Can Taurus Man Marry Leo Woman? (The Truth About Their Marriage)

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Can Taurus man marry Leo woman? Or will this marriage crash and burn?

Here’s what the stars say:

  • If a Taurus man and Leo woman get married, they’ll have their work cut out for them
  • However, their love and passion are tough to beat
  • They have to put their egos aside to grow together and stay strong

If the Leo woman moves too fast for a Taurus man, it can make him pull away.

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Can Taurus Man Marry Leo Woman?

Yes, marriage between a Taurus man and Leo woman can work in the long term.

But there are a whole lot of things to consider if they want to know if they have the stamina to make it work.

In all honesty, the road to a happy marriage might be bumpy.

We’ll talk about what those bumps are as well as what’s great about this match below.

But first, let’s dive into how these two are as a couple.

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Do Leos and Taurus Make a Good Couple?

Leo and Taurus make a somewhat uncommon couple, but not bad.

On the surface, they seem totally wrong for each other—Taurus is earth and Leo is fire. 

Kick enough dirt onto a fire and it goes out. And fire will scorch earth. 

To boot, these two signs square each other on the zodiac wheel.

Basically, what this means is that they don’t see eye-to-eye, and they don’t like to give in to each other.

On the other hand, Taurus and Leo also share a ton of values like honesty, loyalty, independence, honor and appreciation for the beauty in life.

Most of all, both signs hold love and romance high up on their lists of priorities, so when they get together there is plenty of both.

So you see, this couple isn’t “good” or “bad.” 

It’s complex, and whether or not they should get married is up to them and how ready they are to face the challenges.

Why Are Leos So Attracted to Taurus?

The Leo woman is a sucker for a romantic love story. 

And the Taurus man seems like her knight in shining armor with his classic masculinity, chivalry and slow, burning passion for her.

Beyond this, Leo women are looking for many qualities in a man that the Taurus man has.

His confidence turns her on.

That is, he’s strong and masculine, and he stands his ground—not many people want to mess with the Bull.

Leo women who like the strong, silent type that doesn’t say too much will be really attracted to the Taurus.

But the Taurus is also a homebody, which may not be exciting enough for the social Leo.

In general, though a Leo woman feels honored and protected in the Taurus man’s arms, and he makes her feel beautiful with all the compliments and praise he gives her.

What Attracts a Taurus Man to a Leo Woman?

It’s hard for a Taurus man not to be attracted to the Leo woman’s fire. The sexual chemistry is off the chain.

She’s a passionate woman who is also extremely charming in a social setting.

Not to mention, a Leo woman knows how to play up her beauty.

All of this is very sexy and appealing to the Venus-ruled Taurus.

When he meets her, he thinks, now this is a woman who is worth it.

He knows that she’ll be demanding of his time and attention and that he can’t be a cheapskate dating her.

But the thought of possessing her (Tauruses think in terms of possession—what’s “mine” and “not mine”) pumps up his ego, and he likes that she makes him look good.

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What Works in Their Marriage

A Leo woman won’t mess around with any man who doesn’t worship her.

This is what the Taurus man will do, and he will be faithful to her.

Both the Taurus and Leo will feel the love and devotion they have for each other intensely.

The Lioness is proud to stand by her man. She’s the queen, but she treats her spouse like royalty because after all, they rule together.

The Taurus man feels important with her, and he appreciates her loyalty maybe more than anyone else.

Leo likes the financial stability that Taurus can provide. 

As a fan of luxury, she doesn’t want to be tied to any man who would bring her standard of living down, and this is something Taurus agrees with her on.

A Leo needs to feel like her spouse would do anything for her. Luckily, she has no doubt that the Taurus would move mountains for her.

The sexual aspect of their marriage will also be strong as Taurus can match Leo’s passion and libido in bed.

What Doesn’t Work in Their Marriage

When a Taurus man and Leo woman get married, there can be some power struggles.

Both of these signs are fiercely independent and like to do things their own way.

Leo is a natural leader and expects everyone else to fall in line, but Taurus is stubborn and doesn’t like to back down.

In which case, there can be an epic battle of wills.

