Taurus Man Leo Woman Compatibility (Love, Sex, Marriage and More)

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However unlikely a Taurus man and Leo woman are to couple up, it’s a powerful match.

Here are the key takeaways of their compatibility:

  • In the beginning, they have passion and romance in spades
  • However, they’ll need more than lust and starry-eyed gazes to make their relationship work
  • Trust, communication and some flexibility will cement their bond

If you’re a Leo woman, the stars say you clash with a Taurus man—but that can be your greatest strength.

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Taurus Man Leo Woman Compatibility Score

Overall, Taurus man compatibility with Leo woman gets a somewhat low score because they come from very different places.

In emotional expression, communication and lifestyle, they’re worlds apart.

And being two fixed signs, they’re extremely set in their ways.

Which leaves little room for the compromise needed between a pragmatic earth sign and an idealistic fire sign.

And yet, they’re both hopeless romantics and loyal partners to each other.

Below, we’ll break down their compatibility score and assess their long-term potential.

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Leo Woman Love Compatibility With Taurus Man

When love strikes between a Taurus man and Leo woman, it’s drenched in romance, desire and longing.

The nature of the earth element of Taurus brings the fiery passion of Leo to a slow, delicious burn.

The result is a trance-like love affair, ignited by the very differences that make them seem an unlikely match.

Leo’s larger-than-life energy, optimism and desire to see and do it all hold a certain fascination for the cautious Taurus man.

Taurus risks having his predictability and beloved routines shaken up. And yet, Leo has the power to bring new meaning into his existence.

As for Taurus, he’s all simmering sensuality and brooding intensity, which a Leo lady finds intoxicating.

Courting her the traditional way with roses, chocolates and a slow and respectful romance, Taurus makes her believe she’s met her fairytale prince.

She’ll feel wanted and possessed in a physical way that thrills her.

Both signs are highly affectionate and physical as well, leading to long nights holding one another under the stars, PDA and playful flirting that will continue to fan their flame.

Taurus Male and Leo Female in a Relationship

In a committed partnership, these signs are utterly loyal and devoted.

A fiercely protective lioness, the Leo female is the nurturing, yet strong and independent woman the Taurus man is looking for.

She’s his biggest fan, and her support makes him feel like he can achieve anything.

As for Taurus, he gives Leo a kind of grounding she’s never experienced.

His loving patience seems endless. His finances are sorted, so she’s never in danger of becoming his sugar mama.

Through ups and downs, he remains constant, allowing her to grow and achieve her dreams without becoming consumed by the volatile passions of love.

There is a dark side, however.

The Taurus man’s possessiveness makes him jealous around the Leo woman’s flirtatious personality, and he question her often.

Offended because she feels he doesn’t trust her, she’ll draw a line in the sand, stoking the Taurus man’s insecurities.

Creating trust with a Taurus man is a long road, and you must be committed—check out Anna Kovach’s method in Taurus Man Secrets.

Ultimately, this relationship could be an on-again, off-again one.

In this case, the Leo likely walks away in the heat of the moment and comes back once emotions have cooled off, though over time the Taurus man will lose faith in this kind of relationship.

Taurus Man and Leo Woman Sexual Compatibility

Taurus and Leo are extreme pleasure-seeking signs.

The Venus-ruled, earthy Taurus man is indulgent and sensory-oriented.

He’ll wrap the Leo woman in a cocoon of physical pleasure and sensory delights from whipped cream and chocolate body paint to some light BDSM.

He’ll dominate her, flipping her commanding presence out there in the real world in an erotic way.

With the Leo woman’s need to wow her sexual partner, she’s no slouch herself.

Her love of theatrics and drama are well suited to the bedroom with her Taurus man.

She aims to please, fulfilling the Taurus man’s wildest fantasies without hesitation.

The only thing that can put a damper on their sex life is if her Taurus partner falls into habit and routine.

If this happens, it will be up to the Leo woman to bring out his adventurous side.

Taurus Man Leo Woman Communication

Communication leaves something to be desired between Taurus men and Leo women.

When they communicate, there’s an oppositional energy at play that can lead to misunderstandings and arguments.

The Taurus man is the strong silent type, but Leo women want to talk when there’s a problem.

Taurus will feel attacked if Leo presses him, and he’ll shut her out.

Frustrated by his silent treatment, Leo will give it right back to protect her ego while she licks her wounds.

Stubborn as a fixed earth sign and fire sign can be, they’ll wait it out for days while expecting the other to say sorry first.

Neither likes to admit they’re wrong, and if they refuse to ever change their minds, they can become alienated from each other.

Taurus Man Leo Woman Emotional Compatibility

Emotionally, this relationship is complex.

