What Happens When You Ignore a Sagittarius Man? (The Real Truth)

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Trying to motivate a Sagittarius guy by ignoring him can be a risky move.

Here’s what happens when you ignore a Sagittarius man:

  • He doesn’t understand why you’re ignoring him
  • He ignores you back
  • His attention span is short, so he forgets it and moves on

Women make major mistakes with Sagittarius men because they don’t realize they’re not like other men they’ve dated, until it’s too late.

You can avoid his biggest deal-breakers if you know how he operates on a deeper level, which Anna Kovach’s guide Sagittarius Man Secrets teaches you.

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What Happens When You Ignore a Sagittarius Man?

Ignoring a man, either because you want him to chase you or you’re upset with him, works with a lot of men.

Just not the Sagittarius.

In the long run, it can damage your relationship (or chances for one).

At the very least, you’ll only be hurting yourself.

Here’s why.

He may not notice

A Sagittarius is a busy man.

He’s restless and likes to keep himself active balancing a dozen different tasks.

Which means there’s no guarantee that a Sagittarius man will even recognize that you’re ignoring him.

Especially if he just met you and he doesn’t really know you yet.

But even if you’ve been dating a while and you’re upset, it can go right over his head.

Since his attention is thin, you would have to compete with all the other things consuming it.

And unfortunately, when you shut him out, you shut yourself out of his, life too, making it harder for him to see what’s happening.

He takes things at face value

It may seem like a Sagittarius man is treating you coldly by not responding to you.

But the reality is, he’s just not suspicious that anything’s up. 

If you’re mad and you tell a Sagittarius man nothing is wrong, yet continue to ice him out, he’ll be confused. But he won’t look too deeply into it.

Likewise, if you’re into him but you’re suddenly acting like you’ve forgotten about him, he’ll shrug and figure that’s what happened.

This can stress you out, to say the least. Or make you act out from pure aggravation.

You may even intentionally try to hurt the Sagittarius, which will successfully get his attention, but at the cost of his trust.

He only gives back what you give him

A Sagittarius man is like a mirror in that whatever you do, he’ll reflect back to you.

If you’re angry and yell at him, he’ll get angry right back.

Ignore him and, well, he’ll do it right back.

If he thinks you’re upset or that he might lose his chance with you, initially he’ll reach out to you out of genuine concern.

However, he expects you to reciprocate.

He’ll only chase you or ask for forgiveness if he knows you want him to and he understands what’s going on.

He assumes that if you wanted or cared for him, you would be up front and honest.

With a Sagittarius man, you have to give respect to get respect.

A Sagittarius man moves on

Sagittarius men don’t dwell.

They don’t have time or desire to fight or try to pull something out of you.

If you don’t respond at all, the Sagittarius man turns to the hundred other things he’s got going on instead.

Again, this can frustrate you even further.

If you’re trying to make a Sagittarius man chase after you, pretending he doesn’t exist does the opposite of what you’re trying to do—

That is, it convinces him to look elsewhere for romance.

And if you’re mad at him, he has the ability to move on without your forgiveness. 

As a result, you risk getting left behind without any closure.

What should you do instead?

The only way to resolve things is for both of you to skip the cold shoulder games.

Take a deep breath and follow the steps below.

Tell him what’s going on up front

Even if you think he should understand the situation without you having to say, that’s just now how it works with a Sagittarius man.

Some women think he’s willfully blind.

In reality, he lives by the principles of honesty and integrity and thinks that everyone will just speak their mind if they have something to say.

So speak up!

That’s the only way you’ll get on the same wavelength.

Getting him to understand you and your perspective is easier once you know how to respond to his way of thinking, which Sagittarius Man Secrets can teach you.

Be precise 

Make it clear to the Sagittarius what you want from the beginning.

If you want him to ask you out, don’t block him.

Give it to him straight that you think he’s cute and make it obvious that you’re interested.

While you should never make yourself overly available so that he doesn’t get clingy vibes, that’s not the same thing as straight up ignoring his existence.

