How to Use No Contact Rule With a Taurus Man (6 No-Fail Tips)

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Do you want to get back together with your Taurus ex, or make him miss you?

Going “no contact” can be scary, but it’s highly effective if you do it right.

Here’s how to use the no contact rule with a Taurus man:

  • Don’t call, text, message or reach out in any way 
  • Be ready to commit to no-contact for weeks—or possibly months
  • Use this period to work on yourself
  • Let him lurk on your social media
  • Take it slowly and use some restraint when he reaches out to you

No contact is hard, and Taurus male behavior is confusing.

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Why Use No Contact Rule With a Taurus Man?

If you and your Taurus man broke up and you want him back, this is the perfect time to use the no-contact rule with him.

Taurus men need time and distance from a woman they broke up with in order to reflect, and most importantly, realize they miss their ex.

If you’re still communicating regularly like nothing happened, you’re not giving him enough space.

Not only this, but you’re also allowing him to take you for granted.

In which case, he’s less likely to want to rekindle your romance, because he knows you’re always an option.

But if you show a Taurus man that you’re not waiting around for him?

Suddenly, he starts to sweat.

He’s a materialistic man who values ownership and possessions, and finds security in what he has.

And what he doesn’t have, he covets.

So stop letting him have your time and attention, and he will feel the absence of you.

And that will make him want you back.

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When to Use No Contact With a Taurus Guy

  • Immediately after a breakup – Whether he broke up with you or you broke up with him, you need to stop communicating ASAP to set clear boundaries that the Taurus man will understand and respect. Otherwise, he will think he can bend the rules.
  • When he’s ignoring you after a breakup, or asking for space – If a Taurus man is pushing you away, you need to give him ample space. There’s a reason he’s doing it, and crowding him will only make him lock up tighter.
  • If your Taurus ex still has feelings for you – If a Taurus man has feelings for you, he’ll almost definitely come back eventually. Even after no contact.
  • If you want to know if he still loves you – In case you’re not sure of a Taurus man’s feelings, going no contact is an effective way to find out. If he does reach out to you, that’s evidence that he misses you and still has feelings for you.
  • When you want a clean break – Finally, you can use the no-contact rule if you want to end things once and for all. Continue no-contact even if he reaches out to you—and eventually, he’ll get the idea and leave you alone.

When Not to Use No Contact With a Taurus Male

  • If you’re on and off again – Taurus men need stability. If you’re in a pattern of breaking up and getting back together, your Taurus ex will feel chaotic, and that will likely drive him to end things for good. At that point, no contact is more of a gamble.
  • You want him to change for you – Taurus men are stubborn. If you broke up and now you’re expecting to get back together with a changed man, you will be disappointed. And your rekindled relationship won’t last long.
  • You hurt him – If you hurt a Taurus man, apologize first. Show you’re willing to be accountable, or he will think you’re selfish and unreliable.
  • If you completely broke his trust – If you did something like cheat on your Taurus ex, the chances of him coming back are super, super slim. Instead of going no-contact, you would be better off opening your heart to him, and proving that you’ve changed and can be trusted again.

If you’re worried there’s little to no chance with your Taurus ex, it may be time to get help from the experts. 

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How to Use No Contact Rule With a Taurus Man

If you’re thinking about trying no contact with a Taurus guy, there are important rules to follow.

Taurus males are sensitive and overly analytical.

You need to tread carefully so that the Taurus man has positive feelings toward you and believes you could be good together again.

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Without further ado, here’s how to do the “no contact rule” with a Taurus male the right way.

1. Don’t break your own rule!

First thing you need to do is have the resolve to go no-contact with a Taurus man.

Stick to your guns—you can’t reach out in a moment of weakness, or you will set yourself back for weeks, at least.

Taurus men are very black-and-white. They need clear rules to follow, which is why it’s important that you don’t break the no-contact rule if you want it to work.

Besides, you don’t want him to view you as clingy and needy.

That’s a Taurus man’s nightmare, and he will assume he’s better off single.

2. Continue to live your life

Your life doesn’t have to stop when you’re not communicating with a Taurus man to win him back.

In fact, it shouldn’t.

Going about your business as usual and participating in all the normal stuff you do is actually a great way to re-attract a Taurus man.

Don’t let him think you’re moping.

If he runs into you in public, would you rather look like you’ve been sitting at home crying, or like you’re turning heads and feeling great?

