How to Attract a Sagittarius Man (11 Ways to Hook Him)

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Want to get a sweet, funny Sagittarius to notice you?

Here’s how to attract a Sagittarius man:

  • Walk right up to him and say hi
  • Be flirty, but in a friendly way
  • Show that you’re a fun, positive person
  • Be adventurous and willing to try new things
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff

Fair warning—a Sagittarius man may gets a bad rap for being a player, but the truth is that he prizes his freedom above all else.

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How to Attract a Sagittarius Man

What does a Sagittarius man look for in a woman?

Mainly, he looks for a woman he can live life to the fullest with.

He’s a fearless guy looking for an equally fearless woman who says “yes” to life.

His attention span can be on the short side, so you’ve got to make a knock-out impression as soon as you can.

Here’s how to do that.

1. Always have fun

If you want to bag a Sagittarius man, rule number one is to show him you know how to have a great time.

Sagittarians are wise beyond their years. Look into their eyes and you’ll see an old soul looking back at you.

What’s the secret to life, you ask them? They’ll tell you: to let loose and have fun.

It’s how they keep their youthfulness even as they get older.

At a party, play (or start) a party game and get the Sagittarius man involved.

Bring enthusiasm and energy to everything you do.

Offer to go to an amusement park or play paintball with him.

Even when you’re standing around chatting, make it more fun by smiling a lot and adding some witty jokes.

Just seeming like you’re having a good time even in a dull environment is incredibly attractive to the Sagittarius.

2. Be confident no matter what you wear

The truth is that Sagittarius men like it all.

They like it when you dress up, when you dress down, when you wear makeup and when you wear none at all.

While many Sagittarius guys prefer the “natural” beauty” type of look, they think you’re smokin’ hot when you put on a little red dress and strut your stuff.

You can show up the next day in a cute flannel top and jeans and they’ll fall for you just as easily.

It’s not about what you’re wearing—it’s about the energy you put out there.

Just because you’re not “dressed up” doesn’t mean you’re not sexy to a Sagittarius man, so own it!

Give off confidence in every interaction and smile that dazzling smile of yours.

It’ll make the Sagittarius man’s heart flutter.

3. Be spontaneous

Sagittarians don’t need the comfort of routine.

As a matter of fact, it can make them feel bored at best and depressed at worst.

To get this excitable man’s attention, try to shake things up for him.

Grab his hand while you’re chatting and lead him somewhere else to show him something, even if it’s the sunset outside.

Be flexible and show the Sagittarius guy you’re talking to that you can don’t get shaken up by a change of plans.

He’s an easy-going guy looking for the same quality in a potential romantic partner.

Dare him to try something he’s never done before with you.

He loves it when a woman challenges him!

4. Flirt in a friendly way

Should you flirt with a Sagittarius man?

Yes, most definitely!

Your style of flirting should be sweet and carefree.

Sagittarius men love a fun-loving gal, remember, so this should be reflected in the way that you flirt with him.

You can give off some major sex appeal (and probably should!), but make sure to lighten the mood.

Smile a lot and when you touch him, make sure it’s sweet and fairly innocent.

Tease him a little in a way that creates banter between you.

5. Laugh a lot

The Sagittarius man is the guy making the whole room laugh.

The stars have given him the gift of making people giggle, and he loves to laugh himself.

So be sure to laugh together!

The more you laugh, the more you shine in a Sagittarian’s eyes.

It’s the mark of a woman who doesn’t take stuff too seriously, which is a breath of fresh air to the upbeat Sagittarius man.

A woman who is both sultry and capable of laughing at an awkward moment?


6. Talk about your travels

The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet that governs a pretty wide range of things, such as knowledge-seeking, philosophy and travel—especially to different countries.

This makes Sagittarius guys very fond of packing their bags and hitting the road.

Or at least dreaming of it.

Talk to Sagittarians and you’ll find that many have already visited a good portion of the world, even at a young age.

You can get a Sagittarius man to pay extra attention to you by talking about your own travel stories.

Even if you haven’t been out of the country, tell him about your experiences traveling across states.

Been on a road trip? Talk about what you saw.

Share his love of exploration and adventure and he’ll feel he’s met a kindred spirit he should get to know better.

7. Be strong and independent

It’s a common misconception that Sagittarius men like helpless women.

In truth, Sagittarius men don’t like to feel obligated to save a damsel in distress.

While they love to be helpful and do need to feel needed by you, they don’t go anywhere near someone who seems “needy” or like they can’t do anything for themselves.