They’re fixed signs, which makes it especially hard to change their minds once they’ve made them up.

This can actually be good if they agree on something, but if they don’t, watch out.

And with their square aspect, they need to be ready to disagree often.

Taurus can be quite attentive, but maybe not enough for the Leo woman.

She needs open displays of affection around the clock to know that he loves her, but her Taurus husband may not think he needs to prove himself over and over again.

If he doesn’t fully trust his Leo, the Taurus will be possessive and controlling.

As Anna Kovach explains in Taurus Man Secrets, it takes knowing the Taurus man on a true soul level to throw out his relationship baggage.

He doesn’t get that it’s natural for her to be friendly and charming with everyone and enjoy some attention.

On the other side, the Leo doesn’t understand what on earth the Taurus has not to trust. She’s sensitive, and she’ll be insulted.

Taurus Man Leo Woman Pros and Cons


  • Taurus + Leo = smoldering passion in bed
  • They respect each other and stay faithful
  • They can easily become a power couple
  • Taurus and Leo have a beautiful home and enjoy luxuries together
  • They don’t doubt their love for each other


  • Both Taurus and Leo are “my way or the highway” types, which can cause power struggles
  • Disagreements happen often and can get heated
  • Taurus man’s insecurity and jealousy drives a Leo woman nuts
  • The Taurus may feel the Leo needs more attention than he can give her
  • The Leo woman will not like how difficult it is to earn a Taurus man’s trust

What They Should Work On in Their Marriage

Both Taurus and Leo need to work on putting their egos aside and, you know, admit the other person is right sometimes.

They can outgrow arguments, but if they’re stubborn, the fights will continue.

If their goal is to dominate each other, the marriage will not work.

They have to be honest about their relationship. They should be able to look at any problems so that they can resolve them.

If they’re blinded by love and passion instead, they can end up burning each other.

This couple should also work on asking each other for what they need instead of just expecting it.


Taurus man and Leo woman will have a healthy, happy relationship only if they’re ready to tackle their own stubbornness and work on their marriage.

They find true love in each other, and they know it.

Their loyalty to each other is strong, helping them stay together even through hard times.

However, there’s a risk that this couple’s amazing sexual chemistry will hold them together while they turn a blind eye to everything else.

Only when they can understand and respect each other’s different needs and ways of doing things can they build trust and make compromise happen.

Then their marriage can last a lifetime.

Other Taurus Man Leo Woman Questions

Taurus man Leo woman sexually

The Taurus man’s smoldering sensuality makes the passion intense between this couple.

A Leo woman is wilder than he is, but she can persuade him to explore his adventurous side.

Both of these signs are sexually driven and have great stamina.

They’re not likely to be disappointed.

Leo needs an attentive lover who will put 110% into pleasing her, which the Taurus fulfills.

Taurus needs romance and emotional intimacy in the act, and Leo is dramatic enough to give it to him.

This couple is also the type to have amazing makeup sex after a fight.

No matter what, things in the bedroom shouldn’t be boring.

Who is Leo more compatible with?

Generally speaking, Leo is compatible with other fire signs Aries and Sagittarius as well as air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

She may do particularly well with Sagittarius because he’s active, adventurous and exciting, and he can disarm her irritated moods with his sense of humor.

Then again, a Sagittarius man may not get serious quickly enough for her taste.

In a marriage, Leo will be compatible with someone who is strong yet sensitive, resilient, hard-working and capable of providing.

Her spouse will need to let her be the natural ruler and queen that she is. But he also has to be able to stand up to her as well as beside her.

She doesn’t want a pushover.

Who should Taurus marry?

Earth signs tend to feel instantly compatible with other earth signs and water signs. 

They get each other—that is, Taurus matched with Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

Capricorn women often have a deep connection with Taurus men.

That being said, there’s much more to marriage compatibility than your sun sign.

Look at your birth chart as well as the Taurus’s—this can tell you more about your individual compatibility, not just the general stuff.

But it’s also a mistake to think that you’re not a “compatible” sign with the Taurus just because you’re a fire sign, or an air sign.

Astrology is a tool to help you understand yourself and your loved ones so that you know how to make your relationships work.

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