Will a Taurus Man Apologize? (Sort of. Here’s How He Does It)

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Will a Taurus man apologize?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • A Taurus man will regret making you feel bad and may apologize in a variety of ways
  • You may not ever hear the actual words “I’m sorry”
  • If he’s mad at you, too, he can hold a grudge for a long time

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Will a Taurus Man Apologize?

In short, the answer is maybe, eventually.

But only if he feels guilty.

It doesn’t matter whether you had a fight or he did something thoughtless that hurt your feelings.

Most of the time, the male Taurus feels pretty vindicated in his actions, which makes it hard for him to feel guilt. Even knowing that he’s upset you.

At least at first.

It can take some time, but eventually the Taurus will start to feel bad about it.

As long as he’s over his initial feelings of anger, he can bring himself to apologize.

However, if he’s still upset, expect the notorious stubborn Bull trait to be in full effect.

So—the recipe for getting a Taurus man to apologize is:

  1. Allow him space to cool off
  2. Wait for him to feel guilty for causing you pain

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Do Taurus Hold Grudges?

Yes, Tauruses can hold grudges.

They can also get a little mean about them and purposely mess with you as payback.

Maybe the Taurus will “forget” to order your coffee when he goes out to get his.

Or he’ll withhold affection until he thinks you deserve it again.

If a Taurus cares about you, he won’t hold a grudge forever.

He’s sensitive and reactive, and when he gets really mad it all erupts at once.

But after that, once all that stuff is gone, it’s gone.

Still, don’t expect a Taurus to drop a grudge in a short amount of time.

You may be over it months before the Taurus is.

How Do Taurus Apologize?

Taurus men don’t often apologize directly, especially if they continue to feel justified for offending you.

They’re uncomfortable with the idea of apologizing because it means admitting that they were wrong.

Most often, they don’t think they are.

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But even though in many scenarios you won’t hear a formal “I’m sorry” along with a straight-up admission of guilt, there are many things a Taurus man will do to express his regret.

At some point, he’ll say sorry to you in his own way.

Here’s how he’ll do it.

He uses the “We were both wrong” apology

If the Taurus man knows he said or did something wrong, he may acknowledge it to you, face-to-face.

However, at the same time, he’ll excuse his behaviors.

He may say that something you did started it all.

Or he’ll mention something you did, like lashing out at him, that hurt him.

Reminding you of your part in the issue appears more fair and accurate to him.

But mostly, it saves his ego just a little.

He gives you an “I’m sorry” gift

Did you receive an unexpected gift after a fight with your Taurus man?

The I’m Sorry present is not meant to buy your love again.

It’s not that superficial to the Taurus man.

He’s a sensory earth sign rooted in the material world, so material objects—including gifts—hold a lot of meaning to him.

In other words, that present is a very real representation of his feelings about you and his true regret for hurting you.

He forgets about it

In case whatever has happened between you has also upset the Taurus, he may think he’s owed an apology, too.

So that will hold him back from saying sorry first.

But while a Taurus can hold a grudge for quite some time, he’s no Scorpio.

He will eventually let it go and decide that it’s not worth his time to think about any longer.

If he’s decided this, then he will try to go back to normal with you without bringing the subject up.

If he can get away with it, the Taurus man won’t talk about whatever the issue was ever again.

He’ll figure you both hurt each other, but the past is the past.

It’s his olive branch.

You get special treatment

Another big-time (non-verbal) apology from a Taurus man is giving you extra special attention.

Again, he probably won’t say he’s making up for hurting your feelings.

Nothing to do with him feeling bad!

So if you’ve been mad at your Taurus and he’s responding by giving you extra hugs, taking you out to dinner and waiting on you hand and foot, he’s trying to make up for what he did.

He acknowledges how he made you feel

A Taurus man may apologize, but specifically for how he upset you.

He may or may not own up to a certain responsibility in upsetting you.

If that’s what you’ve been waiting for, you could be waiting a decade or more.

He will feel real remorse for letting you down or making you feel bad, which will prompt him to put his ego aside.

But if he still feels justified for whatever his actions were, he may feel like he would be lying by giving you a blanket apology.

So, he compromises by apologizing for hurting you.

He waits until it blows over

Tauruses have a hard time overcoming their stubbornness.

Even when they know they’re wrong.

And they will admit this to you, freely (when they’re not in the middle of an argument with you).

Sometimes the answer for a Taurus is to give you a full-fledged apology long after the issue has been resolved.

In some cases, maybe years after.

You see, Taurus men always want to appear strong. They think saying they’re wrong makes them seem weaker or vulnerable.

Time takes the edge off, especially when you’ve already patched things up and there are no longer any stakes to gamble with.

He apologizes when he’s been called out

This is a situation where you may hear a plain old “I’m sorry” from a Taurus man.

If he knows he did something wrong, like standing you up, call him out on it.

He will likely apologize then and there.

Sometimes you need to stand up for yourself and push the Taurus man a little to do what he already knows is right.

He’s stubborn, but he hasn’t lost all his manners.

He knows when he’s been rude or left you hanging, so he has no problem making amends when you bring it up to him.

Other Taurus Man Questions

What happens when a Taurus gets mad?

When a Taurus man gets mad, you’ll get the famous Taurus man cold shoulder.

He’s more passive-aggressive than anything else, so you’re not going to get an immediate confrontation.

He’ll probably ignore you and do it very obviously.

Suddenly he won’t be so nice to you anymore. He’ll treat you like some person he has to deal with.

But if he keeps getting angrier, that’s when he can blow up.

His anger is like a pot slowly coming to a boil.

Once it gets there, he’ll yell and throw a tantrum.

But it’s over quickly and once it’s released, he calms right down.

How do Taurus break up?

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A Taurus will break up with you honestly.

He won’t just disappear for good after you’ve been dating (although he may go off your radar for a while).

He’ll tell you that he’s made up his mind. The relationship isn’t working and it can’t be saved.

That’s what he’ll say, anyway—Tauruses don’t typically leave room for negotiation because they view everything as a black-and-white matter.

Read How Do Taurus Break Up for more information.

When to walk away from a Taurus man

When a Taurus man is no longer treating you with respect, patience and love, it’s OK to walk away.

There may be a variety of reasons for his behaviors, but you certainly don’t have to deal with any of it.

Perhaps he’s gotten complacent, or maybe he’s over the relationship.

If that’s the case, he could be slowly removing himself or waiting for you to break up with him.

Here’s how to know when a Taurus man is done with you.

Do Taurus regret breakups?


There has to be something special between you.

As long as you didn’t do something to betray his trust, he may have some remorse.

As we explain in How Does a Taurus Man Feel After a Break Up, he’ll feel doubt about the breakup if he can’t rationalize it.

He’s a very practical person, so there has to be a good enough reason to appeal to his logic.

Also, if he feels the rug was just pulled out from under him and all his future plans, he’ll get nostalgic.

Tauruses hate change, including relationship changes!

How to make a Taurus man regret losing you

Make yourself look better and kick more butt than ever.

Seriously, flaunting your achievements and how good your life is will turn the Taurus man’s head around.

He likes ambitious women. Boss women.

But he also likes it when a woman pays attention to herself and improves her own life, for no one’s sake but her own.

Because she values herself.

That, in turn, makes a Taurus man value you.

So go ahead and post pictures of yourself climbing a mountain on social media and spread the word to your mutual friends how busy you are at work shooting for that promotion.

He’ll get wind of what’s going on in your life and some part of him will be sad he’s not part of it.

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