What Attracts a Taurus Man to a Leo Woman? (8 Reasons He Wants Her)

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Are you a Leo woman who wants to bag a Taurus man?

Here’s what attracts a Taurus man to a Leo woman:

  • Her sheer elegance, grace and intelligence
  • How sociable and charming she is
  • Her strength, dedication and “can do” attitude
  • She’s upfront with the Taurus so he knows where he stands

If you’d rather not go through trial and error figuring out how to keep a Taurus man into you, we suggest putting the effort into digging deeper into his psyche.

For example, finding out what he wants and what *really* pushes him away. An in-depth guide like Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets will show you.

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Are Taurus Attracted to Leo?

When Taurus is attracted to Leo, it’s a raw and powerful sexual attraction.

This is thanks to the fact that Taurus and Leo form what’s called a square aspect on the zodiac wheel. Meaning they sit 90 degrees, or three signs, apart.

The square is known to be quite a challenging influence on a relationship, making two people prone to confrontation and power struggles.

But when it comes to desire? This potent dynamic is about as juicy as it gets.

Even if Leo and Taurus repel each other at first, this energy can turn on a dime into pure lust.

Upping the attraction, the two can be really taken with each other with their polished and cultivated exteriors.

Coincidentally, they’re also both good-looking people—who are attracted to other good-looking people.

Let’s get into exactly what attracts a Taurus man to a Leo woman now.

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What Attracts a Taurus Man to a Leo Woman?

1. Her strong-willed personality

Equal parts feminine energy and strength attract a Taurus man to a woman.

He’s looking for a woman who’s tender and emotionally open, but who is also no pushover.

A Leo woman is tough, confident and brave. She will appear fearless even if she’s unsure.

Her ego drives much of her behavior, but so does the Taurus man’s.

Though this very same trait can cause them to clash at times, it also sucks the Taurus man right into the Leo woman’s orbit.

He has nothing but admiration for her. And because he’s a possessive man, this will make him want to possess her.

2. Her sophistication

Leos are the picture of class and sophistication.

From their striking personal styles to their superb selection of art, food, wine, music and home decor, Tauruses feel they’ve met their match in a fellow lover of luxury.

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Just like the Taurus, the Leo is turned off by vulgar and tasteless behaviors.

She carries herself with pride, elegance and distinction in public.

As he’s actually pretty concerned with his public image, this appeals to the Taurus.

It would give him a deep sense of satisfaction to have the world know that she’s his. 

3. Her warmth

Leo is ruled by the sun.

And like the sun, the Leo woman radiates such warmth that even the Taurus man can fall for her smile.

A friendly attitude is one of the things that attracts a Taurus man, and the Leo woman has a way of making him feel right at home.

Considering that she looks high-maintenance, this can come as a surprise.

Even if she’s wearing her pearls, bright red lipstick and stiletto heels, she can be strikingly down-to-earth and help the Taurus relax with her wit, sensitivity and playful friendliness.

The more he talks to her, the more he wants to give in.

4. Her intelligence

A smart Leo lady can be irresistible to the Taurus male.

He respects others who are highly intelligent, intellectual and educated. The Leo makes a great impression without having to try too hard.

Just by talking to her, he can tell that she’s sharp as a tack, and she will go toe-to-toe with him in any debate.

This can be pretty exciting for a Taurus man.

As long as she’s careful not to bruise his own ego in the process!

If you’re wondering what else pushes the wrong buttons for a Taurus man, Anna Kovach lays everything out in Taurus Man Secrets.

So if you’re a Leo woman trying to entice a Taurus man, strike up a conversation with him and flex your wittiness and intellectual side to wow him.

5. She does romance right

Taurus lives for romance, and so does Leo.

A Leo woman needs it like she needs food to eat and air to breathe. To a Taurus man, this is easy to tell from his interactions with her.

She’ll make him melt with her passion and her devotion to the idea of finding her one true love.

She believes in love conquering all as well as in physical demonstrations of her feelings for someone.

If she has a crush on a Taurus man, she’ll be extremely generous, attentive and affectionate with him.

