Aries Man Break Up (How Does He Act? How Fast Will He Move On?)

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Just broke up with your Aries boyfriend and wondering how he’s dealing with it?

Here’s what you need to know about an Aries man break up:

  • Aries men will blow up and then pretend they’re cooled off until they really are
  • To deal with the breakup, they get out and get active to fill up their schedules
  • Aries men don’t stay down in the dumps for long—they will move on quickly

If you decide that you want to get him back, you’ll need to know how to hold onto him to avoid the dreaded on-again, off-again relationship status.

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Aries Man Break Up: How Fast Does He Move on Fast?

In a word: fast.

Aries men move on quickly whether you dump them or they do the dumping.

To tell the truth, it can be shocking how quickly it happens. But see it from the Aries’ perspective for a moment, if you will.

The Aries motto, according to astrology, is “I am,” which frequently translates to fast living.

To him, there’s no denying that life is short—so it’s best lived in the moment.

That means there is no time to wallow in self-pity or hurt feelings—that’s a recipe for getting stuck in a rut, which you won’t find an Aries in.

For better or worse, an Aries will charge full speed ahead, sometimes blindly.

He can even fall in love again pretty quickly if he meets someone he feels is truly his match.

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How Does an Aries Man Act After a Break Up?

He loses his temper

If you’ve dated an Aries man, you know that his temperament can go from calm to explosive in zero-point-two seconds.

Especially if you’ve just broken up with him, expect him to get mad about it.

Aries men don’t take rejection well.

Fighting and breaking up go hand-in-hand for the Aries, so tempers will be hot for a while.

He’ll be rude, cold, even mean. 

He can even become spiteful and try and turn others against you, particularly if he feels betrayed.

He acts nonchalant

The next phase is pretending like the breakup means nothing to him.

Make no mistake, an Aries will move on emotionally before most other signs.

But even before he does, he’ll start acting like he’s not hurt at all, an attitude that will surface quickly no matter who did the breaking up.

It’s all about self-preservation, but also the need to convince himself that this is a good thing and that he’s really over it.

It throws off a lot of women who don’t really understand Aries men, a problem that kills any chance of reconciliation, as Anna Kovach points out in Aries Man Secrets.

At some point, his emotions will really align with this belief and he’ll have no trouble bumping into you at the supermarket like a stranger.

He hooks up

Aries men are some of the more sexually charged.

They’re capable of separating sex from emotion. In fact, they figure a hookup is a perfectly healthy post-breakup activity.

Sometimes, an Aries will be quick to hook up after the breakup out of spite. Possibly, he’s angry that you left him and this is his way of having the last word.

Interestingly, for an Aries man, sex with other people after a breakup is not really about escapism or forcing himself to get over you.

It’s kind of something you can take at face value…a hookup. Nothing more, nothing less.

He gets active

Now this is something he’ll do to get his mind off you if he’s struggling.

Whatever his favorite things to do are, he’ll pursue them full-throttle.

Aries guys are highly physically active, so you can expect an uptick in gym visits and local soccer matches.

He may also be reconnecting with his “Me First” approach to life.

The Aries man, after all, isn’t one to let anyone stop him from doing what he wants to do.

So what better way to reestablish this by doing exactly what he wants to do, whenever he wants?

He parties

Depending on your Aries ex’s lifestyle, you might see a lot more pictures of him tearing it up on social media.

When an Aries cuts loose, he can get pretty wild.

Impromptu trip to Vegas? Don’t be surprised.

Of course, Vegas is not every Aries man’s scenes. Some Aries guys don’t even like to stay out late at night—they have too much to accomplish to get up past 5 a.m.

But whether he’s a bar-hopper or not, one thing is for certain—he’ll be hanging out with his buds almost daily.

He works late

Why not work late?

He certainly has the time now.

The driven Aries is going to throw himself as hard into work as he does into fun.

He has a vision of where he wants to be in life and he’s going to work even harder to get there now that he’s focusing on himself.

Work is also a means of distraction when he’s feeling the weight of the breakup emotionally.

So if you’re wondering where you can find him after you two called things off, try the office.

Aries men may be hard to understand, but that’s only when you don’t have the astrological “blueprint” to their minds and emotions.

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