How to Know If an Aries Man Is Rejecting You (6 Clear Signs He’s Lost Interest)

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Is it getting cold in here, or is that Aries man icing you out? Here’s how to know if an Aries man is rejecting you so you don’t waste any more time on him.

How to Know If an Aries Man Is Rejecting You

Some men beat around the bush when it comes to rejection. Aries isn’t like those men.

Still, you need to be sure. Keeping score of the major signs and tallying them up can give you a better understanding of how he feels. If you’re checking several boxes on this list, it may be time to consider investing your energy into someone who will reciprocate it (and who deserves it).

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He’s Not Responding to Your Signals

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Pulling out your best moves for this man you just met with no response? That’s his (un)subtle way of showing that he’s not planning on taking things beyond the platonic level.

He’ll pull back when you try to scooch closer to him. Or he’ll do absolutely nothing about the obvious hints you drop. When he’s determined that you’re not a match, he’ll make sure he doesn’t engage you in **any** way that could be misconstrued as attraction.

If you’ve gone on some dates or have previously been intimate, he’s likely to display the same unresponsiveness. He can’t really help it. Whatever he’s not saying, his body language will give him away.

He Flirts with Other People, Not You

Big red flag. The thing about Aries men is, they don’t hold back when they like you. They’re direct with their words and their actions. Clear, unambiguous flirting is a tactic they rely on.

Let’s say you’ve just started hanging out with an Aries and he’s been showing plenty of attention to other women instead of you. Take it as a cue that he just wants to be friends. This is probably not some intricate way that he’s trying to make you jealous.

Say you’ve been with your Aries man for a while and he’s suddenly started charming other ladies. That’s generally a sign that he’s on the fence about how he feels about you now, and it’s worth bringing up. 

Besides, you deserve to be the center of your significant other’s attention.

He’ll Straight Up Tell You

You can’t say that this guy isn’t a straight shooter if he’s willing to tell you that he’s not into dating. And if any man of the zodiac is willing to do this, it’s Aries.

Not every Aries guy is going to tell you the cold, hard facts. If he doesn’t spontaneously say it, you can ask him how he feels about you, and you’ll get your answer then.

He wants the world to be as direct and straightforward as he is, so he’ll act as though other people should want the same thing. However, his goal isn’t to hurt your feelings. When he’s rejecting you, he’ll do it in a way aimed at making you feel self-assured, desite the situation at hand.

He’s Avoiding You in Public

Did you used to see him at the coffee shop every morning, and now it’s like the ghost of him is haunting the place? He might be trying to make himself scarce in the spots you usually interact in.

If he’s not planning on telling you he’s not interested, the alternative route that this man tends to take is avoidance. Often, it’s just easier, and in his mind, it gets the job done just as well.

It may be confusing for you, and you want to make sure that he’s not just super busy lately if it’s come out of nowhere. But his unexplained absence is often a sign that he’s trying to cut ties.

Conversation Grinds to a Halt

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You used to have brilliant conversations. Not anymore. Pulling words out of him is like pulling teeth.

Yup, that’s an Aries man who’s doing his best to disengage. Especially if you see him get chatty with other people and not you, it’s something to consider when you’re wondering whether he’s decided that you two aren’t compatible.

Same thing goes for when you’re in a relationship. He can become noticeably detached when he’s losing interest, causing him to let the chit-chat die out.

He’ll also tend to not talk to you when he’s mad. That’s why it’s best to take the signs in this list together rather than in isolation.

He Ignores You

It probably goes without saying that if he’s not talking to you, he’s also just ignoring you in general. 

He’d rather scroll through his phone than acknowledge your presence. Or he’ll act like he didn’t see you when you walk into the room.

A disengaged Aries is an Aries giving you a clear message. It’s not a cat-and-mouse game that he’s trying to play.

The upside is that at least it’s easy to see where he stands.

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