If you’re not sure how to do it right, check out Anna Kovach’s advice on how to handle yourself around this man in Sagittarius Man Secrets.

Generally, Sagittarians prefer you not to hold expectations over them.

A woman would make a good impression if she were willing to pay for dinner even though the generous Sagittarius man will most likely beat her to it.

Be mature, responsible and goal-driven.

You’ll attract a Sagittarius man to your strength and inner power.

8. Be outgoing

Who should talk to whom first, you or the Sagittarius man?

Well, to this sign, it doesn’t matter.

While some signs prefer to be the one to approach you, Sagittarians are happy for any opportunity to chat with someone interesting.

Especially if that person might be a romantic interest.

Go ahead and walk right up to him and introduce yourself.

He’s a fire sign, so he likes boldness!

He also appreciates when people are direct, so your bravery will be rewarded with a great conversation and hopefully, an exchange of numbers.

9. Be an optimist

You’ll never be more motivated to look on the bright side than when you’re with a Sagittarius.

These people have a remarkable ability to find the silver lining in any situation.

You’d have to work pretty hard to bring a Sagittarius down.

Now, that doesn’t mean that Sagittarians are not affected by negativity—they just don’t allow it to get to them.

If, however, you bring tons of positive energy, the Sagittarius man will be more attracted to you and willing to let you get closer to him.

10. Talk philosophy

As mentioned before, the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is philosophical by nature.

He loves exploring the what-ifs and giving his opinion on world events, and yes, even politics.

Sagittarians have a gift for playing devil’s advocate, too, so watch out if you start a conversation about a hot-button issue with them!

They’re really just having fun exploring ideas, not necessarily taking them to heart.

Be open-minded and give the Sagittarius some mental exercises that will excite him.

Bring up topics from your college Philosophy 101 class if you dare!

Or ask him for his stance on an ethical question.

When he states an opinion, ask him why he thinks what he thinks.

Get his brain working and he’ll want to talk to you for hours.

11. Use social media

If you want to attract a Sagittarius man on social media, post from different locations.

Going to brunch? Heading out of town for the day? 

Snap pictures of the scenery as well as cute selfies that show you having fun to give him a taste of your exciting life.

You can also leave him funny little comments that will make him laugh.

Don’t be afraid to be direct and reach out to him!

You just might open up a lucky opportunity for the Sagittarius man to flirt back.

Other Sagittarius Man Questions

How do you make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you?

The best way to make a Sagittarius man is to show him a life that wants to be part of, full of adventure and new experiences.

Play to the Sagittarius man’s need to reveal the truth—be a little mysterious!

The more questions you get him to ask, the more he’ll need to know the answer and the more you’ll stay on his mind.

Get more tips in How to Make a Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You.

What is a Sagittarius man’s favorite body part?

Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs, so his attention tends to gravitate toward that area on your body.

A great pair of legs and checking out your curves gets him going.

So show off those gams!

Wearing curve-hugging clothes if you want to make sure he gets a good look.

How to text a Sagittarius man

To a Sagittarius man, a text message should entertain.

If you’re not sure what to say, sending him a joke or a humorous line is a good icebreaker.

When you text him, make it light-hearted and brief, but interesting.

Alternatively, text him asking for his advice on something he knows a lot about, or about his interests, like travel and philosophy.

And remember, humor goes a long way with Sagittarius men.

Read more in How to Text a Sagittarius Man.

How to make a Sagittarius man jealous

Although it’s hard to make the cool-as-a-cucumber Sagittarius man jealous, it can be done.

Just be careful that you don’t push him too far or he’ll end up thinking it’s not worth chasing you.

Plain and simple, acting flirty with another man will do it if he’s at all interested in you.

That’s how to get a Sagittarius man jealous if you’re not already an item—it’s best to leave the flirty behavior behind once things progress with him.

Otherwise, you run the risk of him seeing you as manipulative, and Sagittarius men have no desire to play that game.

How to get a Sagittarius man to open up emotionally

Who knew that Sagittarians were emotional people?

They are, though they don’t like to show that to everybody.

If you want a Sagittarius to share his emotions with you, lead the way.

He’ll be much more comfortable doing so when you’ve made yourself vulnerable first.

Again, using well-placed and respectful humor can work to your advantage here.

A bit of comic relief can take the pressure off for him so that he can loosen up and be real with you.

If you’re ready to make a Sagittarius man to fall head over heels for you, check out Sagittarius Man Secrets.

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