Actually, she can downright spoil him with the attention she pays him. She may do something like surprise him with two tickets to see his favorite band.

What’s there for the Taurus man not to like?

6. She’s charming

Few signs are as likable and exhilarating as the Leo.

Leos command the room. They have an aura that’s brilliant like the sun, making many fans fawn over them.

While it’s not a Taurus man’s style to throw himself at a Leo woman’s feet (too bad!), he’s just as susceptible to her charms and he’ll ramp up his wooing to get her.

Which is just what Leo wants!

The Taurus man’s Venus rulership draws him to others who are sociable and pleasant to be around.

The good-natured Leo woman’s ability to dazzle an individual or a crowd is no exception.

If she wants to turn on the charm with the Taurus man, he doesn’t really have any hope of denying her.

7. She has serious determination

Taurus guys want to see this trait in a woman. It signals that she’s motivated and driven to succeed.

As an earth sign, Taurus is rooted in the material world.

So material success appeals to Tauruses, as do tangible goals and achievements.

Leos are similarly success-oriented, and a Leo woman will certainly impress a Taurus man with what she has and will make into reality by her sheer willpower.

She’s the type of woman who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. And she has the creativity to make what she wants happen.

As natural leaders, so many Leo women are bosses, entrepreneurs and general bad-@$$ ladies.

The Taurus man dreams that they’ll conquer the world together.

8. She cuts to the chase

A Leo wears her heart on her sleeve.

She gets frustrated when things aren’t out in the open or don’t make sense. In general, she lets the Taurus man know how she feels and what she wants from him.

Though she does expect the same in return, the Taurus man really likes this about her because he’s a no-nonsense sort of guy.

Straightforwardness attracts him because it means no games, no guessing and no ulterior motives.

Actually, the best way for any woman to get him is to be honest and open with him, which the Leo woman does without thinking about it.

He can tell she’s sincere, helping to build the all-important trust with the Taurus man to win his affection.

Other Taurus Man Questions

What attracts Taurus man the most?

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Anything that appeals to the Taurus man’s senses will attract him strongly and immediately.

So, making sure that you smell incredible with some scented lotion or perfume, or washing your hair with a great shampoo, is one step.

Look soft, feminine and alluring in a low-key kind of way, and make the fabric of your clothing nice and touchable.

Cook something amazing for him.

Be sure to incorporate as many of his senses as you can.

The more you do, the more immersed in the experience he’ll be and he’ll have to have you. 

If you want other pointers, check our article What Attracts a Taurus Man?

Do Taurus and Leo get along as friends?

They most certainly can.

Leos tend to bring out the more sociable, fun side of the Taurus.

And Tauruses have a great sense of humor and love to experience life right alongside the curious Leo.

So as friends, they may explore quite a bit and laugh together.

They’re also both super loyal, so they tend to come to trust each other and form a strong bond.

However, issues can come up for them since they’re both so strong-willed.

If they disagree, they will butt heads and have a hard time letting go.

Taurus man Leo woman pros and cons


  • They’re both into sensual, sensory experiences and connect on this level
  • Leo and Taurus are mighty loyal to those who are important to them
  • This couple has amazing chemistry in bed
  • They have a great deal of respect and admiration for each other 
  • They can balance each other out in many ways where their personalities are different


  • Both signs are used to getting their way and won’t bend easily
  • Arguments can fly off the handle as neither person backs down
  • A Leo woman needs continuous attention, which the Taurus man may start to find hard to keep up with
  • Taurus men can get a little too possessive for a Leo woman, who doesn’t feel she needs to answer to anybody
  • Tauruses like to stay home and Leos like to go out, so they can clash in their preferences of what to do on a Friday night

Taurus man Leo woman sexually

With Taurus bringing the slow, simmering sensuality and Leo bringing her unbridled, passionate energy, these two make for steamy lovers under the sheets.

Taurus wants to please Leo and she wants to impress her man.

They’ll be focused on each other’s pleasure and how to ramp it up, creating a smoky scene of lust and marathon lovemaking. Without a doubt, it will thrill them both.

Taurus and Leo = hot, hot, hot.

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