What Attracts the Capricorn Man to the Aquarius Woman? (Top 10 Tips)

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What attracts the Capricorn man to the Aquarius woman?

Is it her quirky personality, cool confidence or something else? Here’s the answer:

  • She’s highly independent, unique and interesting
  • She’s not overly emotional
  • Her communication style is logical and rational
  • Her ambitious nature drives her to succeed
  • She’ll always take a chance on love

The truth is, when Capricorn men become attracted to Aquarius women, they get possessive and controlling, which can blow up the relationship.

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Why are Capricorn Attracted to Aquarius?

Capricorn and Aquarius is a combination you’ll find a lot in the dating world.

But what gives? Aren’t earth signs (Capricorn) and air signs (Aquarius) incompatible?

Well, there’s more to it than their elements.

Not infrequently, we see next-door signs like Capricorn and Aquarius becoming highly attracted to each other and wanting to make a romance work.

Part of this has to do with the astrological idea of one sign progressing into the next on the zodiac wheel.

As Capricorn progresses into Aquarius in late January per Western astrology, there’s a lot of crossover between the two signs. This gives them unique compatibility.

Their attraction is also based in part on their shared planetary ruler, Saturn, giving them similar values and temperaments.

Turns out, they’re not so different after all, and where they’re most similar is where the spark happens.

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What Attracts the Capricorn Man to the Aquarius Woman?

1. She knows who she is

A fixed sign, Aquarius is known to be stubborn, but also steadfast.

She’s not the type to change who she is for someone else’s pleasure.

She knows exactly who she is, and moreover, she truly likes herself.

This is attractive to the Capricorn man who’s looking for a woman with inner strength, but also for a woman who’s stable.

In reality, the Aquarius woman is not such a wild card as she’s made out to be.

Her confidence and sense of self value gets the Capricorn man daydreaming about being her man.

2. Her detachment

An Aquarius woman is in no hurry to bag a man.

She’s a go-with-the-flow kind of person. It’s not in her nature to drop everything just to appease the Capricorn guy’s whims.

Emotionally, she keeps her cool with a new love interest. This encourages the Capricorn man to want to spend more time with her as she doesn’t overwhelm him.

After all, he’s not exactly the emotional type himself.

To the Capricorn man, her detachment translates as self-sufficiency. She’s not going to cling to him or drown him in worried texts when he doesn’t call for a few days.

Actually, this is exactly the type of behavior that gives a Capricorn the urge to call her back and see if he can snag some of her time.

3. Her quirky vibe

Capricorns like women who are different somehow.

Not necessarily off-the-wall different, but more like special in some way.

While some Aquarians definitely like to push the limits thanks to Neptune’s influence, most are laid-back types with an overall quirky aura.

All Aquarians, however, take pride in not being like everyone else. Again, this is very alluring to Capricorn men.

Caps like having a woman at their side who can surprise and entertain their friends and woo strangers with her offbeat charm.

It’s a point of pride for them, but also that subtle, indefinable quality about the Aquarius is absolutely magnetic to a Capricorn.

4. Her unique ideas

Talk to an Aquarius woman for a few minutes and you’ll no doubt be tickled, if not amazed, by her original way of thinking.

Capricorns like women who share their ideas and values, but they also need to be intellectually stimulated.

So an intelligent woman like an Aquarius woman who can bring fresh perspectives to the table catches a Capricorn male’s interest.

As he talks to her, he gets more deeply absorbed and needs to know what makes her tick.

However, she’ll need to find common ground with him at some point if he’s going to stay interested in her.

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5. Her moral compass

Capricorns have a deep sense of ethics and morals. They’re rule-followers who believe in an orderly society.

Aquarians have a reputation for being the rebels of the zodiac, it’s true—but they just like to challenge authority (usually when they’re young).

The humanitarian Aquarius woman lives her life by the principles of fairness and equality. 

She strongly identifies with her morals and refuses to compromise them for anyone, which the Capricorn agrees with.

This is the strength of character he’s looking for in a woman.

6. She’s everyone’s friend

A Capricorn guy is extremely conscious of his public image.

Even though he’s pretty introverted, he knows how to balance enough face time with others to maintain his leverage with them.

The Capricorn man is impressed by the Aquarius woman’s social skills as she smiles and jokes with everyone in the room.

This woman seems to have not a single enemy. Everyone is her friend and respects her, giving her great networking power that the Capricorn man values.

