How to Make a Sagittarius Man Miss You Like Crazy (8 Surefire Ways)

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Whether you broke up or he suddenly stopped calling, you need to know how to make a Sagittarius man miss you if you want him back.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Flaunt your exciting lifestyle so he gets a little jealous
  • Take new risks and get the Sagittarius man’s attention
  • Be seductive, but don’t lose your sense of humor
  • Keep the mood light and fun

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How to Make a Sagittarius Man Miss You

1. Make him feel like he’s missing out

Whether you’re in regular contact or not, it’s easy to make a Sagittarius man miss you hard.

You should start by flaunting what he’s not getting.

That is, start living life to the max and then put it on display.

Use social media if you know he’s on it to post about your adventures and your glamorous selfies.

Go out for drinks with your friends and post the location, especially if it’s in the Sagittarius man’s neighborhood.

Climbing a mountain?

Getting a promotion at work?

Whatever’s happening in your life that’s fun, exciting or just plain good fortune, broadcast it and talk about it.

It’ll make the excitable Sagittarius get a serious case of FOMO.

2. Challenge yourself

Sometimes Sagittarius men pull away because they feel like there’s just not enough commonality between you.

A Sagittarius man is an explorer and a risk taker by nature.

He needs novelty in his life.

If things were too routine or mellow before, he may have drifted away.

To lure him back, challenge yourself to do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Whether that’s going on a big hike or taking a class on a subject you’ve always been interested in, the key for getting a Sagittarius man’s attention is the action part.

Talk is cheap to Sagittarius men. Doing something interesting will make them want to be part of the action.

3. Be seductive

Sagittarius men are extremely sexual.

If you want to make a Sagittarius man miss you, you can’t skip the seduction!

Wear tighter-fitting clothes that make your body look great.

Show off your hips, butt and legs—these are all areas that drive a Sagittarius man crazy.

Be flirtatious when you talk to him.

Text him and be sexual, but fun and light at the same time.

That gets his heart beating!

4. Focus on feeling good with him

Sagittarius people want to have fun.

They take their responsibilities like work and education seriously, but they don’t want to stress about anything.

And they rarely do.

To get a Sagittarius guy back in your life, you should make things as fun as you can.

Sagittarius men are pleasure seekers.

They love good food, they love to laugh and they love to be entertained.

When you’re texting him, ask him out to something like a carnival or a place in town with the best wings and beer.

Or ask him to go to a burlesque show with you (extra points for the sexiness of this date).

When you’re together, indulge your senses and have a great time.

He won’t be able to resist.

5. Don’t sulk

If you think a Sagittarius man will feel guilty if you pout, he won’t.

He’s immune to the behaviors that may tug at other men’s heart strings.

Even if you’re hurt or offended that he stopped calling, the best thing you can do now is focus on positivity.

When he doesn’t call when he says he will, have other things to occupy your time.

Then when he does call, be busy and get back to him later.

It’s better to act like he can’t touch you with his hot and cold behaviors than to try to make him pay emotionally.

Acting a little aloof and hard to get is a big incentive for a Sagittarius man.

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6. Don’t bring up the past 

Along those same lines of thinking, try not to rehash the past when you’re talking to a Sagittarius man.

If you broke up or something serious happened that he feels needs to be addressed, he will eventually want to talk about it.

But for now, you should focus on the present moment.

Not even the future.

Just right here, right now with your Sagittarius man.

If he’s distant, your first goal is to prove to him that his life will be better and more interesting with you in it, on a regular basis.

Getting into the potentially bad stuff too early can just remind him of why he pulled away in the first place.

Let things progress on their own time.

That way, the flighty Sagittarius man won’t get scared off.

7. Joke around

Great sex, good conversation and laughter or some of the top priorities for a Sagittarius guy in a relationship.

If he felt you took things too seriously before, prove to him now that you don’t.

When you text him, make it funny.

Share inside jokes with him.

Always bring humor into it with a Sagittarius man if you want him to spend more time with you.

8. Keep emotions in check

Although Sagittarius men can showcase some passionate emotions themselves, they tend to shy away from too much of an emotional display from others.

Sagittarius men prefer to keep things simple and on the lighter side without getting weighed down by “serious” feelings.

If you were ever guilty of getting overly sentimental or seeming dramatic with emotional ups and downs, it could very well have turned the Sagittarius off.

So when you’re trying to pull him back in, stay in the safe zone.

That will ensure that he feels comfortable connecting with you, knowing that he (and you) can handle it.

Other Sagittarius Man Questions

How to text a Sagittarius man

This is your chance to hook him with a well-crafted text.

Either make him laugh out loud, make his brain work or make him sweat.

Funny, smart and sexy—keep those adjectives in mind if you want to know how to text a Sagittarius man.

Flirt, text him a hilarious meme, or pick up where you left off on an intellectual chat with new info to offer.

Just be sure to keep the texts on the short side—no fluff, and no novels!

How do you make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you?

A challenge makes a Sagittarius man obsessed.

He wants a woman who seems like his perfect match—fun, full of life and always up for an adventure.

But she can’t throw herself at him.

To get a Sagittarius man obsessed, show him that you’re worldly, intellectual, incredibly interesting and single—

But not willing to be overly available to him.

Find out more in How to Make a Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You.

What is a Sagittarius man attracted to?

Your personality needs to shine to win over a Sagittarius man.

He’s attracted to women who are unique, fun-loving and optimistic.

He likes a woman with brains who will challenge him, but she should never lose her sense of humor.

Read How to Attract a Sagittarius Man for the full story.

How do you know if a Sagittarius man is into you?

For a while, he might try to act casual while he feels you out, but sooner than later he’ll make his big move.

You’ll notice that your Sagittarius guy wants to spend time with you doing things like traveling to new places and exploring what they have to offer.

He’ll pay close attention to what you say and treat your ideas with great respect.

He’ll also probably get touchy-feely when he lets his guard down.

And when he feels the time is right, he’ll tell you right out that he likes you.

Read more signs in How to Tell If a Sagittarius Man Likes You.

How do you know a Sagittarius man wants to marry you?

Watch out for your Sagittarius man’s subtle hints, like suddenly getting really romantic with you when you least expect it.

He may be planning to pop the question.

If he is, it won’t be long before it happens since he can’t keep it in.

Also, listen for verbal hints like talking about your future and letting things slip.

Since commitment is notoriously hard for Sagittarius men, you may want to check out How to Get a Sagittarius Man to Commit.

What is the weakness of a Sagittarius man?

Weakness #1: Sagittarians tend to get really excited about a new project, then something shiny grabs their attention.

If they aren’t patient and focused, they can miss out on real opportunities.

Weakness #2: Sagittarius men have a live and let live philosophy, but when it comes to relationships it can make them seem less committed.

Even though they hate confrontation, it’s important that they address issues in a relationship instead of letting their partners drift further and further away.

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