Taurus Man Texting Style (+ 10 Sure Signs He Likes You Over Text)

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Trying to decode a Taurus man’s text messages?

You’re in the right place—we’re talking about how to interpret his texts, how to tell if he likes you, and how to keep a Taurus man interested through texting.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a summary:

  • Taurus man texts are short, sweet and to the point
  • He likes you if his text messages are sweet, flirty, curious and frequent
  • When texting him, be consistent, classy and caring
  • Send plenty of cute selfies to stir up his imagination!

If you want to make sure you never lose his interest, do your homework!

You have a much better chance if you learn how he thinks, which a guide like Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets will teach you.

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What’s the Taurus Man’s Texting Style?

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Brief and to the point

A Taurus man would much prefer to look at your pretty face than communicate via a cold, hard, impersonal device like a cellphone.

So don’t expect him to be as chatty in text vs. in person.

When he’s got something to say, he’ll say it (or text it). He won’t text bomb you because he’s bored.

But that also means you’ll come to find his texts more meaningful, as they express something important enough for him to communicate.


To Taurus men, actions speak louder than words.

They’re more tangible and demonstrative, which is important to an earth sign like Taurus.

So in their texts to you, they’ll likely offer to take an action—like to meet up with you, help you solve a problem, or cook dinner for you.


When you’re ruled by Venus like a Taurus guy, flirting comes naturally, even through text.

The Taurus man texting style is coy, mischievous and teasing.

He likes to hook you when you’re texting and leave you wanting more.

It’s how he manages to get women to go from ho-hum to literally throwing themselves at him.


You won’t get any heavy emotional baggage coming from a Taurus man’s texts.

He won’t unburden his soul or take your conversations to any particularly deep or serious territories.

He’s into texting as a means to gauge your compatibility, flirt and feel good.

So he’ll keep the texts pretty simple, upbeat and polite.

He texts when he’s got nothing else going on

If you’re wondering why it takes hours to hear back from your Taurus man, it’s because he’s not a slave to his phone.

He texts only when he has nothing else taking up his attention—no work, no friends, no hands-on projects.

A Taurus is very sensory-based and tends to focus on what’s happening in the here and now.

Texting pulls them out of it, so they prefer to give their attention to one thing at a time.

Which means when a Taurus is texting you, you’ve got all of his.

How Do You Tell If a Taurus Guy Likes You Over Text?

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He ends his texts with Xs and Os

One of the biggest signs a Taurus man is into is when he signs off on his texts with kisses (Xs) and hugs (Os).

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This is a tactic to soften you up and show his sweet side.

He knows what he’s doing!

And maybe he hopes all those Xs and Os will turn into real hugs and kisses one day?

He texts you on a schedule

Are you getting daily good morning texts or a “How was your day?” text around 5 p.m.?

Taurus men are very much about routine and stability.

If you can set your watch to his texts, a Taurus man likes you as more than a friend.

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He sends pics

As sensory-based creatures, Taurus men are highly visual.

So no surprise, they’ll get bored if your text exchanges are all words and no pictures.

If your Taurus man is sending you pics of himself looking fly in his work suit or fresh out of the shower in his birthday suit, um, hello.

He’s definitely trying to stoke your fire.

He asks for pics from you

If you haven’t sent the Taurus man any selfies yet, what are you waiting for?

If he likes you, he’s going to love receiving them and will expect you to keep ’em coming.

Mind you, it’s not just about ogling your body (although there’s definitely some of that).

Rather, it’s more about adding that personal touch that allows him to connect with you better.

He’ll want to make concrete plans

Earth signs like Taurus need something tangible from a text exchange, which is why it will almost certainly lead to planning a date if he likes you.

He’ll pick a time, date and place to take you to.

And he’s serious about it—so don’t flake out!

He’ll give you tons of compliments

When a Taurus man likes you, he’ll give you sweet and gentlemanly compliments about your beauty, brains and capabilities.

And we’re not just talking a nice comment here or there. He will pile on the sweetness.

He’ll leave you believing you’re the most gorgeous, amazing person in the world.

Go ahead, try not to blush.

Lots of lols

Funny and charming, the Taurus man texting style is warm and expressive.

He likes to create a persona over text of being an approachable, laid-back kind of guy who finds you wildly charming and attractive.

So he’ll use plenty of lols in response to you.

He’ll lol affectionately at goofy things you say and pump up your ego.

