How to Get a Taurus Woman (Do This If You Want to Date Her)

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Are you trying to figure out how to get a Taurus woman?

Strong, sophisticated and seductive, she’s well worth the effort. 

Here’s what you need to do to get with a Taurus female:

  • Make sure she sees you as relationship material first
  • Wow her with an old-fashioned type of romance
  • Take care of your appearance and be well-groomed
  • Earn her trust and be reliable
  • Be mature and responsible
  • Spoil her

Let’s dive into what it takes to date a Taurus woman.

How to Get a Taurus Woman

1. Don’t get friend zoned

A Taurus woman is going to decide early on if you’re boyfriend material, or just a friend.

Don’t get in the friend zone if you want to date the Taurus woman.

That means making your intentions clear from early on.

Don’t be passive—pursue her romantically if you like her.

You can’t play too hard to get with a Taurus woman or play it too cool.

Or she’ll move on, and that’ll be that.

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2. Go slow

Be clear you want to date the Taurus woman, yes—

But don’t hurry things along.

A Taurus woman needs time to come to trust you and figure you out.

Rushing her puts up red flags and makes her decide you’re not worth her time.

But also, taking it slow is much more seductive to the Taurus female.

She wants to be longing for you, craving you with every fiber of her being.

She will do that if you allow her to—by not jumping the gun.

3. Court her traditionally

A Taurus woman loves the traditional values type of man who respectfully asks for a date and then picks her up, roses in hand.

You can’t be overly chivalrous with a Taurus woman.

If it seems old-fashioned, that’s good—she’ll eat it up.

Do traditional dates at fancy restaurants and a romantic walk through a lit-up garden at nighttime.

Class it up, and she’ll be impressed.

4. Talk on the phone

Are you addicted to texting?

You might want to give dialing her number a try.

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Taurus women love the sound of a man’s voice, and they prefer talking in real life to typing on a keyboard.

That gets boring fast for them, so keep the Taurus woman’s attention by letting her imagination run wild from hearing you talk.

Bonus points if you make your voice sound as sexy as you can.

5. Look neat and attractive

Looks do matter to a Taurus woman.

You can’t show up in a holey t-shirt and dirty hair expecting to get close to her.

Dress in nice clothes and make sure your hair (and facial hair) look neat and stylish.

It’s good if you can pick something out that looks more pricey, like cashmere or something soft to the touch.

Tauruses have expensive taste, and they can’t resist sensory pleasures.

6. Cook her a delicious meal

Speaking of sensory pleasures, food is a huge way to get a Taurus woman’s interest.

Cooking her a damn good meal is like an aphrodisiac.

Tauruses like food they can sink their teeth into, so skip the dainty soups and go for steak or salmon.

Plus, cooking for a Taurus woman is romantic and sweet.

Let her watch you in the kitchen—and make sure she has a good view!

7. Avoid mind games

No Taurus woman wants to be messed around with.

Since a Taurus woman is patient, she’ll stick around for a little while if she really likes a guy who’s pushing and pulling.

But ultimately, she’ll get far away from him and block him completely.

So make sure you don’t come across like you’re unavailable in any way.

Don’t try to make her jealous with other women.

Just be straightforward.

The Taurus woman wants a man who worships and adores her.

That’s the only way she’ll be yours.

8. Be reliable

Stability and reliability are top on a Taurus woman’s list.

She can’t be with a man she can’t trust.

So, demonstrate to the Taurus woman that she can depend on you.

One of the key ways to do this is just to be consistent.

Don’t flake on her, and be her rock.

It will take time to prove, but in the end it’s worth it if you really want to date an amazing Taurus woman.

9. Show her you’re mature

A Taurus woman is mature and classy.

She is so not interested in guys who can’t pay their bills on time or try to be players.

What she wants is a man who shows up to work on time and takes his responsibilities seriously.

A man who has a plan for his future and his finances in order.

A man who is polite and confident, but not cocky.

In short, she wants a grown man who can take care of himself and won’t try to make her his sugar mama…or his mom in any way.

10. Spoil her

You want a Taurus woman?

Treat her.

Taurus women love to be lavished in luxurious things and paid massive amounts of attention to.

Treat her like a queen and let everyone see how special you think she is.

Give her a foot rub.

Text her good night and sweet dreams.

If you’re dating her and want to up the ante, book a weekend away at a spa.

Nothing is too good for a Taurus.

11. Show her you’re in it for the long haul

By now, you’ve probably gotten the sense that the Taurus woman is not a one-night stand kind of woman.

And you are totally right.

As much as a Taurus woman loves a good night of wild passion, she is not to be loved and left.

You need to make her believe that you’re serious about her.

Talking about the future with her name in it is one way to let her know and give her the warm fuzzies at the same time.

Just be honest and upfront.

And realize that being with a Taurus woman is a relationship investment—one with huge returns on love, trust and loyalty.


What are Taurus women attracted to?

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Taurus women are attracted to men who smell and look good.

Appealing to their senses is powerful in getting their attention.

Personality-wise, a Taurus woman is attracted to a masculine type of man who is also sensitive, gentle and kind.

She likes intelligent men who have strong opinions like she does and can hold a conversation with her.

Ultimately, she’s looking for a man who shares her values, including those of honesty and loyalty.

How do you know if a Taurus female likes you?

You know a Taurus woman likes you if she showers her attention on you and no one else.

This is one of the most obvious things she’ll do.

She’ll look at you goo-goo eyed without being able to help it.

And she’ll find a way to make you notice her, and not other women.

Her no-fail trick: dressing super sexy around you and flirting it up.

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What is a Taurus woman’s weakness?

For sure, a Taurus woman’s top weakness is her stubbornness.

She hates change and can miss out on a good thing from being too afraid to take risks.

What do you text a Taurus woman?

You should try as much as you can to mix up your media in texting a Taurus woman.

Send her memes, send her voice texts and videos messages.

Show her your cute, sweet and caring sides over text.

Just don’t crowd her!

Be brief and don’t come across as too needy with constant texting.

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How do you seduce a Taurus?

Besides making yourself as attractive and great-smelling as possible, make your place super comfortable and elegant.

Invest in pillows for your couch and nice, soft lighting.

Cook for the Taurus. Wine and dine them.

Be romantic and sensual.

And never rush the Bull—tease their senses if you want them to want you.

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