How to Date a Virgo Man (Top 8 Things You Need to Know)

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Dating the Virgo man of your dreams and don’t want to mess things up?

Here’s the short version of how to date a Virgo man:

  • Take things slow to start
  • Be yourself—let your personality and natural beauty shine
  • Let your Virgo man do things the way he wants to do things
  • Be open, honest and up front with him
  • Be mature, classy and confident in yourself.

One thing to keep in mind while you’re dating is that Virgo men are not quick to trust. And without trust, there’s no future with him.

While the tips you’ll find here will help you build trust, the safest route is to get to know how your Virgo man thinks, feels and reacts to you with an official guide like Virgo Man Secrets.

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How to Date a Virgo Man

1. Give the Relationship Room to Breathe

Virgo men need a lot of time to get comfortable in a relationship.

They take their time warming up and getting to know you, and they’re slow to trust.

They definitely aren’t the types to throw caution to the wind and get lost in whirlwind romance.

If that’s something you need, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree.

But if you’re the type who enjoys being friends before being lovers and taking it slow, you’ll stand a much better chance of gaining his trust and making the relationship last.

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2. Look Natural

You’re getting ready for a date.

What look is a Virgo man attracted to?

Easy: natural beauty.

Virgos are more likely to fall for a makeup-free face than a heavily made up one.

They like fuss-free looks that are classic, tasteful and sexy in an understated way.

You can definitely snag his heart in a simple dress and minimalist jewelry.

Or even well-fitting, clean-looking jeans and a (clean) white t-shirt.

Emphasis on clean—Virgos are the clean freaks of the zodiac, so bear that in mind if you want to attract them.

3. Act Natural

You don’t need to go to great lengths to impress a Virgo man.

You really just need to be yourself.

Virgos like to feel calm and comfortable around you, and it helps to strike that connection with you more instantly if they feel like they’re getting the real you.

In other words, don’t try to be someone you think they want.

The truth is, it’s very difficult to understand what each individual Virgo man’s idea of the perfect woman is.

There are similar traits he desires based on his sign, really, you won’t actually know what he’s looking for anyway.

As long as you’re not giving off fake vibes, you’re on the right path.

2. Be Up Front

Not one for wasting time, Virgo is one of those zodiac signs that puts things bluntly.

Still, that doesn’t mean a Virgo man is going to be completely open with you about his feelings right off the bat.

In fact, Virgos may not even make the first move on you.


Because they’re not exactly risk-takers.

They need to be able to analyze the situation and come to the conclusion with 99.8% certainty that you are into them, which either means you need to ask them out or tell them pretty plainly that you like them.

The same idea applies throughout your entire relationship.

Be prepared to communicate with your Virgo man and let him know where he stands, how you feel and where things are going if you’re going to date him.

3. Don’t Change Things Up on Him

This might blow your mind a little because Virgos are always considered insanely neat and tidy.

Which many of them totally are!

But if you visit your Virgo boyfriend at work and see that his office looks like an absolute mess with notes and papers stacked all over the place, don’t be surprised.

It may look like chaos to you, but trust me, your Virgo man knows exactly where everything is.

And he will be stress him if you move things around on him.

Seriously, he’ll notice if you move a coffee mug to a new location.

To love a Virgo man is to give him the space to be who he is, do things how he does them and organize things the way he wants to organize them.

4. Do You, and Do It Magnificently

A Virgo man is looking for someone he can worship.

Not sure you have the right qualities?

As mentioned earlier, it’s impossible to know what he considers perfection in a significant other.

But one thing is for sure—he will need to have a lot of respect for the person he puts on that pedestal.

How do you make that happen?

By having the confidence to make your best qualities shine.

Whatever you love about yourself, don’t downplay it. Show the Virgo that you’re not afraid to embrace it and that others should love it, too.

Self-love, self-confidence and self-respect are the keys. That’s your “starter pack” to become a Virgo man’s muse!

There is, of course, way more to it than can fit in a blog post. If you’re looking for a full guide on getting a Virgo man to love and worship you, your best bet is Virgo Man Secrets.

5. Mind Your Finances

If you’re going to get serious with a Virgo man, financial stability is a must.

Virgo men don’t throw money around—they make investments because they’re always planning for the future.

And if they’re thinking about a future with you, they’re not going to feel good about sharing financial responsibilities with someone who spends money like water.

If you’re careless with your own money, will you be careless with his?

Help put his mind at ease by spending your pennies wisely.

Have some savings, and not just a “rainy day” fund.

A Virgo man will be much more impressed if you save up for the latest iPhone (or stick with the old version that still works perfectly well) instead of racking up credit card debt.

If you’re dating a Virgo man, it’s important to know that he notices all of these details and weighs them in his mind.

If they add up to a problem in his view, that could start creating doubt about your future in the long term.

6. Know How to Talk to a Virgo Man

For Virgo guys, conversation serves a very specific purpose.

They don’t talk to hear themselves talk, and though they know how to do small talk, they’d really rather not.

And gossip? No way. Not interested.

So what kind of communication will you have with a Virgo man?

Don’t get me wrong, Virgos are charming people who know how to work a room when they need to.

Especially if you like intellectual stimulation, you can count on that—a Virgo man loves being challenged to think and sharing ideas with others.

But the bottom line is, Virgo men communicate to get something done.

Whether that’s solving problems, sharing ideas or—yes—making you laugh.

On the flip side, that means they’re totally comfortable with silence and won’t really want to feel forced to talk when there’s nothing they want to talk about.

Don’t take silence as an indication of boredom or that he’s upset, and learn to appreciate those quiet moments between you.

7. Classiness Is Key

A Virgo man loves a woman who is not only classy herself, but also appreciates good things.

If you just started dating, expect that your Virgo man is going to invest time and energy into picking the perfect restaurants with great wine and beer lists for your dates.

Does that mean you’ll never end up at a regular old pub together?

Of course not.

But everything a Virgo man does, he does with thought and care.

He’ll put the research in first to make sure that pub at least has the best jalapeno poppers in town.

He just wants the experience to be topnotch, but you can bet he’ll bring a flair of style and elegance to any bar table he’s at.

If you can match him on that front, you’re a perfect pair.

8. Be Mature

One of the most important ingredients in the How to Date a Virgo Man recipe is maturity.

Simply put, a Virgo man (a mature one, at least) is not attracted to women who still have some growing up to do.

He wants a woman who has her stuff together and knows what she wants.

A woman who doesn’t try to play games or try to emotionally manipulate him.

If you’re used to playing the usual games of casual dating with guys, leave them at the door with your Virgo man.

Basically, what he wants is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and ready to devote herself to an emotionally mature, monogamous relationship.

If that’s what you want, too, you’ve found your ideal match.

If you’re figuring there’s a whole lot more to dating a Virgo man long-term and making this man with high standards stay head-over-heels in love with you, you’d be right.

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