How Does a Virgo Man Act When He’s in Love? (10 Hints You’re Missing)

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How does a Virgo man act when he’s in love?

If you’re looking for the short answer, here it is:

  • He finds perfection in your flaws
  • He wants to help you, motivate you and make your life better
  • What you say matters deeply to him and he remembers the details
  • You have way more of his time and energy than anyone else

Before you read on, you should be aware of something. The overly analytical Virgo man will question his emotions, making him a Commitment-phobe with a capital C.

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How Does a Virgo Man Act When He’s in Love?

This can be a tricky one.

While it’s generally pretty obvious when a Virgo doesn’t want to be with you as he’ll try hard to distance himself from you, it can be way less clear when he’s caught feelings.

You need to make sure he’s not stringing you along.

The truth? Virgos have been known to do that.

To make things even more confusing, Virgo men are kind of closed-off about their emotions for a long time in a relationship.

They keep their cards close, and they don’t have slip-ups.

But that’s why you’re learning how to tell on your own where their true feelings lie, right?

So without further ado, let’s get into the signs that will tell you he loves you, whether he’s ready to say it or not.

1. He wants to be around you way more than other people

Virgos covet their alone time.

And you will find them very cranky with people who are intruding on it.

But with the person he loves, a Virgo man is much more giving of his personal time.

He’ll seek you out after work and make plans with you on weekends.

For a busy Virgo with lots to accomplish, this is no small thing.

2. He keeps in touch regularly

A Virgo who is not in love will find it very easy to separate you from the rest of his life.

So, he’ll have no contact with you when he’s not with you.

But if you’re running around in his mind all day, he’ll feel compelled to call you.

Text you if he can’t call.

If he wants to see what you’re up to just because, he’s pretty smitten.

3. He puts you on a pedestal

If a Virgo man loves you, you have a very rare status in his books indeed.

You are, quite frankly, above everyone else in his world.

He will idealize you.

He’ll put you so high up you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

4. He lets you in on his private thoughts

This highly private and intellectual person is not going to share what’s on his mind with just anyone.

Virgos must deem you worthy in the first place.

You see, Virgos have a serious need to be understood.

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For sure, if they’re in love with you, Virgo guys will definitely feel like you’re on the same wavelength.

Someone they can share their personal thoughts and ideas with.

And you can bet that they’ll be eager to!

5. He’s always at your service

Virgo is a sign of service.

He is more than willing to serve, protect and make sacrifices for the one he loves.

A practical sign, Virgo wants to show his love by taking care of things for you.

Look for behaviors like doing your dishes for you.

Picking up what you need at the pharmacy.

Small (or big) things that you may not really expect but you find are done for you anyway.

6. He really listens to you

If a Virgo man is really interested, he’ll cling to every word you say and actively try to remember the littlest things.


So he can use them to sweep you off your feet.

If you said you love romantic comedies, he’ll take you to see them.

Dinner before the movie will be at your favorite restaurant or your favorite type of cuisine.

He knows what you want and need, and you only have to mention it once.

7. Your imperfections are perfection to him

You are the definition of a perfect woman to him.

Even if you feel you are far from it, your Virgo guy has no doubt.

Whatever physical flaws you think you have, they do not exist to him.


This is a defining trait of the Virgo man in love.

8. He tries to motivate you

Is it criticism, or the Virgo’s way of helping you succeed?

When in love, Virgos tend to offer advice even when you didn’t ask for it.

They can’t really help themselves.

They’re perfectionists by nature, and they can see a million ways your life could be improved if you did things a little differently.

They just want the best for you, because they love you.

9. He finds you fascinating

Do you feel like your Virgo man is genuinely fascinated by you?

Not just casually interested, but invested in your conversations?

Does he want to know more about what you think and ask you for your opinion?

He doesn’t act that way with everyone.

If he’s mentally stimulated by you and always looking for more, it’s a good sign he loves you.

10. He cares about your health

Virgo rules the sixth house, which is the house that represents personal health, among other things.

Predictably, Virgos are strongly interested in the health and wellbeing of their loved ones.

He may show this by cooking health-conscious meals for you.

Or trying to help you quit smoking.

Don’t mistake these efforts for altruism—he’s showing you that he cares for you deeply.

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