(The answer is the second one!)

A Taurus man is a simple creature. He just wants a driven woman with a positive attitude and the ambition to attain her goals.

Eventually, when you’re talking again, you want to have things to tell him that give you pride in yourself.

He’ll realize that you’re not broken without him, and that maybe he should get a determined woman like you back in his life…

3. Don’t block him on social media

If you’re wondering, should I block my Taurus ex?

Only if you want to cut ties with him for good.

The reason you wouldn’t want to block him on social media, even during no contact, is because you want him to be able to lurk there and check up on you.

It’s not to encourage him to message you.

It’s to put your best life on display post-breakup so he can get a glimpse of all he’s missing.

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4. Wait patiently

It may take two weeks of no contact to spark a Taurus man’s interest again.

Or it may take three months.

The point is, you need to have patience if you want to reel a Taurus man back in.

It may be so long before he contacts you that you think he’s lost interest and must be seeing someone else.

When the reality is, a Taurus man just moves extremely slowly and cautiously.

So you need to make sure he feels totally comfortable and secure by proving you’re not trying to rush things, and you don’t have an agenda.

5. Avoid making him jealous

This is a big one!

Do not make the Taurus man jealous if you want him back.

That means you shouldn’t give your phone number out to any other guys, and don’t take theirs.

Don’t download any dating apps.

You might think there’s no harm in it, especially if the Taurus man doesn’t know.

But he has his ways of finding out, and if he does contact you again, it’ll be one of the first things he asks you about.

Lie to him, and he will break things off, quick.

He’s possessive to the extreme, and in his mind, a woman needs to prove her undying loyalty. 

Show him that there are no other guys you’re interested in, and he’ll be able to get over his ego and come back.

6. Use some restraint when he contacts you

So, your Taurus ex has finally messaged you.

What do you do?

If he’s reaching out to you, you know he’s had enough space and it’s safe to resume talking.

As long as you don’t suffocate him with tons of texts and too much emotional stuff.

There will be a time for you to lay your heart out on the table for him, but you should do it in person, at a time you’ve set up with him to talk candidly.

Be friendly and open when he contacts you. Just don’t try to jump right back into “I miss you, baby” talk.

Take it slow and follow his lead.

He will set the tone for your interactions, and then you can go from there.

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Taurus Men FAQ

Will Taurus man take me back?

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A Taurus man will more likely take you back if you haven’t betrayed him and he doesn’t have any suspicions.

Tauruses are extremely loyal, especially when their feelings are involved.

But they only give that loyalty to those who return it.

How do you know if a Taurus man will come back?

The truth is, you don’t really know if a Taurus man will come back.

He’s secretive because he doesn’t like to feel vulnerable.

But I can tell you, he will come back if two things are true:

  • He still has strong feelings for you, and 
  • He believes your relationship stands a chance.

If he can’t find a good reason not to get back together, then he will allow his heart to lead and will want to get back together with you.

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How do you make a Taurus man miss you badly?

Here are some vital tips to make a Taurus man miss you like crazy:

  • Live your life well, without him
  • Give him space, but don’t be rude or aloof
  • Post your achievements on social media for him to see
  • Let him open up to you at his own pace
  • Be extra sweet to him
  • Make him work a little harder for some of your time
  • Get his sentimentality to kick in by reminding him of the good times

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What makes a Taurus man come back?

Sometimes a Taurus man will come back because you had a strong sexual connection.

But that doesn’t mean he’ll stay.

He will more likely come back—and stay—if he thinks he can build a future together with you.

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Leaving a Taurus man alone

Leaving a Taurus man alone works if he’s not responding to you.

It works because ignoring you is his way of asking for space, and getting that space allows him to consider whether he misses you.

How to make a Taurus man regret losing you

First, take a break from each other.

Use that time to work on yourself, and then slowly reintegrate yourself into his life by being friends at first.

Focus not on heavy emotions, but on having fun together, flirting and taking things slow.

Tauruses are sensual creatures and like to feel good, so making sure he’s just having a good time with you will convince him that he needs you back.

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Signs a Taurus man wants you back

  • He texts you to see how you’re doing after a no-contact period
  • He’s checking up on you and asking your friends about your single status
  • He invites you over to talk
  • He’s direct and tells you he wants to give things another go
  • He still watches your stories and engages on social media 
  • He responds when you reach out to him
  • He’s not seeing anyone else

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