Why Do Taurus Women Become Distant? (Here’s What to Do)

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Are you getting the cold shoulder from a Taurus woman?

If so, you need to understand why AND how to get her attention back, which we’re going to explain in this article.

So why do Taurus women become distant?

  • A Taurus woman distances herself when she’s been hurt and she’s trying to protect herself from feeling the pain
  • You may have done something like lied to her or pretended to be something you’re not
  • Possibly, she’s focused on herself right now and doesn’t mean to shut you out

Okay—let’s dive into the reasons a Taurus woman would pull away from you, and what you should do now.

Why Do Taurus Women Become Distant?

1. A Taurus woman becomes distant when she’s hurt

If you’ve hurt a Taurus woman, then expect to see less of her.

She’ll have no problem telling you upfront that your actions upset her, but then it’s not just going to wash away.

Tauruses can hold feelings of resentment and will want to make sure that you’re not going to hurt them again.

So part of distancing herself is to keep her own mood stable, but also to be able to get some perspective.

She likes to be alone with her thoughts and feelings.

During that time, she’ll throw herself into guilty pleasures like junk food and spa days until she feels up to facing you again.


Send her a text or an email and tell her that you want to talk.

Acknowledge that you messed up, but save the bulk of your explanation for that face-to-face conversation.

Taurus women expect you to take responsibility, and once you do, you’ll have their attention.

Being physically present in front of a Taurus woman is the best way to convince her.

But if you’re doing a long-distance relationship and you can’t, talking on the phone or doing a video call is your next best bet.

And by the way—you may need to give her some time before she agrees to meet with you.

That’s totally okay, it just means she’s mentally preparing for it.

But be sure, you’ll be on thin ice for a while.

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2. She’s responding to the way you treat her

Taurus is a passive feminine sign, which means that the Taurus woman is reactive.

She pays close attention to the ways you act around her, then adjusts her own behaviors in response.

So if you’re treating her coldly, acting distant or generally not giving her the same amount of affection she’s giving you, she’s going to take that as a sign to back away.

You may not be doing anything on purpose.

But even if you’re unconsciously acting different lately, it’s going to affect the Taurus.

Rather than make waves, her preference is to just give you some space.


Examine your behaviors.

Are you paying less attention to her than usual?

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Touching her and hugging her less often?

Maybe you’ve been short with her lately because something is going on in your personal life.

Whatever it is, be upfront with her about it.

Let her know, and she’ll tell you how much she appreciates you letting her in.

Because that’s all she really needed.

3. You’re not being real with her

All Tauruses hate fake attitudes and behaviors.

If the Taurus woman senses that you’re putting on a front, she’ll politely bow out and ignore your phone calls.

You can’t impress her by pretending you have money, power or success.

She doesn’t need any of that anyway.

Outright lie to her, and she’ll be gone.

Whatever you’re hiding, the Taurus woman will assume you’re not trustworthy and put as much distance between you as she can.


Drop the act!

Be yourself around her, even if you feel self-conscious.

She may be feeling just as self-conscious, and you can always joke around about it to lighten the mood.

If you need to, ask her for a do-over.

A Taurus woman is very forgiving and will understand.

In fact, she’ll be eager to get to know the real you.

How mysterious!

4. She’s afraid you’re not that into her

Nothing is worse to a Taurus woman than being considered clingy.

Taurus women pride themselves on not needing anyone, and it’s a huge hit to their ego to chase a man who doesn’t really want them back.

If you’re trying to date a Taurus woman and you’re not sending strong enough signals, she’ll likely distance herself so she doesn’t end up feeling foolish.

She’d still like you to ask her out on dates, but she’s leaving it up to you to make all the moves now.


Make bold, solid gestures.

Ask if you can hold her hand—that type of old-fashioned affection is right up her alley.

Being gentlemanly and not just smothering her is important to keep in mind.

Remember, she’s going to take more of a cue from your behaviors than from what you say.

It’s good to tell her that she’s beautiful because she adores compliments.

But what she’s going to take home with her is the memory of how you interacted with her on a date, and make her judgments based on that.

5. There’s trouble in Paradise

Tauruses are ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus.

