How to Impress a Taurus Man (8 Secrets to Winning Him Over)

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Want to know how to impress a Taurus man and sweep him off his feet?

Here’s how:

  • Present yourself confidently and speak intelligently
  • Show off your refined taste and treat him
  • Be responsible and have your personal life in order
  • Introduce him to new sensations and pleasurable experiences

Still, a Taurus man is not easy to bag. Many women fail his hidden tests and challenges and have no idea what went wrong.

We recommend educating yourself about his deep-rooted fears and desires, which an in-depth guide like Taurus Man Secrets can help you with.

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How to Impress a Taurus Man

1. Speak with confidence

Taurus men have decent-sized egos. 

They’re full of confidence, or if they ever doubt themselves, they certainly don’t let on.

If you’re talking to a Taurus man, you can leave a lasting impression with the way you carry yourself in a conversation.

Sitting up straight and speaking clearly and confidently adds to your credibility. 

You will come across as intelligent and cultured, which the Taurus man admires.

A Taurus man’s ears perk up when someone has something real to say. Not just fluff or conversation filler.

Speak to him directly about your thoughts and opinions.

If he challenges you on something, don’t crumble! Be ready to explain yourself in rational terms.

That will earn his approval, and he’ll be eager to hear what you have to say.

2. Don’t cheap out

If you’re thinking about buying something for a Taurus guy or you’re trying to impress him on a date, it may be worth spending a little extra dough.

Tauruses are fans of all things luxurious, but not because it costs more.

It’s about the value and experience of the thing for a sensory-oriented Taurus.

So, if you want to invite him to a hockey game, don’t settle for the back row. Splurge on seats closer to the front.

Get a good bottle of wine when he comes over, not the cheapest.

Treat him to something special and show him your amazing taste.

3. Dress well

A lot of guys don’t have a clue about women’s fashion.

But the Taurus man has such a naturally refined flair for style and good aesthetic judgment, he really appreciates when you look good.

Like, when you know you look good because you put in the effort.

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Whenever you see your Taurus, make sure you’re looking cute and well-groomed.

He prefers minimalism over super glam, so there’s no need to go into overdrive.

However, you do want to give attention to your whole look.

Hair brushed and neat, accessories matching and clothes ironed clothes and made from lush fabrics that tempt him to reach out and touch you.

Bonus: This will boost your confidence, which will make you more alluring!

4. Cook from scratch

It’s well-known that Taurus men are foodies.

The Taurus is not the type to simply eat to live. He wants to enjoy his food. 

To a Taurus, cooking is an art form. And an incredible meal doesn’t come from a box. 

If you want to impress the Taurus, call him over for dinner. But don’t serve him something frozen. 

Whip something up from scratch. 

Use your senses to guide you—cook by smell and taste. 

Make it look pretty—presentation is important.

Just wait—he won’t be able to stop talking about your culinary skills after that.

5. Educate yourself

Smart ladies who are knowledgeable in their areas of interest or in their professions really wow a Taurus.

Tauruses value traditional higher education and training, but many will deep-dive into something they’re interested in and teach themselves to an accomplished degree.

It’s the authority with which you present yourself that intrigues him.

You can also learn a little about something he’s interested in, or about his career, so you can talk to him knowledgeably about it.

It can help up your compatibility with him as well. You’ll have some shared interests to chat about, but you can also gain more influence over him.

Tip: If you’re concerned about the ways you’re not compatible, Anna Kovach can show you how to use them to your advantage in Taurus Man Secrets.

6. Take him (just a little) out of his comfort zone

Let’s clarify one thing. Tauruses are routine addicts who don’t adapt well to big changes.

H-o-w-e-v-e-r—even a Taurus enjoys new sensations and experiences to expand his world.

Introduce him to them! Safe areas to do this in are food and entertainment related.

If he doesn’t do foreign films too much, show him one that will blow him away.

Take him to an Egyptian restaurant if he’s never had it, show you’re savvy and order some appetizers off the menu to share.

