Why Are Taurus So Attracted to Pisces? (8 Reasons It’s Destiny)

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Pisces are like the unicorns of the zodiac.

They’re gentle, innocent and ethereal, and Tauruses can’t get enough of them.

So why are Taurus so attracted to Pisces?

  • Taurus men and women melt for the Pisces sensitivity
  • Pisces speaks the Taurus love language
  • Pisces is easy-going and won’t challenge the Taurus
  • Taurus loves how romantic Pisces is
  • Pisces wins the Taurus’s trust, a huge hurdle for the rest of the zodiac

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Why Are Taurus So Attracted to Pisces?

1. Taurus is attracted to Pisces emotionality

Tauruses are not the super emotional types.

So it may come as a shock to know that Taurus is so attracted to Pisces, a sign known to be somewhat overly emotional.

But the sweetness of the Pisces and their caring nature makes the Taurus feel all warm and fuzzy.

Pisces are so sensitive and compassionate, it’s almost like they’re too good for this world.

It really brings the protective nature out of the Taurus, who wants to shield Pisces from anything bad.

Taurus doesn’t want anyone to realize it, but they’re really sensitive.

So they love it when they can be vulnerable with Pisces, who are just as squishy inside as they are.

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2. Taurus knows Pisces is trustworthy

Pisces people are ride-or-die.

They don’t mess around in a relationship, and the Taurus can sense that.

Pisces men and women have a sort of innocence about them.

In love, they’re so straightforward—if they’re with you, they’re with you.

Taurus likes this about Pisces because it’s easy to know where they stand.

But also, the Taurus knows that the Pisces is not going to cheat on them, emotionally or physically.

A Pisces always thinks about their partner, and they hate hurting people.

Which makes them loyal to the core, a trait Taurus is drawn to.

3. Pisces are cuddly

If you thought Tauruses like to cuddle, wait until you see a Taurus and a Pisces together.

They’ll rarely leave the bed, the couch, or anywhere they can get into the big-spoon, little-spoon position and cuddle up.

Pisces and Taurus are both highly affectionate signs.

Taurus, being ruled by their senses, responds to the Piscean’s gentle touch in a special way.

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In fact, touch is the Taurus’s love language.

So the physical affection the Pisces showers on the Taurus makes them feel romantic, sentimental and turned on all at the same time.

4. Pisces go with the flow

Taurus is the bull of the zodiac.

It’s a fixed sign, and Tauruses definitely don’t bend or change for anyone.

Pisces, on the other hand, is a mutable sign.

Which means that Pisces can go with the flow, and even mold themselves around the Taurus’s headstrong behavior.

To the Taurus, this makes the Pisces seem extremely chill.

Tauruses may not notice how my-way-or-the-highway they are, which can drive you crazy.

Then the Taurus will think you’re too uptight!

But the Pisces won’t even call Taurus out on their insane stubbornness.

Pisces just wants peace and harmony, which really appeals to the Venus-ruled Taurus.

5. Pisces is dreamy

Taurus is a super practical sign.

They’re very grounded, and even their dreams are realistic and attainable.

Pisces, on the other hand, is more of an idealist.

Now, you may not think that would mesh well with Taurus.

But don’t forget, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of creativity, beauty, romance and pleasure.

Pisces fill the world with gentleness, hope and love thanks to their dreaming and endless optimism.

It’s beautiful to the Taurus.

6. Pisces is romantic

Being dreamy and otherworldly, Pisces is also incredibly romantic.

They believe in soulmates and are willing to sacrifice it all for a fairy tale romance.

Taurus may want that, too, but they’re more skeptical.

The innocent Pisces makes them want to believe for real.

One look into the Pisces’ eyes, and the Taurus can’t stop thinking about everything they could be together.

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7. Pisces is deep

Taurus is repelled by anything fake, always looking for a genuine connection.

The old soul of the zodiac, Pisces is sincere and wise.

Taurus and Pisces have deep conversations that actually matter to them.

