Why Are Taurus So Shy? (7 Reasons You Didn’t Know)

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Taurus people get called shy a lot, but a lot of the time, they’re just misunderstood.

So, why are Taurus so shy? Or, seemingly shy?

  • They may seem social, but they’re actually pretty introverted
  • They’re on the quiet side
  • They act shy when they don’t know you well enough
  • If a Taurus likes you, they’ll get shy and awkward
  • They want to protect their sensitive sides

Time to dive into the world of the Taurus. Read on to find out what makes them shy guys (and gals).

Why Are Taurus So Shy?

They’re introverts

It may surprise you to learn that Tauruses are introverts.

They seem so social, and they really shine at a gathering, entertaining and charming a room full of people.

Nevertheless, they really prefer to keep to themselves most of the time.

Most nights, they’re definitely going to spend at home with a good book or in front of their favorite TV show.

So if you saw a Taurus out somewhere, being super chummy with everyone, remember that they’re going to need the rest of the week to recuperate and do their favorite things at home.

Often, that includes taking a social break away from texting, too.

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They don’t know you very well

While a Taurus’s friends and family can bring out their fun, lively sides, people they don’t know very well will get a more reserved side of them.

A Taurus will act shy around you because they don’t have that connection with you yet.

You see, Tauruses need to feel well-liked and understood in order to be the life of the party wherever they’re at.

If there are a few of their closest pals around, you’ll see them come out of their shells a bit more—but pretty much only with them.

They don’t like to reveal their emotions

It’s pretty much common knowledge that Taureans aren’t great at sharing their feelings.

Some would call them closed-off.

Although they would say, have you earned their complete openness yet?

Showing their vulnerability is surrendering control, and that makes a Taurus sweat.

If you’re talking to a Taurus man or Taurus woman you like, or you just started dating one, be sure not to confuse shyness with self-protection.

But either way, don’t take it personally.

These things take time with a Taurus, and they’ll let their guard down eventually when they trust you.

They need to stay in their comfort zone

Are you trying to get a Taurus to come with you to a place they’ve never been?

To a party with your friends, or to do something they wouldn’t normally do?

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Tauruses are creatures of comfort.

And they like lots of physical comfort—cozy blankets, familiar environments and their beloved routines.

Take them out of their element, and they may seem a bit lost.

Rest assured, if they’re acting shy, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not having a good time.

All it really means is that they may be feeling a bit like a fish out of water.

They’re not big talkers

The thing about Taurus folks is that they’re not big talkers.

They’re big on observing everything around them, and they like to listen.

Being great listeners does make them well-liked, but it can also make them seem…well, shy.

A Taurus seems to only operate at two extremes: soft-spoken, and loud and rowdy.

As we discussed earlier, the loud-and-rowdy Taurus comes out when they feel like they’re hanging with their people.

But otherwise, you’ll probably get the more mellow, low-key Taurus.

They like you

Ding, ding, ding!

You’re a winner if you like a Taurus and they seem to act shy just around you.

If you have any question about it, try to catch a glimpse of what they’re like around friends and coworkers.

Especially those of the opposite sex.

This is especially true with Taurus men—we recommend Anna Kovach’s guide Taurus Man Secrets if you want to get past this behavior and win their hearts.

A Taurus gets awkward around the object of their affection because they’re afraid of looking silly.

Remember, emotions are hard for them to handle, and if they’ve caught feelings for you, it can overwhelm them.

They need to make up their minds about you

If you’re hoping to catch a Taurus, you have to give them a lot of space to get to know you.

Yes, there are Tauruses who are just plain shy.

But one thing is for sure, all Taureans keep their distance until they’ve figured out your motives with them.

And whether they want to date you.

So they can appear shy just in their way of playing the passive role as they make up their minds.

If you’re trying to catch a Taurus man, you can read about the tests they’ll throw at you in Taurus Man Testing You.

Taurus FAQ

Do Taurus hide their emotions?

Basically, yes.

Tauruses hide their emotions because they’re afraid of opening up to someone who isn’t real.

They only want people in their lives who are sincere and who genuinely care about them.

If you have ulterior motives, a Taurus will patiently wait it out until they’re revealed.

And in the meantime, they’ll keep their emotional cards close to their chest.

Are Taurus introverts?

Yes, Tauruses are generally considered introverts.

However, the truth is slightly more complicated than that.

They’re a bit of a mixture of introverted and extroverted at times, and they do like a good rowdy party.

But they have to really be in the mood, and with close friends.

Otherwise, good luck getting a Taurus out of their PJs to come out with you.

How do Taurus show they like you?

Tauruses show that they like you by becoming extremely sweet and caring.

They smile a ton around you and are always fretting about your happiness and comfort.

They’ll show their affection for you through gift-giving, and likely through sharing their love of food.

Maybe a box of nice chocolates or an invitation to a ritzy restaurant.

If you’re into a Taurus man, read Signs a Taurus Man Likes You.

How do Taurus act around their crush?

A Taurus may act awkward around their crush, mostly in the way that they can’t quite seem to get their words out.

Yet they want to stay close.

They’ll be gentle, playful and probably super touchy.

In a social setting, a Taurus who has a crush on you may also go the other way and get loud and maybe a little crazy.

Just a little peacocking to get you to notice them.

Why are Taurus so hard to love?

Taurus are hard to love because, for one thing, they like to control their emotions.

You won’t see anything a Taurus doesn’t want you to see.

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And if you do, you might get pushed away for a while so they can regain control.

They don’t trust easily, and it can take a long time to prove your loyalty.

Which gets a lot of people frustrated.

Yet another reason Tauruses are difficult to be with is that they’re stubborn and don’t like change.

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Why are Taurus so hot?

Taurus people are hot because they’re gorgeous, for one thing.

They’re physically attractive and ridiculously charming thanks to their Venus rulership.

As the most sensual of all the signs, it’s hard not to be lured in by the Taurus.

They’re smart, well-mannered and great conversationalists.

Plus, they’re dynamite between the sheets.

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Why are Taurus so attracted to Pisces?

Taureans are attracted to Pisces because they feel emotionally safe with them.

Pisces people wear their hearts on their sleeves, and Taurus can read them like an open book.

Pisceans are also very cuddly and affectionate, which Tauruses adore.

Something else that Pisces has is how well they can go with the flow.

While they might be a bundle of nerves inside, a Pisces comes across as laid-back and will let the Taurus take command when they want.

Why are Taurus so attracted to Cancer?

Taurus and Cancer can have a pretty special relationship.

Cancers, like Pisces, are nurturing, emotionally deep and incredibly loving.

Cancers are also big-time comfort-loving people, so they bond well.

But Cancers are also slow movers, and will not jump into anything too quickly until they’re sure—just like the Taurus.

On top of this, Cancers are generally pretty stable financially and are quite driven to achieve their goals, which Taurus can build off of.

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