How to Talk to a Libra Man (12 Communication Tips and What to Say)

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Crushin’ on a Libra guy and need to know how to strike up a conversation?

Here’s how to talk to a Libra man:

  • Use your soft voice
  • Talk about art, culture and intellectual subjects
  • Ask questions that show you’ve been listening
  • Keep things light, polite and fun

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How to Talk to a Libra Man

Use a pleasant voice

Libra men are very attracted to soft, feminine attributes.

They like the sweet and sexy combination—that slays a Libra man.

Loud, brash, unenthusiastic and monotone tend to make his attention drift.

If you can put a sweetness and warmth into your voice when you’re talking to the Libra, he’ll naturally want to hear you speak more.

It’s honey to his ears.

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Chat about art and culture

All Libras have a creative streak in them.

If they’re not artists themselves, they deeply admire the arts and creators of all sorts.

Music, art, books and creative expressions are all important to them, and not just for entertainment.

It quite literally feeds the soul of the Libra.

So strike up a conversation about the local art museum exhibit, or talk about your musical tastes and why you like what you like.

Be descriptive and show what moves you about it.

Use flirting

Who is a bigger flirt than the Libra?

Nobody, that’s who.

Libras not only love to flirt, but they also love to be flirted with.

They’re big-time suckers for the attention and it’s especially exhilarating coming from someone well-versed in the craft of flirting themselves.

Traditional flirting will work just fine, including arm-touching and eyelash-batting.

Verbal confirmations also work well with the Libra, including flirty compliments and even innuendos said with a bashful smile and a giggle.

Libra guys like it when you’re cute!

Have grace and elegance

Libras are lovers of beauty.

They typically have refined tastes and desires.

The ideal woman for a Libra man is one who is feminine and effortlessly elegant.

She should not, however, lose her down-to-earth qualities.

When you’re talking to a Libra man, try to sit up straight and pay attention to poise.

Pay attention to the way you move your body.

Graceful, smooth and fluid movements are attractive to the Libra man.

And of course, leave the raunchy humor at home (unless you know this particular Libra man is into that!).

Show you’re a good listener

Libras are expert communicators.

They can tell right away when you’re bored and not listening.

They may politely excuse themselves in this case, but they probably won’t waste their breath a second round with you.

If you want to captivate a Libra man, you should demonstrate that you’re sincerely interested in what he’s saying.

Make plenty of eye contact and don’t fidget with your phone.

Remember things he’s mentioned so you can bring them up later and show how attentive you are.

Explore his ideas 

What he says is a reflection of his ideas, and as an air sign, the Libra man is very proud of his sharp mind.

Ask him questions while he’s talking. 

Not just passive questions, but active questions that dig into the meat of what he’s saying.

Go beyond “Why?” and connect what he’s saying now with something he said before.

“Interesting. Does that have anything to do with your opinion on XYZ?”

He will love these little brain exercises and will be more interested in talking to you and hearing your insights.

Don’t be confrontational

While a Libra may happily take up a friendly debate, he will not happily engage with you if things start to escalate.

Libras are natural peace-makers and will try to ease the tension with humor or distractions.

But they can get heated themselves if they feel like you’re being too aggressive.

The Libra man can feel that way if you poke and prod at him.

Try not to openly confront him if he contradicts himself, as Libras often do!

Go with the flow like the Libra, make disagreements humorous and keep things light.

Keep emotional stuff in check

Speaking of keeping things light, you will want to steer a conversation away from anything too emotional.

While Libras like deep conversations, they prefer them to remain intellectual and logic-based.

If you dip into emotional territory, don’t get stuck there.

Turning things around with a well-placed and tasteful joke can do wonders, and show off your social prowess to the Libra.

Just don’t spill your guts at a party!

Show how witty you are

The air signs, particularly Libra and Gemini, are totally enchanted by a quick-witted conversational companion.

Libras are smart people. They have an answer for everything.

So they love it when someone can play off of that and banter with them.

If you can keep up with a Libra man, he’ll be impressed and charmed as heck.

Share funny anecdotes, too.

Take the opportunity to turn awkward moments into comical ones with a little observational joke.

Be polite

Manners should never be ignored when interacting with a Libra.

We talked about Libras being refined in their tastes, so politeness and good social etiquette come with the territory.

Say “please” and “thank you” and try not to interrupt the Libra when he talks.

Speak kindly to the Libra man

You might not think so, but Libras are very sensitive individuals.

Libra men may take offense to something that you say but never show it to you.

What you say can carry a lot of weight with them.

Ultimately, you’ll need to word things well.

Make sure what you say doesn’t sound judgmental, harsh or critical.

Smile a lot

Finally, if you want an easy way to charm a Libra man while you’re talking to him, just flash him those pearly whites.

Just be sure that it’s a genuine smile!

Libras love to know that you’re enjoying their company.

Plus, they really gravitate toward warm, friendly people.

So don’t put too much effort into that smoldering look, and just smile and laugh with the Libra.

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Other Libra Man Questions

What are Libra men attracted to?

Libra guys are attracted to the trifecta of beauty, grace and intelligence.

A sophisticated woman who holds her head up high and knows how to conduct herself in any situation will make a Libra man want her.

Add to this a great sense of humor and he won’t be able to help himself.

Other qualities Libra men look for in a woman are kindness to others, an open mind, a non-judgmental attitude and a thirst for adventure.

How do you make a Libra man obsessed with you?

If the Libra man thinks that you compliment him in every way, he’ll be obsessed with you.

He’ll be crazy for a woman who shares his love of art and can command a crowd with her charming personality.

You’ll have to have a great sense of fashion, too, because the Libra man wants you to make him look good.

How do you win the heart of a Libra man?

Libra men are won over by positive, happy and fun people.

They like to see you in action in a social situation, laughing and having a great time.

That kind of energy is infectious to a Libra man and he’ll want more of it.

Learn more in How to Win a Libra Man.

What is a Libra man’s weakness?

Libra men are not great at making decisions, it’s true.

They want to make the right decision, which can be an agonizing process for them.

It’s great to be cautious when it comes to serious decisions, but when it comes to choosing what you’re going to order off a menu, not so much.

Another big weakness for Libras is shying away from confrontation.

Sometimes it needs to happen to get past an issue, but Libras would rather make peace, even at the expense of getting closure.

How to flirt with a Libra man

Stay playful and sweet when you flirt with a Libra man.

Libras are expert flirters and can flatter you like you wouldn’t believe.

But they love to be flattered in return!

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How to get a Libra man to stop ignoring you

It depends on why he’s ignoring you.

If he’s testing you, you’ll want to stay busy and not overreact.

But if he’s hurt, you might need to reach out but then give him time to come to you when he’s ready.

Read Why a Libra Man Ignores You for more reasons you get the cold shoulder and what to do about it.

How to get a Libra man to open up

Libra men aren’t ones to just talk about their feelings to any great extent.

They’re protective of their inner worlds and don’t like to dwell on the negative, anyway.

If you want a Libra man to talk to you about something, you can let him know that you would like that and that you’re available anytime.

You can also be candid about something first and see if that makes him want to reciprocate.

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It will give you a road map to the Libra man’s mind and help you predict his reactions so that you can guide a strong, healthy, long-lasting relationship.

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