Deep as the ocean, Pisces is forever mysterious to the Taurus, making them want them even more.

8. Pisces is selfless

When Tauruses consider dating someone, one thing they insist on is finding someone who isn’t selfish.

If you’re in it for yourself, you can kiss your chances with a Taurean goodbye.

Tauruses will also test you on this, doing things like going halvsies on tabs to see how you react.

But a Pisces has no expectations, and they always put the other person first. 

Because of this, Taurus feels safe to let their guard down with Pisces.

Once the mask comes off, the Taurus is free to let their soft, sentimental side out, knowing the Pisces will never take advantage of them.


How does Taurus see Pisces?

Taurus sees Pisces as sweet, almost too sweet, and maybe a little unrealistic.

They’re super attracted to everything the Pisces represents, but they’re not sure that Pisces thinks things through.

It’s true, Pisces acts from their hearts rather than their heads.

But it’s just one more reason Tauruses find themselves helplessly drawn to them.

The fact that Pisces wear their hearts on their sleeves makes the Taurus want to possess them, protect them and teach them to defend themselves all at the same time.

Does Taurus fall in love with Pisces?

Yes, Taurus falls hard for Pisces.

Tauruses are taken with the Pisces openness and willingness to give love a try, regardless of the consequences.

Only Pisces can out-romance a Taurus.

When they fall in love, it feels intense, but also comforting and gentle.

Are Pisces and Taurus soulmates?

The emotional connection Pisces and Taurus share certainly makes them candidates for soulmates.

There’s not really any combination in the zodiac like them.

Pisces brings out all the tenderness and caring of the Taurus, and Taurus offers the Pisces shelter in the storms and stable ground beneath their feet.

They work so well together, it’ll feel like destiny.

Taurus man attraction to Pisces woman

Taurus men are wildly attracted to Pisces women.

Their soft, gentle femininity and natural beauty makes the Taurus man crazy with desire.

Pisces women don’t have to do anything to attract Taurus men.

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They’re just magnets for them.

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Pisces man and Taurus woman

A Pisces man and Taurus woman together are not quite as ideal as a Pisces woman and Taurus man combination, but still a very loving one.

The Taurus woman often looks to her partner to lead and provide stability in a long-term relationship, and Pisces men might be a little too wishy-washy.

But overall, the Pisces man and Taurus woman couple are just as cuddly, emotional and obsessed with each other.

How are Taurus and Pisces in bed?

Taurus and Pisces have amazing sex.

They both bring romance and sensuality to the act, and Pisces makes it feel almost like straight fantasy for the Taurus.

They’re both very much into pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

So they’ll spend hours in bed pleasing each other.

Taurus and Pisces arguments

Taurus and Pisces may argue about money.

The Taurus is very focused on material possessions and financial security, while Pisces isn’t in the least bit materialistic.

Arguments can also happen due to their very different approaches to decision-making.

Taurus takes action based on concrete information and is pretty black-and-white.

Pisces is less likely to make up their mind, and Taurus may get frustrated with their inability to pin the Pisces down.

Taurus and Pisces compatibility percentage

Taurus and Pisces compatibility is a solid 90%.

They have a few hurdles to get over, including balancing their emotional needs and seeing eye-to-eye enough to make a long-term relationship work.

But their hearts are definitely in it.

And emotionally and sexually, their compatibility of as good as it gets.

Does Taurus Trust Pisces?

Taurus has a hard time with trust, regardless of the sign.

But if anyone earns the Taurus’s trust more easily, it’s Pisces.

They’re so sensitive and sweet, Tauruses have a hard time imagining that they’re capable of betraying them.

While a Taurus does trust that the Pisces won’t cheat on them or do anything to hurt them on purpose, the Taurus may not completely trust Pisces’ decisions.

Pisces often avoid things and talk in circles, which can unnerve a Taurus.

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It guides you through how to handle the stubborn Taurus man and convince him you’re his soulmate.

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