Though he likes to spend most nights in, you may even convince him to go out to an art show or an event that will tantalize his senses.

The key is to introduce him to things a little at a time and not to go too outside of his comfort zone.

Remember, he lives for pleasure and enjoyment. 

Give him the gift of experiencing something he never knew he would enjoy so much.

7. Have your life together

Tauruses tend to leave behind their irresponsible partying days pretty young in life.

They seek out others who are like-minded, those who are stable and working toward reaching their goals.

So getting Taurus men to show you some love requires that you do the same.

You don’t have to be an overnight success, but you should show that you have goals.

Even better if you have a tangible plan to achieve them.

Don’t be the type to show up late for work because you were out all night with your friends.

Keep your word when you give it. Spend money wisely.

Becoming more stable and secure is a high-value effort for a Taurus and will make you more attractive to him.

8. Be dedicated

Tauruses want to be around someone who has the drive and passion to truly hone a skill.

Whether it’s part of your career or it’s a hobby like kickboxing or painting, see it through so that you can master it.

Tauruses themselves don’t jump around from thing to thing. They prefer to focus on something and develop it like a muscle.

When you show a Taurus man the ways in which you’re working on yourself, he’ll praise your efforts and give you a ton of respect.

It also makes you more interesting to him. 

He likes women who are independent with their calendars full of things to do and accomplish, so dedicating your time to self-development makes you more chase-worthy in a number of ways.

Other Taurus Man Questions

What are Taurus attracted to?

Tauruses are attracted to traits such as sophistication, intelligence, strength, calmness and ambition.

…And a great-smelling fragrance.

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They tend to look for a long-term match, so showing that you have these types of qualities can put you ahead of the competition.

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Tauruses are also traditional folk, with Taurus males going for classically feminine women and Taurus females gravitating toward masculine men.

But all Tauruses need a mix of maturity and hot-blooded sensuality in their partner.

How do you know if a Taurus man likes you?

Signs a Taurus man likes you are:

  • Being persistent in pursuing you
  • Always getting physically close to you, hugging and finding innocent ways to touch you
  • Bringing you gifts and surprises
  • Listening to you and paying you lots of attention
  • Spending his free time with you
  • Wanting all of your attention (so you don’t give it to other men)

How to attract a Taurus man through text

Be the first one to send a text.

It’s a confident move and it shows that you’re into him, which he needs confirmation of to reciprocate.

Taurus guys don’t do a lot of texting normally, so make sure you’re not sending him tons of messages to go through at a time.

Texting should never get too heavy or forward. Take your time and flirt lightly and gently.

Read more in How to Attract Taurus Man With Texting.

How do you win a Taurus man’s heart?

One of the most significant tips I can give you is to take the Taurus man’s requirements in the areas of trust, understanding and loyalty seriously from the start.

His trust is hard-won, but crucial if you want him to fall for you.

Support him in his work and his goals, and show that he can depend on you.

Being there for him, being a steady force in his life and showing him consistent affection and appreciation will bring down his walls so he can allow himself to develop feelings for you.

Read How to Make a Taurus Man Fall in Love With You.

How do you make a Taurus man feel loved?

Touch is huge.

The Taurus’s love language is physical touch, so it makes sense that actions like hugging, kissing and snuggling up together express love to the Taurus.

As for what else you can do, being nurturing makes the Taurus male feel loved.

Looking out for his well-being, checking in to see how his day is going and making him dinner when he’s tired are good ways to take care of him.

For Tauruses, love is about what you do more than what you say.

If you really want to understand how a Taurus guy’s mind works and what he wants from you, check out Taurus Man Secrets.

Anna Kovach poured her research and astrological wisdom passed down from family heritage into this all-in-one guide.

It’s purpose is for women to know exactly how to respond to their Tauruses to win their hearts, minds and souls, and avoiding the traps that can sink their relationships.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Taurus Man Secrets.

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