How to Date a Taurus Man (14 Simple Steps)

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Got a first date coming up with a Taurus man? Just want to know how to get his attention? As luck would have it, astrology gives you the secrets to his heart. Here’s how to date a Taurus man.

How to Date a Taurus Man

Like all signs, Tauruses have their types. But don’t go changing just yet! You don’t need to fit nearly into a little box for him to want to date you (Taurus men want you to be your authentic self).

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It does help to get the ball rolling when you know what makes him tick, though. What he likes and dislikes. How to make him feel secure with you. Because believe me, trust is Number One for Taurus. Showing a Taurus man that you’ll return all his loyalty and devotion is the dating rule to live by.

For more on that and all the dating dos and don’ts, relationship astrologer Anna Kovach can take you inside the mind of a Taurus man in Taurus Man Secrets.

If you’re just dipping your toes in the water and you’re not sure what to do next with your Taurus love interest, here is a practical guide to the Taurus man’s heart.

Getting the Taurus Male Interested

There are plenty of great, astrology-based ideas for getting closer to a Taurus man. They tend to fall into broad categories of what Taurus men are attracted to: beauty, style, intelligence and femininity. I’m going to explain each category to give you a better idea of what he’s looking for.

If you want specific suggestions to get that first date with a Taurus man, I have an article that dives into this: How to Get a Taurus Man to Chase You.

But for now, let’s see what the Taurus male desires.


Whether you wear makeup or you go au naturel, the way you present yourself physically is key to initially getting the Taurus man to notice you.

Here’s the thing, though. You don’t have to go out of your way to look beautiful. Just feeling good about your appearance and exuding that confidence is going to make an impression on the Taurus.


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Looking good in your clothes does help.

This sign likes tasteful things, from decor to apparel. So, give yourself an advantage and dress well, though again, you don’t need to go over the top. There’s a fine line between head-to-toe sweats and a cocktail dress, you know?


Taurus men do love a good conversational partner. Even better if you have similar interests and you can show off your passion.

Cuing him into your thoughtful side is a great way to hook him in a one-on-one chat at a party. He’ll get curious about what else you think about.


If you’re a woman with a pronounced feminine streak, Taurus is going to respond to that. 

However, I don’t mean feminine as in painted nails and high heels (unless that’s your thing). In this day and age, we know that femininity is not a singular standard of hushed-voice womanhood or something.

Whatever your brand of femininity is, embrace it. The Taurus male will find it really sensual.

Getting the First Date

Now, let’s get to the good part: dating.

From making the first date happen to making sure it goes swimmingly, here are some guidelines for a successful night out.

Ask Him Out

As confident as this man might seem in his everyday life, he can actually be quite shy around you when he likes you.

Do him a favor and ask him for the first date, then. If he’s been trying to muster the courage to talk to you, he’ll jump at the opportunity.

Go Somewhere Romantic

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It’s all about romance for the Taurus man. When it’s up to you where your first date is going to be, pick a place with candle lighting, mood music and so on.

Oh—and make sure the place has good food! An enjoyable meal is more important to this sign than any other in the zodiac. You’ll win points for sure, and feed his lusty nature.

Be Yourself

This is great news for all those who hate putting on an act to make the first impression perfect. There’s no need with the Taurus.

In fact, if you try, he’s going to sense it and probably pull away. He doesn’t like artifice, and as I mentioned earlier, building trust is so important. Allow him to see the real you to start that process.

Show Your Ambition

Career-focused and goal-driven, Taurus men are often ambitious. And they like the same in their partners.

Whatever it is that you have your sights set on, don’t be afraid to talk about it on your date. If it gives you financial stability credit, all the better. If he’s looking for a serious relationship, he’s likely looking for someone as practical in money matters as he is.

Don’t Rush the Pace

It’s good to let the Taurus set the pace and follow it. Even if it seems like things are leading to a hot and heavy moment and you pounce too early, it could send the wrong signal.

He also isn’t a fan of feeling rushed in any way. Typically, it’s best to feel it out and see that you’re on the same wavelength, but to also give him the option of hitting the gas (or the brakes) if you’re comfortable with it.

Keeping the Relationship Spark Alive

Now that you’re in a relationship with a Taurus man, a little healthy maintenance is in order. Any relationship relies on certain activities and characteristics that are unique to your particular chemistry.

That being said, here are some things Taurus men generally prefer when settling into the relationship.

Join His Routine

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You’ll notice that your Taurus man has a very specific routine. And it’s not likely to change. After all, we’re not talking about a Gemini who feels the need to switch it up.

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Do more than work around him. If you can be part of his routine, he’ll love that. Try joining an exercise activity he does like running, skiing or hiking.

Be Loyal

Being as loyal to him as he is to you is a must. But it’s important to know that this goes beyond staying within the parameters of a monogamous relationship.

With a Taurus, honesty is the best policy. So is being in his corner when he needs your support. He wants to feel secure in your love. If he doesn’t, he won’t stick around much longer.

Make Intimacy a Priority

Trust and loyalty are top priorities for the Taurus, and so is your sex life. Don’t expect his libido to drop once the relationship turns serious. This is great for you if you’re in the same boat! 

He’ll love all the sexy little things you do. Don’t shy away from spicing things up once in a while or sending him a text telling him what’s in store when he gets home.

Let Him Lead

If you’re usually the one to take the reigns and make the decisions, this might be a tough one for you. It may sound old-fashioned, but if you can at least find a way to make him feel like he’s in the driver’s seat, it’ll allow him to retain his self-image.

He doesn’t desire to overpower you or make all your decisions for you. But it’s not unusual for a Taurus man to expect to be a leading force in matters that are important to him.

Give him some room in this area and he’ll pay you back in all the love and support you could want.

Keep the Arguing to a Minimum

His Venusian personality doesn’t like fighting. In fact, it will be hard to really ruffle his feathers. When he gets to that point, he really does hate it.

True, arguments come up in relationships. It’s not so much that you should avoid all confrontations, but that you want to try to avoid unnecessary spats and compromise whenever possible.

He’s a pretty even-tempered sort of person, and he’d prefer it if you were, too.

If you’re ready to dive in, see Taurus Man Secrets for a complete guide to attracting and keeping this passionate partner based on his star sign’s psychological profile.

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