He can see the two of them as a power couple using their mutual powers to gain status and influence.

It may not sound like the most romantic attraction factor, but neither one of these signs is known as a hopeless romantic!

7. Her rationality

Both Capricorns and Aquarians are known for their calmness under pressure and rational way of expressing themselves.

Simply put, they don’t react from emotions.

Aquarius women need things to make sense in their minds first, and Capricorns need structured, orderly communication.

Both of these signs see emotions as getting in the way of good communication and thinking, so their hyper logical traits attract them to each other.

8. She’s open to love

Curious and optimistic, the Aquarius woman’s ability to say yes to love and remain open to the possibility fuels a Capricorn man’s courtship.

She may be reserved in the beginning, but she doesn’t play hard to get or make the Capricorn man feel like it’s a lost cause.

Instead, the Aquarius woman invites the Capricorn man to capture her heart starting from the point of friendship.

As it turns out, this is exactly the Capricorn man’s comfort level.

So really, the Aquarius woman has the perfect balance for him, neither overwhelming him emotionally nor pushing him away.

9. She’s not afraid of hard work

Aquarius is a free bird, but that doesn’t make her lazy.

She’s an ambitious woman, and Saturn gives her plenty of stamina and drive to do the hard work that it takes to make her vision a reality.

Her career often takes center stage at some point in her life, much like the Capricorn man’s own career.

As she gets a taste for success, she wants more, which the Capricorn man wants to feed.

Out for success himself, Capricorn is drawn to others who pull themselves up by their bootstraps and climb their way to the top.

She’s also not deterred by a few measly obstacles, a characteristic that earns the Capricorn man’s trust and respect.

10. She’s generous

When an Aquarius woman likes you, her generosity comes out.

She’ll treat the Capricorn man to lunch. She might make him a handmade gift that she put a lot of thought into.

And an Aquarius woman will always be there to help the Capricorn in any way she can. This really wins him over. 

Selflessness and generosity attract the Capricorn because he’s a big believer of equality in a relationship.

He’ll be ready to give the woman he falls for anything to support her, but he needs to know that she’s not going to take advantage.

So the Aquarius woman’s natural tendency to give to people she cares about relieves this fear—and gives him the warm fuzzies.

Other Capricorn Man Questions

Can a Capricorn fall in love with an Aquarius?

100%, yes.

Capricorn falls in love with Aquarius slowly over time. 

Neither of these signs lose their heads in a blossoming relationship.

Aquarius starts by being pals with the Capricorn and lets things happen without forcing them, which totally works in favor of the relationship.

Capricorn can’t feel like she’s pushing him, or he’ll get freaked out and abandon ship.

Instead, love tends to sneak up on these two after they’ve formed a fast and close friendship. At some point, they realize they can’t live without each other.

What does a Capricorn man find attractive in a woman?

Capricorn men find sophisticated, grown-up types of women attractive.

These women are mature in the way that they act and dress.

So a Capricorn man might be attracted to a woman in a business suit as much as a woman in a cocktail dress.

A sharp sense of humor and an appreciation for a little dark comedy will make the Capricorn man feel more bonded to a woman, and therefore attracted.

She should be ambitious and career-driven, but also have a dose of maternal energy.

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Can Aquarius and Capricorn get married?

Considering that neither of these signs rushes into a relationship, much less a marriage, you can be sure that if they do get married, it will last.

Saturn gives Aquarius and Capricorn patience and perseverance. 

So if they run into problems, they’d rather work through them than walk away.

Since they have similar values and needs from a relationship, a marriage can be a great comfort to them both.

They can easily be best friends as well as spouses.

But they do need to give each other space and understanding without judgment. Otherwise, problems can consume them.

Aquarius woman Capricorn man sexually

The Capricorn man is full of lust and passion. The Aquarius woman is open-minded and experimental in bed.

Their sex life could be full of kinky moves that drive them both wild. However, it really depends on their level of trust and emotional intimacy.

The earth sign Capricorn is more of a traditionalist and doesn’t mind penciling sex into Thursday night’s agenda. This could be the Aquarius woman’s worst nightmare. 

He will, however, move mountains for his partner’s satisfaction if he has deep feelings.

The airy Aquarius will also probably need to be emotionally invested to be open to the more sensual, physical side of sex that the Capricorn wants.

Without that connection, they could lack the motivation to please one another.

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