How to Make a Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You (9 Powerful Ways)

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If you want to know how to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you, you’re in the right place.

Here are the rules:

  • Share your passions with him
  • Make his life more exciting and go on adventures
  • Don’t be available to him all the time
  • Always laugh and have fun together
  • Make him think and inspire him creatively

Before you read on, you should know—Sagittarius men rarely commit.

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How to Make a Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You

1. Take him on a wild journey

A Sagittarius man lives for new experiences.

He wants to experience the here and now, and have a great time doing it.

To tap into this desire, be spontaneous with him.

Stimulate his senses.

Take him on a tour of the best wings around town and then take a surprise trip to the beach.

Let planning be loose and see where the night (or day) takes you.

Say “yes” to activities that seem fun, exciting and adventurous.

The more you can share in this world of the unknown with him and have a blast doing it, the more obsessed he’ll be with you.

2. Don’t be too available

Are you always at your phone screening calls?

When the Sagittarius man calls, you should make sure you’re not always picking up right away.

Let his calls go to voicemail for a little while until you’re not busy anymore.

Also, when you’re around your Sagittarius man, put your phone away and enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing.

All of this demonstrates to the Sagittarius man that nobody’s got you on a short leash.

You do what you like and live for yourself.

As a man who can’t sacrifice his own freedom for anyone else, the Sagittarius respects this immensely and finds it highly attractive.

And of course, the less available you are, the more he’ll covet your time!

3. Show a passion for something

A Sagittarius man often becomes obsessed with the obsessive type

That is, a woman who has a serious passion for some type of activity or hobby.

He admires (and is turned on by) the intensity of her interest and dedication, be it to art or gardening.

The main thing is your sheer enjoyment of it.

As mentioned before, Sagittarius men live for experience, and living vicariously through you surrendering to your passions is intoxicating for them.

Don’t keep your hobbies hidden from this man!

Invite him to be part of them if he can.

4. Make him laugh every day

Sagittarius guys don’t take life too seriously.

To this man, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re too tightly wound.

Capture his heart by being goofy with each other and trying to make each other laugh.

Laughter is great medicine to the Sagittarius man.

It heals him when he’s down, so help him smile if he’s feeling off, too.

5. Do outdoorsy things together

There’s something special about nature to Sagittarius men.

Maybe it’s that wild half-horse, half-man image that represents their sign, but Sagittarius guys are all about a hike in the great outdoors.

Get your Sagittarius to accompany you on your own outdoor excursions.

Make things like hiking, biking, camping, kayaking and skiing a regular part of your activities when you spend time together.

Remember, Sagittarius is a fire sign and fire signs like action.

Sagittarius people in particular have a lot of physical energy, so if you can keep up, you’re golden!

6. Get creative

Sagittarius people are very creative.

Many are talented in the arts and aspire to make a name for themselves.

Even if a Sagittarius man is not a painter, he’ll be drawn to you if you paint.

Or write. Or sing. Or play guitar. Or dance.

If you’ve got the creative streak in you, use it to fan the flames of the Sagittarius man’s heart.

It stimulates his imagination and his creative way of thinking, which is pretty limitless.

Inspire him like no one else!

7. Travel together

A Sagittarius man will obsess over you if you can satiate his desire to explore the world.

He’ll do it on his own anyway, but why not join him?

His dream woman is one who wants to spend her vacation walking the great steps of Machu Picchu.

You could take a road trip around a part of the country you’ve never been to before.

Remember that Sagittarius people like novelty.

Go somewhere neither of you have ever been before and soak up the local culture.

Be his best travel buddy and he won’t want to go on an adventure without you.

8. Stimulate his intellect

Sagittarians are naturally philosophical and love a good debate.

They enjoy taking a concept, breaking it down and trying to get at the truth of it.

That’s why intellectual conversation is one of the most important ways to make a Sagittarius man crazy about you.

He’s a life-long learner and soaks up knowledge like a sponge.

If you can teach him something new and interesting, he’ll be fascinated by you.

As well, if he can teach you what he knows and feel like you’re truly interested, he’ll feel much more bonded to you.

