How to Get a Sagittarius Man to Chase You Again (11 Reliable Ways)

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Sagittarius man ghosted you?

Here’s how to get a Sagittarius man to chase you again:

  • Change something in your routine and surprise him
  • Keep yourself busy when he reaches out
  • Send him seductive texts
  • Be smart, sexy and sassy

Sagittarius guys are famous for their commitment phobia.

If you want to date a Sagittarius man and keep him too, you should understand what makes him tick, which a guide like Sagittarius Man Secrets can teach you.

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How to Get a Sagittarius Man to Chase You Again

By now you know that Sagittarius guys are not easy to keep interested.

They seem all about you, only to act like they’re allergic to the phone when you try to call them a week later.

Why does this happen?

Simply put, because they feel no need to get attached so soon.

If at all.

In most cases, they think it means no more freedom.

Basically, you must avoid anything that seems like it falls in the “relationship” zone while you’re getting a Sagittarius man’s attention back.

Woo him back using your wit, amazing personality and seductive charms.

The following tips will show you how.

1. Do something unexpected

Sagittarius men need a woman with some mystery.

They like not knowing what to expect, because it means they won’t get bored.

So shake things up to make yourself stand out.

If you’re usually a planner, take a spontaneous trip.

If you’ve never taken dance classes before, sign yourself up.

Be exciting, full of life and full of surprises!

And make sure you post about it on social media or get the news to the Sagittarius man in some other way.

2. Give him time to call

Many times, Sagittarius men disappear for weeks on end, then pop up asking you what you’re up to.

Sometimes they just get busy and forgetful.

It’s also possible that you’re not the only woman a Sagittarius is texting.

If you’re not a couple, he may see no reason he shouldn’t.

But that doesn’t mean he’s lost all interest.

If you’re patient, a Sagittarius man will often reach out without you having to prompt him.

And when he calls, you’ll be ready to recapture his attention by following the rest of the tips on this list…

3. Send flirty texts

If you haven’t heard from him, sending him a flirtatious text just might be the bait he needs.

In fact, send him flirty texts either way! It’s a good way to keep him engaged once you start chatting again.

Be playful and seductive when you communicate with him.

Remember, mystery is enticing to Sagittarius men!

And of course, when you’re talking to a Sagittarius guy, keep the mood fun and light to encourage him.

4. Don’t appear to need him

The minute you seem easy to obtain is when the Sagittarius man loses interest.

Even though he likes it when a woman is forward with him, he still needs to feel like he’s doing the chasing.

He’s the Archer, the hunter of the zodiac.

Lesson learned: Be a tad aloof.

Never lose your sense of independence, and be low-key about your feelings for him—for now.

If he thinks you can easily walk away, that’s when he won’t want to let you go.

5. Dress a little flashy

While Sagittarius men like the way you look in jean shorts and a t-shirt, you can take their breath away in something a little more show-stopping.

They love a low-maintenance woman, but this fire sign can’t help but be attracted to something bright and shiny, too.

Put on a stunning dress, no occasion required.

When your Sagittarius man sees you in it, he’ll be drooling.

6. Stay busy

Your time is valuable, and the Sagittarius man needs to know that.

When he wants to hang out, have something else to do.

Make him wait.

You don’t want to put him off indefinitely, you’re simply living your life.

Which is what the independent Sagittarius man wants to hear.

It tells him that you’re going to be a challenge for him, which will be much more enticing and make him try harder to get you on a free day.

It also tells him that he doesn’t need to fear that you’ll be clingy.

If you’re looking for how to handle Sagittarius men’s biggest fears and desires, get Anna Kovach’s advice in Sagittarius Man Secrets.

7. Don’t try to make him jealous

It’s tough to make any Sagittarius jealous.

Sagittarius guys are all about personal freedom, so they don’t sweat it when a woman they’re into chooses another man over them.

Now, it’s possible that a Sagittarius man could become competitive if he sees another guy swooping in, but if he sees you doing the flirting?

He’ll likely chalk it up to you being into that guy.

In which case he’ll probably shrug and move on.

8. Be smart and sassy

What’s more intoxicating to a Sagittarius man than a smart, sexy woman who can challenge him intellectually?

Not much!

He likes sassy women with quick wit and something to say.

He’ll admire and respect you for speaking your mind.