They don’t like anything that’s cold, cruel or ugly.

So when they’re having problems in their relationships, they do things like become distant to hide away in their own worlds.

That way, they don’t have to confront the truth.

The practical Taurus woman knows perfectly well that she’s running away from it.

But it’s a conscious decision she makes, so that she can keep holding onto the image of the relationship she has in her head.


This is a good time to have a heart-to-heart with her.

It’s going to take your commitment to solving the problem, so be prepared.

Tell the Taurus woman that you don’t like how distant you’re getting from each other lately (don’t blame her for being the one who’s distancing, because Tauruses don’t like finger-pointing).

Talk about how you really want to get back to when things were good, romantic and sweet between you.

That memory will be her motivation to come back to you.

But now, you’re going to have to do the real work.

Because if you don’t, she’ll feel like you got one over on her, and it’s going to push her even further away.

6. She’s prioritizing her needs first

Taurus women are strong and grounded.

They have a very healthy sense of self and what they need, and they do whatever is necessary to support their mental and physical health.

If there’s no other reason you suspect a Taurus woman is getting distant, you might want to ask her what’s going on in her life.

You might just find out that she’s working on health issues or attacking her career goals.


If this is the case, bringing it to her attention is good.

Sometimes she needs you to remind her that you’re still here and that you support her.

Try dropping off lunch at her work to spend some time with her.

A move like that is adorable to her and will earn you big points.

Plus, you’ll be actively closing the gap between the two of you in the most caring way possible.

Taurus FAQ

What does it mean when a Taurus woman ignores you?

When a Taurus woman ignores you, something is wrong.

Unless she’s just really focused on meeting her goals, she’s either not that interested in you, or she’s upset.

A Taurus woman ignores someone when they’ve offended her or they’ve made her mad.

It’s usually temporary, but if she’s actively putting distance between you, there are bigger problems in your relationship to take care of.

Will a Taurus cut you off?

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A Taurus will absolutely cut you off if you’ve really offended them.

Tauruses are well-known for their refusal to let anyone take advantage of them.

If they feel like they’ve overextended themselves and they’re not getting anything good in return, they’ll be swift to cut things off.

How do I get my Taurus woman’s heart back?

You can get a Taurus woman’s heart back by showing her that you really care about her, and being sincere about it.

Tell her how you feel and what you want, and do it directly.

She needs to know that things won’t be the same as before, so it’s also important to demonstrate how you’ve changed and improved.

Only your actions (and the consistency of your actions) will get her to let her guard down and soften her heart toward you.

What a Taurus woman wants in a man?

A Taurus woman craves a man who’s romantic, stable and responsible.

She loves a masculine man who can hold up his part in the relationship, and not make her do all the work.

She does not like a man who brags or has a lot of vices like gambling and drinking.

Mostly, she wants stability and romance that doesn’t fizzle out over time.

Taurus woman testing you

A Taurus woman will test your attraction to her, your generosity, your chivalry and your honesty.

She’ll wear sexy things around you to see if she can grab your attention.

While you’re chatting, she’ll listen intently and size you up to make sure you’re being real with her.

When you take her on a date, she’ll be checking to see if you do things like hold the door open and offer to pay the restaurant bill.

Once you pass these tests, she’ll be more than happy to reciprocate and do all of the same things for you.

What makes a Taurus woman cry?

It can take a lot to make a Taurus woman cry because she doesn’t let things get to her.

But when she does cry, it’s going to be about something that hurts her heart very much.

Like when someone betrays her trust.

A compassionate soul, a Taurus woman will also shed tears for someone else’s pain.

Unlike the Aquarius, who will cry for the suffering of the world, the Taurus will cry for her friends, family and people she encounters one-on-one.

When a Taurus woman is hurt

A Taurus woman who is hurt will first act annoyed.

But then she will quickly cool off toward you and start ignoring you.

She’s not likely to admit that she’s hurt until she’s had a little time to herself.

This way, she can get a handle on her emotions, which is what she prefers to do.

When a Taurus woman blocks you

When a Taurus woman blocks you, things are pretty much over.

At that point, she’s done and has moved on.

She’s not looking for any more interaction with you and would rather you left her alone.

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