So when you’re with your Sagittarius, ask the “why” questions and get him thinking.

Don’t be afraid to have a different opinion from him.

Variety is the spice of life to a Sagittarius man.

9. Be the one he has the most fun with

Are you up for a fun-filled day with your Sagittarius man?

He loves to cut loose and indulge in some harmless shenanigans.

If you’re doing something uneventful like driving, play car games or invent your own silly games to play.

Dare each other.

Turn an everyday event into a day to remember for your Sagittarius man.

Take him to concerts, comedy shows and art exhibits.

Make your days together fun and interesting and you’ll have his heart.

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Other Sagittarius Man Questions

Sagittarius man’s favorite body part?

The areas on your body that will get him ogling you are your butt and legs.

Sagittarius rules the hips and thigh area, which makes him very attracted to yours!

He likes curves and clothes that make your curves and your legs look good.

So get your favorite sundresses out when hanging out with him!

How do you know if a Sagittarius man misses you?

He’ll text you.

If he reaches out to you, he truly does miss you because Sagittarius men are on the go all the time.

They hardly have time to keep up with all their interests and creative pursuits.

Unless he has a good reason to keep it under wraps, like you broke up and he’s guarding his feelings, he’ll probably tell you he misses you.

Sagittarius men are honest like that.

Check How to Make a Sagittarius Man Miss You if you want to get him craving your affection.

Do Sagittarius men like to cuddle?

Yes, Sagittarius men like to cuddle.

But they don’t necessarily need to cuddle all that much.

They like a passionate and intense sexual connection, and they do need plenty of physical affection, hugging and kissing.

But they don’t feel the need to spoon all night.

A good balance of touching and giving each other space is what a Sagittarius man likes best.

How to make a Sagittarius man jealous

The better question is, can you even make a Sagittarius man jealous?

The answer is, not really.

A Sagittarius man won’t get jealous if you try to dangle other men who are interested in you in front of him.

If he’s not dating you, he’ll shrug it off and move on.

You might make him work harder if another man pays attention to you, but he’ll likely take it as friendly competition.

If he is dating you, he’ll be hurt and very likely make quick moves to cut you out of his life.

Read How to Get a Sagittarius Man Jealous to see what we mean.

Do Sagittarius men fall in love quickly?

There is no one answer to this question.

It’s possible for Sagittarius men to fall in love quickly after meeting someone.

That person would have to be very special to the Sagittarius and get him obsessed right off the bat.

But usually, a Sagittarius man doesn’t get past the fondness stage when he starts seeing someone.

Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t have a reputation for doing lots of dating before he settles down.

But when he does meet the right woman, sparks fly and he falls head over heels.

Find out how to make a Sagittarius man fall in love with you.

How do you know if a Sagittarius man really loves you?

The expressive Sagittarius man will likely tell you soon enough!

But before he does, you’ll notice how he can’t seem to stop touching you and showing you affection, even in public.

He’ll be romantic and gaze lovingly at you.

While he usually doesn’t change his plans for anyone, he’ll start making arrangements to include you in his future.

See more signs he’s head over heels for you in How to Know If a Sagittarius Man Really Loves You.

How to make a Sagittarius man commit to you

You can’t put pressure on a Sagittarius man to commit to you!

If you want to know how to get a Sagittarius man to commit, you have to have a ton of patience.

Most importantly, invest your energies into making the relationship the best he’s ever had.

What will convince him is how he feels when he’s with you.

Do you two always have a great time together? Are things easy with little to no arguing?

He has to know he’s committing to his true partner and equal in everything.

What is a Sagittarius man’s weakness?

Sagittarius men like to keep their options open, so they tend to be noncommittal.

They’re so eager to see what happens and where life takes them that they hesitate to give a solid answer or make definite plans.

Where their relationships are concerned, this can affect their partners.

It can be frustrating for those dating Sagittarius men to “go with the flow” for what seems like forever before these men are ready to commit to a decision.

And of course, there’s the famous Sagittarius fear of commitment to a partner!

You really need to understand what makes a Sagittarius tick if you want him in your life.

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