Can a Taurus Man Marry a Cancer Woman? (Here’s Why He Should)

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Can a Taurus man marry a Cancer woman?

Here’s what astrology says:

  • A Cancer woman and a Taurus man are so compatible that marriage is very much in the cards for them
  • Even though they’ll have a romance right out of a novel, they should not to be blinded to reality or problems will creep up

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Can a Taurus Man Marry a Cancer Woman?

Yes, and the life they make with each other will be incredibly satisfying to them both.

They are two doting people who want to shower one lucky person with all of their love, passion and obsession.

When they find each other, neither will want to let the other get away.

Even if they argue, they won’t want to risk their marriage.

All in all, this is a union that can last for the rest of their lives.

Do Cancers and Taurus Make a Good Couple?

Cancer and Taurus make an excellent couple overall, but they should be careful not to get trapped in an illusion.

Things move fast with this couple. 

The Taurus romances the Cancer with flowers, gifts and expensive dinners, and he hardly leaves her alone.

She, meanwhile, thinks of him every waking minute, tells him how incredible he is, cooks for him and tries to give him every physical comfort he could want.

They may soon start talking about marriage, but they’d do well to make sure they’re past the “honeymoon” phase so that they’re not disappointed.

As long as they have their eyes open, they can have one of the strongest marriages that ever existed.

Why Are Taurus Attracted to Cancer?

Taurus is attracted to Cancer’s soft type of femininity.

She’s kind and gentle, but she’s also sharp-witted and can hold her own in an intellectual conversation.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet that governs beauty, grace, romance and creativity.

So when he realizes that the Cancer woman offers all of this, he’s smitten.

She feels like home to him.

Another alluring factor is her passionate sexuality under the surface, which the Taurus man desires to bring out of her.

What Is Cancer Attracted to Taurus?

Cancer women find Taurus men to be gentle, kind and sweet, yet strong and protective.

It’s an ideal mix for this woman as she needs emotional closeness but also to feel physically safe in the arms of her partner.

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He doesn’t say too much and is something of an introvert, which makes her come out of her shell more to learn about him.

She also loves his slightly dark sense of humor as she’s no stranger to the darker side of emotions.

To her, he’s a dreamboat.

Why Their Marriage Works

They love their love nest

The Cancer woman, the queen of the home, and the Taurus man, the king of comfort, will turn their home into a sanctuary they’ll never want to leave.

They prefer to snuggle up together, and best of all, the Cancer doesn’t have to worry about the Taurus finding her clingy since he secretly loves it.

In fact, it helps him to get over his issues with trusting women since she doesn’t mind him keeping tabs. 

She knows that he cares deeply for her.

They take care of each other

The Cancer takes pride in nurturing the person she loves, from stocking the fridge with nutritious foods to being her husband’s support system.

Luckily for her, the Taurus wants nothing more than to be doted on by her.

They’re usually the old-fashioned type of couple with the Cancer tending to the household and the Taurus making the money.

His willingness to work long hours for the good of their family makes her feel taken care of.

Each feels right at home with the roles they take on.

Cancer and Taurus have similar tastes

These signs both have a lust for good food and will cook amazing meals together. 

They appreciate nice things around them, so they’ll happily spend more money on soft sheets, decorative pillows and entertainment systems than on their clothes.

Since making money gives them both a sense of security, they’ll likely have a good combined income and money in the bank.

And they probably won’t have too many disagreements on what to spend it on.

They’ll create an amazing life together

This couple can build anything they want, whether it’s a business or a lifestyle. 

Cancer is a cardinal sign and Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning Cancer gets things started and Taurus sees them through.

Neither of them is all talk and no action.

And as they both want to build something real in the material world, they can leave a lasting legacy for their children.

Taurus Man Cancer Woman Problems

When the rose-colored glasses come off

As we mentioned briefly before, early on in their marriage, the Cancer could start to feel as if her Taurus man has changed.

In the beginning, the Taurus man was attentive and near obsessed with the Cancer woman.

But once married, he will feel as though he now “possesses” her. 

This can cause him to relax and settle into his usual routines, which don’t necessarily involve chasing after the Cancer woman.

He’ll feel comfortable, but she may start feeling like he’s trying less hard to be romantic and spend time together.

Anna Kovach talks about how to stop his “negative” qualities from sabotaging your relationship in Taurus Man Secrets.

Cancer is sensitive, Taurus is matter-of-fact

Cancer’s sensitive, much more so than Taurus.

So when the Taurus criticizes her or makes comments in his blunt style, she’ll take it to heart.

She doesn’t have the ability to brush it off, even if the Taurus didn’t mean to offend her.

She’ll assume he’s mad at her or doesn’t care as much about her.

On the Taurus man’s side, he may start feeling like he’s walking on eggshells trying not to upset his Cancer wife, which is not exactly the Bull’s strong suit.

He’s also not one to apologize, so the stewing can last for weeks.

Taurus is logical, Cancer is emotional

Even though they’re emotionally compatible, the Cancer woman may at times perceive the Taurus man as too cold.

He looks to rationalize things logically, including his behaviors. 

To her, this can seem to invalidate her emotions. Particularly when what he does upsets her.

Her reaction can come across like emotional manipulation to him.

He’ll find it unfair and like he can’t really talk to his wife.

What They Should Work On

Patience is the key word.

Taurus needs patience with Cancer’s reactions as she comes from her feelings, not from her head.

He’ll have to be more sensitive and think before he speaks, or learn to apologize.

For the Cancer, she’ll have to be more patient and understanding of the Taurus’s need to make things “make sense” first.

As for avoiding having their romantic bubble burst, they would do well not to jump into a marriage too hastily.

The more time they can take to see the other’s everyday self first and love that person just as much, the better.

But also, they will need to make sure they’re voicing what they want and need to each other—the Cancer in particular.

She has a tendency to let things go and hope her partner gets her signals, which the Taurus man definitely won’t without her guidance.


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The Taurus man and Cancer woman combination is one for the poetry books.

They won’t be able to believe they’ve found each other.

The trick for them is to not get carried away thinking there will never be any disagreements or times when things just don’t feel romantic.

If they can accept this and allow each other to settle into their individual selves without trying to change each other, they will be very happy together.

Other Taurus Man Cancer Woman Questions

Cancer woman Taurus man sexually

In bed, everything comes naturally to the Taurus man and Cancer woman.

He’s earth and she’s water. He brings the raw physical passion to the table and she plays up the emotional closeness of it.

They can’t get enough of each other.

The Taurus isn’t particularly adventurous, but the Cancer just needs his tender sensuality and notorious stamina.

She’s submissive to him and lets him take charge, which he will do automatically.

She may have trouble asking for everything she wants, but fortunately the Taurus man can read her mind between the sheets.

And because she’s a giver, she’ll never leave him unfulfilled.

How to seduce a Taurus man as a Cancer woman

Take your traits that he’s already drawn to and make them pop.

Dress femininely and wear lacy, dreamy lingerie.

Smell good. Choose fragrances that are soft and have floral or vanilla notes in them.

Make the Taurus man an amazing dinner and then sit together on the couch with a glass of wine, the lights dimmed and sensual music in the background.

Get more details on seduction tactics in How to Seduce a Taurus Man Sexually.

Who will a Taurus marry?

A Taurus will marry someone he can blend with and create a life that appeals to his Venus rulership.

That is, a life of physical comfort, unconditional love and beauty.

It’s important that he find a partner who wants what he wants, though.

If he falls for a woman who doesn’t want kids and marriage and he does, he won’t wait it out to see if she changes her mind.

He needs stability and a strong bond that he won’t worry can be severed by petty arguments and problems.

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