Why Are Taurus So Good in Bed? (8 Reasons They’re the Best)

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Maybe you just started dating a Taurus, or you heard they’re dynamite in the sack.

Why are Taurus so good in bed? Here’s the answer:

  • They can seduce you like no other
  • They understand how to please you
  • They’re giving in bed
  • Foreplay can go on for hours
  • They’re romantic and sensual

Without further ado, let’s talk about why Taurus men and Taurus women are so good at sex.

Why Are Taurus So Good in Bed?

1. They’re experts at seduction

Is there any sign more naturally seductive than Taurus?

Ruled by Venus, the planet of sex, pleasure, beauty and romance, Taurus knows how to make you want them.

For them, getting you in the mood is a whole-body experience.

They’ll use touch, food, wine, sensual massage and mood lighting to seduce you.

They like to make it special, so they’ll set the scene with sexy music and satin sheets to heighten your senses.

Tauruses are brilliant at seduction because they live for that tension that builds up to the mind-blowing sex later.

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2. They’re never in a rush

Taurus’s stamina is out of this world.

To Tauruses, sex is not a wham, bam, thank-you-ma’am type of encounter.

It’s a marathon, and it can last for hours.

Trust me, you’re never going to exhaust them.

When you’re doing the dirty with a Taurus, they’re going to take their sweet time.

If sex were a dining experience, it would be like going to a five-star restaurant with an eight-course tasting menu of carnal delights.

So if you’ve gotten tired of sexual partners who treat it like a drive-through happy meal, you need to get with a Taurus.

3. They’re incredibly sensual

Taurus is ruled by their five senses.

They’re very sensitive to all physical sensations, and touch, sight, sound, smell and taste are all part of the sexual experience for them.

They’ll use their hands and mouths to explore your body inch by inch.

Erotic massages with scented oils.

Whipped cream, fruit, melting popsicles—anything they can nibble and lick off your body from head to toe.

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Because they’re so attuned to the body, they’ll find all your erogenous zones—including ones you didn’t even know you had.

If you want to fully enjoy sex with a Taurus, you need to let go of your inhibitions.

Surrender to them and let them push your pleasure to the limits.

4. They don’t skimp on foreplay

It would be hard for a Taurus to say which part of the act is their favorite, but foreplay might be it.

Tauruses can do foreplay for hours, and not just on special occasions.

Their type of foreplay will be slow and teasing.

Their goal is to bring you to the brink of orgasm and keep you there, so it’s almost tantric.

Taurus is a sign of power, and mind you, they are in full control.

They can hold out until you’re begging them…and then tease you some more.

5. They’re amazing kissers

When a Taurus locks lips with you, you’ll melt from the steaminess.

Tauruses are the best kissers of all the zodiac signs, and they know it.

Their kisses are perfectly sweet and gentle, but also deep and passionate. 

Never too aggressive—a Taurus will never stick their tongue down your throat, but will work up to a hot makeout session.

Taurus rules the neck and throat, so they like to spend some quality time there, trailing kisses down your neck with their soft lips.

Making out is a great joy for Tauruses, and it’s a huge part of the foreplay.

But the more a Taurus cares for you, the more kisses you’ll receive.

6. They aim to please

Tauruses are givers in bed.

While they don’t like slackers in the sack, as long as you’re not a selfish lover, they’ll make your pleasure their top priority.

Because they get pleasure from giving it.

Tauruses are big fans of oral sex, and they just so happen to be great at it.

You can tell that they worship the body, just by how they seem to automatically know how to treat yours.

7. They can go again…and again…and again

Sex, to a Taurus, is like breathing.

They need it all the time.

Their libido is high, and they always have another round in them.

Don’t challenge them to a match if you’re not up for it.

8. They’re romantic

Tauruses put their heart and soul into sex.

Lots of hugging and tender touching make sex with them all the more passionate.

Taurus doesn’t just want hookups—they want a real emotional connection.

This is what makes sex feel so special with a Taurus—the feeling they put into it.

Positions that allow for deep kissing and gazing into your eyes are the ones they love.

It’s magical and intense.

Afterward, they like to cuddle and talk while you hold each other.

How romantic can you get?

Taurus FAQ

What does a Taurus want in bed?

A Taurus wants you to give in to your passions in bed.

They don’t want you to hold back even a tiny bit.

Taurus men want to be dominant.

Taurus women like to be in control too, but they crave someone who can dominate them.

A Taurus also wants their sexual partner to appeal to their senses.

They won’t likely go to bed with someone who looks sloppy, smells bad or doesn’t moisturize their skin.

Where do you touch a Taurus?

Since Taurus rules the throat and neck, it’s sexy to a Taurus if you give them a sensual neck, shoulder and back rub.

They also like their ears nibbled and to have their faces and hair touched and stroked.

A Taurus has sensitive skin, so light touches anywhere on their body and running your fingertips along their skin will send shivers up their spines.

How do you satisfy a Taurus?

First of all, keep up with them.

The Taurus stamina can be intimidating if you haven’t had your coffee and a good night’s sleep first.

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But the best way to satisfy a Taurus is to be attentive.

Pay attention to the feedback they’re giving you, because they’re not incredibly vocal in bed.

Be as passionate as they are, and make that romantic connection with them.

Why are Taurus so hard to love?

Taurus men and Taurus women are hard to love because they’re hard to read, and they hide their emotions.

Even though they put on a tough exterior and act like nothing bothers them, they’re worried about getting hurt.

In a weird twist of fate, this behavior can actually make them seem like the ones who are leading you on.

So things can get complicated quickly with a Taurus.

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Is Taurus perverted?

Not particularly.

Because Taurus is all about the sensory experience, they do have a lot of guilty pleasures that involve various sex toys.

But they tend to stick to the tried-and-true that’s worked in the past for them, and they don’t feel the need to try anything too outlandish or weird.

Now, a Taurus does have a dirty mind.

So listening to a Taurus talk might convince you they’re perverted, but they just need a lot of sex.

Are Taurus good kissers?

Yes, yes and yes!

As we’ve mentioned before, Tauruses are the best kissers you’ve ever planted one on.

As with everything else, Tauruses take their time with kissing and draw it out into an epic experience.

And you’ll never get a kiss with bad breath!

How do Taurus show they like you?

Tauruses show they like you by being very affectionate and doting with you.

They shower you with intense attention and buy you gifts.

The sweet nature of a Taurus really comes out when they’re into you.

You might also notice that the Taurus has sort of “claimed” you.

Other people stop hitting on you around the Taurus as the Taurus starts to treat you as “theirs.”

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