How to Text A Cancer Man (4 Rules You Should Know)

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Having trouble figuring out what to text a Cancer man? Want to stay on his mind all day?

You’re in the right place.

Here’s how to text a Cancer man:

  • Send him a sweet message
  • Don’t be vulgar…or blow him off
  • Keep flirting sweet and simple
  • Give him a compliment
  • Remind him of shared happy moments

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How to Text a Cancer Man

Texting a Cancer doesn’t have to be stressful.

It should be a fun and sexy way for you two to communicate throughout the day until you see each other again.

For the Cancer man, texting can make him feel close to you. He can imagine you right there in front him in his vivid imagination, which is why texting is so powerful when it comes to this sign.

If they like you, Cancer men like to be connected and in touch often with you.

Whether you’re getting to know each other better or you’re in a committed relationship, a text from you will be just what he needs to crave your company even more.

Without further ado, here are five rules of how to text a Cancer man so that he can’t resist you.

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1. Send sweet texts just because.

closeup of a man texting on his smartphone with a quote about texting a cancer man

Sensitive Cancer goes all mushy inside when you send him an “I miss you” text.

Even something as simple as “I hope you’re having a great day” will make show him that he really is special to you. The Cancer man has a deep desire to feel needed by you, and this is a subtle way of getting that message across.

Sending him a reminder of his importance to you reinforces his feelings for you. And he’ll return your texts in kind.

Best of all, texting this way is a great way to get him to share more about himself with you. Ultimately, he’ll feel a stronger bond with you.

2. Flirt with him, of course!

When it comes to Cancer men, a flirty text should be cute and simple.

Yes, Cancer men are passionate, but they aren’t keen on responding to a woman being overtly sexual. It’s a little too direct for the side-winding Crab.

Remember they’re big on family and want someone they can bring back home, especially to Mom.

Jumping right into vulgar texts does not appeal to him and can turn him away from you.

Instead, let him know you look forward to seeing him tonight and that you’ll wear something he’ll like (hint, hint).

Or just go for it and tell him how good he looks in his fitted blue shirt.

This will make him want to get more of that kind of attention from you. He’ll enjoy the back and forth and you’ll have him racing to see you again.

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3. Don’t forget to compliment him.

woman texting under covers with a quote about making cancer men feel good

Cancers can be insecure at times. A complement can be a total confidence booster—and the difference between him making a move and just admiring you from afar.

Why? Because he worries that you won’t feel the same way as he does.

Send him a text complimenting how good he looked at a party. If you have a text rapport with a Cancer coworker, let him know that you admire his work ethic.

Complement him so he’ll associate you with feeling good. He’ll get more confident and make moves to be around you more.

4. Make him nostalgic.

Living in the past and nostalgia go hand and hand with the Cancer man.

They tend to relive their memories, good or bad, over and over again like no other sign.

This, my friend, can work in your favor.

How, you ask?

Just remind him of a special moment that you two recently shared.

Send a text telling him how much your conversation yesterday meant to you. If there was a joke that had you laughing together, bring it up again and start the text exchange that way.

If he cooked dinner for you recently, tell him how much you enjoyed it.

Quote a movie you watched together and mention how you look forward to snuggling up next to him for another movie night.

Better yet, remind him of the kiss you gave him this morning and how you can’t wait to give him more.

All of these things will get him to remember how he felt in those moments.

And he’ll be in a hurry to create more memories to reminisce.

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