Taurus and Leo hearts beat fiercely. There’s no denying their emotions are deeper than an ocean when it comes to how they feel about each other.

And yet, how they show emotions and deal with them are very different.

Emotionally guarded, Taurus doesn’t like talking about feelings.

On the other side, Leo is emotionally expressive, if not somewhat demanding.

She reacts quickly and passionately, impatient with a partner who doesn’t tell her how he feels.

There’s a very real chance she’ll act out to get a reaction, and Taurus will say things he regrets when his patience runs out.

Understanding each other is difficult here, but necessary if they want to prevent some pretty explosive fights.

Taurus and Leo Marriage Compatibility

The marriage compatibility Taurus man has with Leo woman depends on whether this couple has learned patience and tolerance for their differences.

Good communication, putting their defenses down and giving each other a little leeway makes their union one of the strongest possible.

In the best Taurus-Leo marriages, Leo comes to cherish her Taurus partner’s stable career, careful decision-making and strong drive to provide for a family.

For Taurus, the big-hearted Leo makes all the romantic and affectionate gestures he requires to feel loved and make every day special.

While she has the ability to make him feel in charge to please him, let’s not forget—she’s a natural-born leader and won’t hesitate to call the shots.

He could wind up feeling emasculated, while she feels taken for granted if he acts like he no longer needs to impress her from time to time.

Possibly, she’ll get bored with the white picket fence, staycations and small-town life that Taurus relishes.

It helps if the Leo has some earth in her natal chart, such as Virgo or Taurus placements.

Personality-wise, Taurus is a realist. Leo is an idealist.

This can cause friction if Taurus naysays Leo’s ambitious plans, or they can join together to create a mutual vision that’s inspired yet realistic and achievable.

With no small work in compromise and understanding, their deep affection and respect for one another is what allows their marriage to flourish.

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Taurus Man Leo Woman Relationship Benefits

  • Sex life – Passionate, steamy intimacy keeps these two hooked on each other
  • Romance – Both signs are hopeless romantics
  • Stability – If they can get past their issues, Taurus and Leo create an unshakeable bond and stable life together

Taurus Man Leo Woman Major Challenges

  • Trust – Getting past Taurus man’s possessiveness and closed-off emotions takes patience
  • Lifestyles – Taurus man’s predictability vs. Leo woman’s love of spontaneity and excitement may clash
  • Communication – Neither likes to give in to the other and may misunderstand their partner’s intentions


Somehow, Taurus and Leo must learn to be a little flexible with each other.

A great sex life can’t carry them if they can’t communicate or resolve their problems.

A Leo woman must allow her Taurus man his routines, and he must become more outgoing and adventurous to find a middle ground.

It also helps if they learn one another’s love languages and appreciate the way each cherishes and supports the other.

Leo woman and Taurus man couples that stand the test of time find comfort and safety in one another, a true best friend.

Other Taurus Leo Match Questions

Are Taurus and Leo a Good Match?

They could be.

But only if they embrace their differences as strengths rather than hurdles.

Both the Taurus man and Leo woman are incredibly loving, supportive and loyal to a fault, which makes them an excellent match.

Why are Leos attracted to Taurus?

Taurus people are usually physically attractive thanks to the Venus influence.

They take care of their appearance, smell amazing and give off a sensual, mysterious vibe.

On top of this, Leo likes that Taurus is sweet, extremely confident and assertive.

Why is Taurus so attracted to Leo?

Taurus is initially attracted to Leo’s beauty, charisma and liveliness.

Leo’s warmth and genuine kindness pull the Taurus in, who hates fakery of any kind.

But most of all, a Leo knows their value, and Taurus craves possession of anything they perceive as high-value. 

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How do you tell if a Taurus man likes you?

Taurus men show you they like you by treating you like a lady.

They’ll be extra sweet to you, buy you gifts and wine you and dine you like a gentleman.

A Taurus man will constantly be around you, chatting you up at your work desk or hovering closeby at the bar.

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How do you emotionally connect with a Taurus man?

As a creature of the physical senses, a Taurus man needs to feel comfortable in his environment to connect with you emotionally.

Soft pillows, physical touch, good food and maybe some cuddling will make him meek as a kitten.

You want to be gentle with him in every way, including the way you speak to him.

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Are Taurus and Leo soulmates?

From the traditional point of view in astrology, Taurus’s soulmates are other earth signs and Leo’s soulmates are other fire signs.

However, Taurus and Leo have such a strong bond with each other, once they’ve sorted through their differences, this match could very much be on a soulmate level.

If you want to prove to a Taurus man that you’re soulmates, check out Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets.

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