It’s part of his MO to attract you.

He keeps the conversation going

While a Taurus man might not be the most chatty guy compared to some other signs, he won’t let the conversation die out if he really likes you.

If he has to run, he’ll let you know he’s got work now but will text you later.

He’s invested in the outcome of your conversations, so he’ll work harder to keep up.

He asks you questions about yourself

Taurus guys become much more interested in your background and who you are when they like you.

They’ll ask you lots of questions that are personal, but not invasive.

Questions about your thoughts and ideas, and probably at least a little about your past.

Think of their questions like little relationship compatibility tests.

(No pressure, right?)

He gets your opinion

If a Taurus guy is asking you what you think about a problem he’s having, that’s a big deal.

He’s a stubborn sign who relies on no one but himself to guide his judgment.

He rarely asks for help, much less someone’s take on something.

So if he’s asking you, you know he takes your point of view seriously.

Which means, at the very least, he does in fact think the world of you.

How to Text a Taurus Man

Want to fan the flames with a Taurus crush over text?

Here’s how to text a Taurus man.

With cute, sexy pictures

An earth sign like Taurus is sensory and visual—so snap some selfies when you’re looking extra cute and send them to him.

Take romantic photos lying in a patch of wild flowers with the sunshine on your face.

He loves natural beauty, so let yours shine.

If you need help, the Taurus man texting formula you need to see now is in Taurus Man Secrets.

Don’t overload him

This zodiac sign is not going to read all your paragraphs when he’s busy and can’t pay attention.

Best bet to get a reply—follow his lead and be brief and mysterious.

Be interesting

If you want to captivate a Taurus man’s attention, you have to be interesting.

Tell him a joke or ask him a thoughtful question—just don’t bore him with lazy or filler texts.

Be consistent

Try to maintain a texting routine with your Taurus man.

Like if you text him after work every day, keep that up.

If you’re inconsistent with your texts, he may assume he’s not as important to you and will instinctively put a wall up to protect himself.

Keep it classy

No matter how sexy those selfies get, always keep them classy.

He wants a modest, well-mannered woman who knows how to use subtlety and innuendo to drive his imagination wild.

Nurture him through text

Be sweet.

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Show how caring you are through your text messages to him.

Ask him how his day was, find out if he needs lunch dropped off to him at work.

A Taurus man likes when you “mother” him a little.

What If a Taurus Man Stops Texting?

Taurus men stop texting for a few common reasons:

  • He got busy or sidetracked
  • He lost interest in you
  • He’s actually really into you, and now he’s testing you

In case he just got busy, give him a few days to respond.

If you don’t hear back, you can send him a quick, no-pressure “Hey, how are you doing?” text to jog his memory.

If he’s lost interest in you, then sad to say, there may not be much you can do.

You can try to cut contact with him for a while, so as to not appear desperate. Then reach out with a thoughtful and sincere text, to see if he bites.

But if he’s ignoring you because he’s developing feelings for you, don’t ignore him back, as this will prove his worst fear that you’re playing him.

Keep being your sweet, caring self, don’t smother him with constant texts, but also demonstrate that you’re there for him and not going anywhere.

With time, he’ll see that you’re genuine and will feel comfortable pursuing a more serious relationship with you.

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Taurus Men FAQ

Will a Taurus guy text you first?

A Taurus man will absolutely text you first if he wants you and he feels like you connected well.

He’s not shy about that, although it may take a while to hear from him.

This is just because this zodiac sign likes to move slowly.

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Should you text a Taurus man first?

If you want to turn your Taurus friend into your Taurus boyfriend, it’s a good idea to initiate contact.

Tauruses like it when you have the confidence to show interest in them.

It sends the message that you’re “safe” to pursue because your attraction is mutual.

Do Taurus men like good morning texts?

Yes, Taurus men love a sweet, innocent morning text.

They like knowing that they’re the first thing on your mind when you wake up.

And it’ll give them something to smile about throughout the day.

How does a Taurus man flirt in text?

A Taurus man flirts over text by paying you tons of compliments and loading up their texts with smiley faces, Xs and Os.

He’ll also send you muscly pics after his morning workout or whenever he’s feeling confident.

Are Taurus good at texting?

Tauruses are not the best at texting since they’re forgetful and not too wordy.

But it’s also easier to know where you stand with a Bull because they’ll use texting to get their point across directly.

If you like that sort of no-frills communication, then a Taurus is for you!

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