How Compatible Are Aries and Leo? (Emotionally, Sexually, Spiritually)

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How compatible are Aries and Leo, you ask? Very compatible, my love-struck friend! Every relationship takes work, and Aries and Leo can build a lasting foundation together.

How Compatible Are Aries and Leo?

If love languages can be determined by the stars, Aries and Leo are pretty much speaking the same dialect. Here, I’ll show you.

Emotional Compatibility

Emotionally, Aries and Leo are quite similar, both fiery (they are two fire signs, after all) and passionate. They are attracted like moths to each other’s flame. 

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The sign of Leo and the sign of Aries are both straightforward about their emotions, and in a significant way, uncomplicated. They will not withhold affection from one another to play mind games or keep their feelings a secret from each other. Everything is out in the open, which can make things easier. This is also something that both signs desire.

While they are capable of strong emotions, Leo tends to be the more emotive sign and will likely stir feelings in the Aries that may not have been deeply felt before. Leo rules the heart and Aries rules the head, but with Leo’s influence, Aries may find themselves opening up to new emotional experiences.

Their bond is strong and full of fun and adventure, and Leo adores displaying their love for Aries. Rest assured, this is not going to be a boring relationship with all that passion and electricity.

Personality Compatibility

Personality-wise, they’re both independent and proud, and they tend to have high respect for one another thanks to these attributes. Respect is very important to the Aries—they can’t date you if they don’t have any for you.

Leo is powerfully attracted to the strength and boldness of an Aries while Aries is attracted to Leo’s ambition, self-reliance and unabashed honesty. 

Really, Leo and Aries are kind of the ultimate power couple. Aries is Mars-ruled and Leo is ruled by the sun (considered a planet in astrology), and both planets give off some serious go-getter energy. Though they are both masculine, somewhat aggressive signs, the energy is frequently transmuted in the relationship into something invigorating and motivating for each person.

Both born leaders, they’re action-oriented and will not be left behind in their pursuits. And, just like Aries, Leo knows what they want and is very up front about it (Aries likes that). Together, these energies are a force to be reckoned with.

Sexual Compatibility

In bed, Aries and Leo make a steamy match. They’re both likely to have strong sex drives and enjoy a more vigorous roll in the hay. A Leo is excited by the enthusiasm and high energy the Aries brings, and vice versa. Expect a workout in the bedroom.

Adventurousness is another aspect of compatibility between the sheets. Leos, the zodiac’s theatrical performers, love to please their partners and put on a show, so anything like sexy lingerie, role playing and restraints could be in the mix for these lovers. And Aries, who is otherwise easily bored, will certainly have plenty to focus on with the showstopper Leo as a lover.

In the sexual department, it doesn’t get any better than this for Leo and Aries. They’re energetic, playful and hands-on, and you can bet that they won’t be able to keep their hands off each other.

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Are Aries and Leo Soulmates?

From an astrological perspective, you could call Aries and Leo soulmates. This is because the signs are trine, or 120 degrees away from each other on the zodiac wheel. So what do degrees mean for compatibility? A lot, actually.

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In the meantime…

Harmonious Energies

When two planets or sun signs are in the trine position, they enjoy a harmonious relationship to each other. Communication between the energies is fluid—they innately understand one another.

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This is why when the Aries and Leo come together, it feels so good, and completely natural. They operate on the same wavelength and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Because they’re so receptive to one other, there is much they can teach each other, which can encourage spiritual growth.

Now, there are caveats, of course. We’re just talking about the sun signs being trine. Without examining two people’s birth charts, it’s impossible to know the inner workings of the actual relationship. If there are tons of negative aspects in a synastry chart (two individuals’ birth charts combined to create one single chart that represents the relationship), things could be rocky in key areas.

That being said, the potential for the union between Leo and Aries to be significant and last a lifetime is higher than with other unions do not have the strong positive trine aspect. In this respect, Aries and Leo have what it takes to make it last in a marriage.

When Aries and Leo Fight

Every relationship has its ups and downs, the good and the bad. We just discussed all the awesome things about the relationship between Aries and Leo. Now let’s talk about some of the negatives.

Their Ire Burns Bright

Remember all that passion we were talking about? That can turn a flame into an out-of-control fire if the two are not careful.

These signs can be on the volatile side, becoming heated about something they take offense to (and obviously). Neither is likely to hold back their feelings when they’re upset, so the tension can mount quickly. Screaming matches can happen out of nowhere if these signs don’t practice patience.

Now, that’s not easy for either fire sign. A Leo’s emotions easily hop on a runaway train before the Leo has time to recognize that the situation is getting out of hand. Meanwhile, Aries has a need to have the last word and is happy to keep on going if their explosive temper is being continuously fueled.

Since neither sign is known to walk away from a battle of wills, it’s going to take effort on each person’s part to stop things before they get out of hand. They’ll need to learn how to just walk away and cool down.

Their Fragile Egos

Leos are known for their egos, and it is real. Unfortunately, Aries has a tendency to be rather blunt and can hurt Leo’s feelings without even realizing it.

But Aries people have a pretty tender ego themselves. It’s fairly easily bruised by a partner in an argument, so these signs will need to approach each other with caution before a disagreement escalates.

It’s in the Leo’s best interest to try to take what the Aries says less personally when the Aries accidentally makes an offensive remark in a casual situation. Meanwhile, the Aries should remember that not everything needs to be said point-blank. And if the Leo can be just as understanding of the ego needs of the Aries, a balance may be struck.

Their Need for Dominance

Don’t forget that Aries and Leo natives are the leaders, the ones in charge. They’re used to others just deferring to them as the head honchos, and while this shared quality could initially intrigue and excite them, it may become something of an issue at times.

If a playful competition for the role as the person in charge starts to become a serious bid for power, the two will struggle and hostilities may rise. The best course of action is for Leo to learn how to share the lead role and for Aries to learn how to let someone else make the decisions once in a while.

These two can do it if they are committed to each other. Keeping one another’s ego in mind, they should remember that they work best as a team.


Overall, the potential for a loving, passionate, highly motivating relationship between an Aries and Leo is off the charts. The similarities these signs share typically outweigh their differences and allow them to experience a romance and connection unlike any they’ve ever had. They are powerful individually and even more powerful together, capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.

At the same time, the hot-tempered nature of these signs can cause them to clash pretty badly, and neither likes to back down from a fight. Working on patience and their need to be the one in charge all the time will help to ensure that the two can build a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

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