Similarly, if you want him to apologize for something, explain exactly what he did to make you feel a certain way.

And don’t say you’re OK when you’re not.

That sends mixed messages.

If anything, that will frustrate the Sagittarius and he’ll give up.

Give him some space

After you’ve told a Sagittarius man how you feel, avoid pressing the issue.

He needs a little time to process, whether he’s considering how he feels about you or you told him how badly he messed up.

If you’re accusing him of something, be prepared for him to be defensive at first.

All the more reason to take some space.

Remember, he’s a mirror.

After he cools down (which will be quick), he’ll be able to look at it logically and apologize.

The bottom line

Don’t ignore him.

Ignoring a Sagittarius man gets you ignored back, either unintentionally or on purpose.

No matter if you’re trying to create sparks or make him realize he did wrong, a Sagittarius doesn’t have time for games.

He’ll respond to you if you’re honest with him.

Otherwise, he’ll set his sights on the next shiny thing in front of him.

Other Sagittarius Man Questions

Sagittarius man’s weakness in love

The Sagittarius man’s biggest weakness when it comes to love is his fear of commitment.

He likes to feel free at all times to do whatever he wants.

So feeling like he’s going to get tied down is a huge problem.

Even if he loves you, his weirdness about committing will still be there.

It takes a lot of time and patience to love a Sagittarius man, which is one reason he’s not the easiest sign to date.

How do you know when a Sagittarius man misses you?

Calling or texting you shows you that a Sagittarius man misses you.

That is, if he doesn’t just say it immediately.

The reason this is such a powerful sign is that, as we talked about earlier, Sagittarius men are way too busy to slow down for anything trivial.

So if he’s texting you cute little messages, congratulations! He misses you and wants to see you.

Give How to Make a Sagittarius Man Miss You a read, too.

What a Sagittarius man needs in a relationship?

Sagittarius men need mutual trust and freedom in a relationship.

They need a woman with an adventurous spirit who wants to travel the world with them.

On a day-to-day level, she should be easy to get along with and have an upbeat, go-with-the-flow vibe.

And it helps to have a flexible enough attitude to enjoy being whisked away by her Sagittarius man to some unknown destination at the drop of a hat.

When a Sagittarius man is done with you

When he’s over you, a Sagittarius man will sever ties.

If he’s really, really done, it will be sudden. Possibly, you won’t get too much in the way of an explanation.

Once a Sagittarius man’s affection for you is gone, he feels that staying is a waste of time.

However, he’ll likely want to keep the peace and will try to accommodate you on getting your stuff back from his apartment.

Just realize, communications from here on out will be non-romantic.

How to make a Sagittarius man regret losing you

Moping won’t make him feel guilty.

The only true way to get him to regret losing you is to live an envy-worthy life without him.

Post on social media when you’re having a great time on your own or with other people.

That’s the first step—it works because it’s completely nonthreatening to the fun-loving Sagittarius man.

How do you know if a Sagittarius man is using you?

He has no problem having a physical relationship with you without any attachment.

There won’t be any romance or deep conversations.

He’ll only spend a limited amount of time with you (specifically when he knows he’s going to get some action), and he won’t stay over.

Essentially, he won’t mix emotions with pleasure—you’ll feel like all he wants from you is one thing.

How to get a Sagittarius man to open up emotionally

Emotions are hard for the Sagittarius man to share.

That being the case, he can benefit quite a bit from lightening the mood.

Crack a tasteful joke for some comic relief.

Take the pressure off of him to reveal his deepest, darkest secrets.

If you sense he’s ready to open up, start by sharing about yourself first to make it feel safe for him.

Stop being confused by him

If you’re having trouble getting your Sagittarius to act right, you may need to work on understanding him better first.

You need a common language, which a guide like Sagittarius Man Secrets can help you speak.

Your goal is to be able to react to him in a way that actually gets you what you want, not try to change him or force him into action.

Which can blow your chances with him.

Check out Sagittarius Man Secrets here.

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