her know you’re thinking about her and you’d like to know if everything is okay.

You want to be direct, but polite and non-confrontational.

Since Tauruses aren’t great at talking about their feelings, opening the door for them to do so is helpful in restarting communication.

This also gives her the chance to unburden herself if need be.

And she will tell you the truth, even if she knows you won’t like it.

If she’s still pretty icy with you, you need to step up and show her why you’re worth the effort.

Send her flowers, write her a meaningful note. And whatever you do, don’t disappear.

If you prove that you’re genuine, reliable and a safe and secure choice—through action, not just texting her—she may change her mind and give you another chance.

But you can’t get lazy! She knows she’s worth it—so show her you do, too.


If a Taurus woman stopped texting you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she wants nothing to do with you anymore.

Even if she’s mad at you or is losing interest, you can still turn things back in your favor with consistent effort.

Prove you really want her and that she can depend on you.

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Make her feel wanted, respected and secure.

And don’t try to rush it.

A Taurus woman respects determination, which means you have to prove that you’re not just a flash in the pan through your own actions and efforts.

Taurus Women FAQ

What does it mean when a Taurus woman is distant?

A Taurus woman distances herself when her gut tells her something is not right.

Whether she suspects you’re lying to her or she just doesn’t feel you’re compatible, she’ll start distancing herself before she cuts you off completely.

It’s a way to protect herself emotionally while she waits it out to see where things end up.

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When a Taurus woman is ignoring you?

When a Taurus woman is ignoring you, you should first give her space.

You will further anger the Bull if you don’t know when to leave her alone.

Eventually, you will need to play peacemaker.

When tempers cool off, you can reach out with a humble and sincere request to talk face-to-face.

And apologize for whatever it is you need to apologize for, of course!

What does it mean when a Taurus stops talking to you?

There can be a lot of reasons a Taurus stops talking to you.

But a lot of the time, it means that you’re not top priority for them.

Whether that’s because the Taurus lost interest, or they suspect you’re a player, a Taurus will stop communicating when they’re not sure about you.

Introspective to the max, they tend to go into their shell.

Eventually they may emerge and talk to you again, but only at their pace, when they feel they’ve figured things out.

What turns off a Taurus woman?

Bad hygiene and combining socks and sandals turn off a Taurus woman.

She likes someone with a sense of style who takes pride in their appearance.

Other turn-offs for a Taurus woman are having a bad attitude, being mean-spirited, rude or flaky.

Generally speaking, being disrespectful, to her or to anyone else, will leave a bad taste in her mouth.

When a Taurus woman is done with you

When a Taurus woman is done with you, she completely stops communicating with you.

She stops paying any attention whatsoever to you.

The truth is, she just kind of forgets about you and moves on, which is why you don’t hear from her anymore.

If you try to make her jealous, you can’t, because she simply doesn’t care anymore.

That’s how you really know she’s done and moved on.

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