And if you can add some spunkiness to your replies, it’ll light a fire in his heart.

9. Be brainy

A Sagittarius man will be extra attracted to you if you can have stimulating conversations with him.

Chat about anything—science, philosophy, home brewing, whatever. 

Just be sure you can bring interesting facts to the table and show off your expertise.

Sagittarius is like the professor of the zodiac, full of knowledge and eager to share it.

Swap brainy info and advice. 

Feed his insatiable appetite for knowledge and learning and get him curious to know more about you. 

10. Avoid seeming insecure

Even if you’re worried about a Sagittarius man flirting with other women, you can’t let it make you insecure.

If you want him, you have to flaunt your stuff.

You have to know that you’re worth it and let him pick up on it.

He’s looking for a woman who is different from the rest, which you can’t prove if you’re always playing defense.

In contrast, behaving in a way that seems jealous or clingy spells drama to the Sagittarius man, which he’ll walk away from.

11. Keep things pressure-free

This can’t be overstated—never put pressure on a Sagittarius man to be more than he’s ready for!

Ideally, you would let things unfold in their own time with him.

If something is going to develop between you, he wants it to feel natural, not forced.

Remember, freedom is his top priority.

Allow him the space he needs, and he won’t fear losing it with you.

Other Sagittarius Man Questions

How do you make a Sagittarius man miss you?

Strike his fear of FOMO.

Do things that he would love to do, like going on adventures and thrill-seeking in general, and post it all over social media.

Otherwise, be seductive!

How to Make a Sagittarius Man Miss You can show you what to do.

How do you know when a Sagittarius man is serious about you?

A Sagittarius man who is serious about you will want to spend as much time with you as he can.

During that time, he’ll be incredibly affectionate and lovey-dovey.

He’ll also let you into his world and want to share it all with you.

And if he compromises with you on important things instead of insisting on his freedom? He’s totally in love with you.

Read How to Know If a Sagittarius Man Really Loves You for more clues he’s serious about you.

What is a Sagittarius man attracted to?

A Sagittarius man is attracted to a confident woman with a sharp mind and a hilarious sense of humor.

He wants a woman he can have a blast with, above all else.

She should be able to go with the flow and keep him guessing in a good way.

Find out more in How to Attract a Sagittarius Man.

What is a Sagittarius man’s weakness?

Sagittarius men tend to be impatient, which can stop them from seeing something they’ve started all the way through.

They’re also known to be very blunt, putting a foot in their mouths even though they have good intentions.

Finally, Sagittarius men have a weakness in the area of commitment.

Since they fear it, they can end up lonely and conflicted as they want a partner but don’t know how to jump over that hurdle.

How to text a Sagittarius man

A Sagittarius man can’t resist a funny text.

Send him a joke or something you know will bring a smile to his face.

You can also feel free to send him a selfie where you look amazing.

Keep him interested with short but clever texts.

One text that makes him think, laugh or drool over you is more effective than an entire conversation that drags on and bores him.

Here’s how to text a Sagittarius man and what to send him.

How to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you

If you’re doing all the things to make a Sagittarius man crazy attracted to you AND you seem somewhat unobtainable, you’re doing it right.

You have to be both full of life and mysterious.

An adventurous woman who is the life of the party, but hard to get.

Here’s the full story on how to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you.

How to make a Sagittarius man commit to you

How to get a Sagittarius man to commit is the question of the century.

You have to get him to see that he wants to commit to you—by making every day fun and magical with him.

Be fun-loving and spontaneous, and go with the flow.

A Sagittarius man needs to see that you’re flexible, easy-going and won’t clip his wings if he chooses to commit to you.

Do Sagittarius men get attached easily?

They can, but that doesn’t mean it happens with a lot of people.

Fiery Sagittarius guys can be drawn like a moth to a flame if a woman is exciting enough.

If she can keep their attention, their feelings will quickly follow.

However, they often don’t really get their emotions involved.

They can also get bored quickly, making them further detached.

Getting and keeping a Sagittarius man is far from impossible!

But it helps to understand how he thinks, which you’ll learn in Sagittarius Man Secrets.

This guide takes you inside his mind and teaches you how to react to your Sagittarius man so you don’t make the typical mistakes with him.

Check out Sagittarius Man Secrets here.

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