What to Do When a Taurus Man Ignores You (6 Steps to Get Him to Stop)

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If you’re getting the famous Taurus man cold shoulder, you can’t afford to make the wrong move.

Here’s what to do when a Taurus man ignores you:

  • Don’t ignore him back or smother him—give him space
  • Show that you understand him and talk to him gently about feelings
  • Listen with an open mind and respect his needs

Truth is, when women fail with Taurus men, it’s because they think they’re like other men—and they are not.

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What does it mean when a Taurus man ignores you?

There are a lot of different reasons for a Taurus man ignoring you.

If his emotions are involved, then shunning you is quite often a knee-jerk reaction.

Let’s go over the typical reasons you’d get left on read:

  • He’s icing you out because of something you did that offended him
  • It’s not on purpose—he’s busy right now and forgot to get in touch with you
  • It’s a test—if he’s only ignoring you a just little bit, he may be trying to play hard to get and see if you’ll try to contact him again
  • His personal life is weighing heavy on him right now
  • He got jealous of another guy and now he’s pretending you don’t exist
  • He’s thinking about getting more serious with you and needs time to think it over
  • He decided that you two need some space from each other because the relationship is moving too quickly or something feels off to him

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of meanings to the Taurus man’s silent treatment.

So what should you do? Let’s talk about how to get a Taurus man to stop ignoring you next.

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What to do when a Taurus man ignores you

Step 1: Don’t go into reactionary mode

Here’s the hardest part.

Resist all temptation to do two things: trying to get even with him and texting him around the clock.

If you ignore him back to hurt him, he’ll know what you’re doing and double down on freezing you out.

In this situation, you could lose him fast.

But when you do the opposite—that is, smother him with attention and worried phone calls—he thinks you’re too needy and pulls even further away.

Which is exactly the opposite of what you want him to do.

Step 2: Hold off on contacting him temporarily

First and foremost, try to give the Taurus man some space.

In many, if not most cases where he distances himself from you, it’s basically what he’s asking you for without using words.

Often, he needs some time to process his feelings and think.

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And he can’t do that if he’s constantly fielding “Where are you?” questions from you.

Even if he’s ignoring you as a little test of your interest in him, you’ll want to play it cool.

Give it a few days before you reach out again to show that, hey, you’re busy too.

Step 3: Don’t try to confront him

Just about the worst thing you could do with a Taurus is get confrontational when they frustrate you.

Is it can incredibly discouraging to deal with an absent Taurus? Absolutely. Especially when he’s been so romantic and sweet up until now.

But realistically, all that’s going to happen is he’ll feel attacked.

His defenses will go up and he’ll stand his ground.

So what do you want to do instead? Onto the next step…

Step 4: Be understanding

Use sweetness to entice him.

As Anna Kovach explains in Taurus Man Secrets, making a Taurus man feel understood and accepted is key to getting him to do what you want him to do.

In this case, to stop ignoring you.

Showing genuine concern for him with a text (after you’ve given him space) or a phone call will help him let his guard back down.

If you get a short response with an unsatisfying explanation for him being MIA, stay calm.

You might want to reply to him that you’re there when he wants to talk and that you support him.

It’s a slow process with a Taurus man—keep that in mind.

And if he’s upset with you, you can probably expect to be ignored a little longer than average.

Step 5: Tell him honestly how you feel

When you’re having back-and-forth exchanges again, you may notice that the Taurus man isn’t talking about what happened at all.

That’s just how he is. He’s not the most verbal kind of man.

But that doesn’t at all mean he wouldn’t like to listen to your side of things.

As long as you talk to him respectfully and come from a place of heartfelt caring, you can share your feelings with him and he’ll listen with an open heart.

What if he’s ignoring you to see if you’re really into him? Be straightforward with him in this case, too.

That is, don’t try to act like you’re not that interested, because that will just prove to him that he shouldn’t waste his time.

Honesty is the best policy with a Taurus man, always.

Step 6: Respect his needs

Unless he’s accidentally ignoring you because he’s got a long going on right now, the Taurus man has legitimate reasons for not contacting you.

You may not understand them, but they’re real and important to him.

So you must treat them as such.

If he tells you he needs space right now, don’t argue with his decision. Even if it hurts you to hear it.

The only way to get a Taurus man to stop ignoring you—and stay in your life—is to allow him to be the leader.

Give him credit that he knows what he needs.

If he voices concern, for example because he got jealous when you were a little flirtatious online with another guy, your Taurus man needs to know that he can rely on you.

Whatever he determines is the best path forward, give it a chance and let him know that you’re willing to follow his lead.

Other Taurus man questions

Is your Taurus man testing you?

A Taurus man is always tests a woman he’s interested in dating.

Tests of your desire for him, your loyalty and your truthfulness will come up, for sure.

Since he doesn’t want you to know that he’s giving you a test, it will be subtle.

Like asking you a question about your dating history to get a feel for whether you’re still hung up on your ex (a big problem for the Taurus guy).

He might also stop your relationship from progressing while he waits for you to prove your loyalty.

If you want more details on his tests, read Taurus Man Testing You.

Signs that a Taurus man has lost interest

Some top signs a Taurus guy isn’t so into you anymore are:

  • If he’s putting zero effort into communicating with you
  • Physically distancing himself from you and being too busy to see you
  • Treating you like you’re not special or important 

That last one is huge. Once a Taurus man isn’t excited about you anymore, he will start acting like a stranger to you.

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How to know when a Taurus man is done with you

If the Taurus man has gotten to the point where he’s ready to cut you loose, watch out for mood swings.

He’ll snap at you for no reason. It will seem like you can’t do anything right around him, and you can’t. Because deep down he wants out.

And intimacy? Out the window.

While a Taurus man can usually separate emotion from the physical stuff during a fling, if he once had feelings for you, he won’t be able to.

So you won’t be getting any action in the bedroom.

We cover this topic in greater detail in How to Know When a Taurus Man Is Done With You.

How to make a Taurus man regret losing you

Here’s how to make a Taurus man regret losing you: Work on your own life.

He needs to see progress on your part, particularly if there was something that bugged him enough to end your relationship.

But you’ll have to know how to make him miss you, too.

To accomplish that, go slowly and be friends with your Taurus first.

Pamper yourself, look great and play up the good things in your life on social media to get his attention and make him rethink the breakup.

Will a Taurus man forget about you?

No, a Taurus man will not forget about you.

If he’s ignoring you (which again, he’s most likely doing for a specific reason), he’s putting in effort. You’re definitely on his mind while he’s acting aloof.

Even if he just got busy and didn’t text you, you’ll pop back into his mind when he’s under less pressure and he has some time.

What about after a breakup?

Not likely. If you meant something to him, he will have a hard time getting over you.

It’s getting a Taurus man to act on his feelings about you that can be difficult.

Which is where a guide like Taurus Man Secrets can change the game for you.

This is because it explains a Taurus man’s true nature. It’s a powerful weapon for you.

Check out Taurus Man Secrets here.

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