How Do Taurus Break Up? (Plus 5 Signs a Taurus Man Wants Out)

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How do Taurus break up? For Taurus men, the end starts long before the actual breakup. You can see it coming like a slow train. 

Watch for these key signs: 

  • He hasn’t been putting any effort into your happiness for some time
  • Your intimate life has gone out the window
  • The future doesn’t seem so certain anymore

Bad news first: Once a Taurus man’s mind is made up, it’s damn near impossible to change.

Now the good news: If you truly understand his thinking and exactly what he needs from you, you have a chance to save the relationship. For that, we recommend the guide Taurus Man Secrets.

Check out the guide, or read on for signs that your Taurus man is heading for the door.

How Do Taurus Break Up?

For Taurus, a fixed sign, change doesn’t come easily.

He’s a stubborn man, which makes him unwilling to call it quits until he feels like he can’t possibly go any further with you. 

Shockingly, a Taurus man might tell you it’s over seemingly out of nowhere—but he didn’t make the decision overnight.

Rather, the relationship had been weighing on his mind for a while. Then there was a straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

No matter how he does it, unless you understand Taurus men verrrry well, it’s pretty much final—you’d have better luck talking to a wall.

But before he breaks up with you, you’ll notice a change in his behavior and attitude. These are signs you need to pay attention to.

Remember: He doesn’t want things to change between you. That’s a major advantage for you. But you need to act before he reaches that point of no return.

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Signs Your Relationship Is Heading Toward a Breakup

1. He doesn’t seem like he cares anymore

Tauruses put much time and effort into the things they care about, including their relationships.

They understand that doing so will provide them with the best chance of success and a happy partner.

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When he no longer asks you how your day was, stops to wrap his arms around you or puts any effort in, it can be an early warning sign.

However, this type of thing is also typical when one partner starts to take the other for granted.

So how can you tell the difference?

For the Taurus man moving away from the relationship, there will be an iciness there instead of just a lack of affection.

2. He ignores you

Tauruses are known for being good listeners and especially attentive to the people they care about.

If he’s unhappy in the relationship, you’ll notice that he doesn’t talk much and when you ask him questions they’re always one word answers.

He won’t try to carry on your conversations and he’ll sort of act like you’re a ghost in your own home if you live together. 

This actually happened to Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach right before her Taurus boyfriend (now husband) broke up with her—she did get him back, and you’ll read her method in Taurus Man Secrets.

It probably goes without saying that you probably won’t be doing much together. He’ll find reasons to break your weekend plans and slip out of the routines you share.

In general, expect him to make the time you spend together more scarce.

3. Intimacy is non-existent

For a Taurus, touching, holding and loving on his partner is one of the main ways he shows his love and affection.

Being an earth sign, he’s naturally sensual. The Bull is a highly sexual sign, and he needs to touch and be close to you to feel that special connection.

Usually, a Taurus man’s failure to stay interested in sex has to do with some things that he sees as massively wrong in the relationship. 

Despite his high sex drive, he won’t be into it if he feels like other parts of the relationship just aren’t there.

So, when he’s no longer intimate with you, that’s a red flag.

Taurus men usually have smokin’ hot sex lives. When the one you share with him disappears and he’s rejecting your advances, something is up.

4. He’s not happy when you’re together

When he seems like he’s always irritable around you, don’t assume he’s just having some bad days recently.

Of course, he may be going through something personal that has nothing to do with you.

But if this sign is present among other breakup signs, it’s a strong indication.

A Taurus man who isn’t into the relationship anymore is going to be easily frustrated with you no matter what you do.

Really, it’s nothing that you’re doing. Call it the Taurus guy’s process of coming to terms with the fact that a breakup is imminent.

5. He doesn’t mention the “we” anymore

Taurus people are happy to enjoy the moment when it comes to physical pleasures—food, touch, their favorite song on the radio, that sort of thing.

But when it comes to relationships, they’re envisioning what’s coming down the road.

When they’re happily in love, Taurus guys are not afraid to make plans for the future with you, whether it’s going on vacation or moving in together.

If you’ve stopped hearing him talk about the “we” in the future, he may not be sure of the long-term value of your relationship.

And because Tauruses are rather matter-of-fact people, he’ll be looking at the bottom line.

Does he want to be with someone he can’t communicate with? Is there a problem that just hasn’t been fixed—and probably won’t be?

While the Taurus man is coming to a conclusion, he’ll be reserved in his speech when it comes to couple-type conversations.

What to Do If You See These Signs

Don’t ignore them

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Probably one of the worst things you could do is just go about your business.

While smothering him is also the wrong way to go, ignoring what’s going on will not produce better results (i.e., your Taurus guy deciding NOT to break up).

It’s a good idea to try to talk with him, when he’s ready…more on that below.

Talk to him

When you feel it’s a good time to talk to him, do.

The best approach is one that’s calm, rational and gentle. Ask him if there’s something on his mind that he wants to talk about.

Tauruses are pretty good about telling you the truth when you ask them that question. Even if they try to say nothing is wrong, they’re terrible at making that believable.

If he says something that surprises you in response, listen to him and try to understand him. Ask him how you can work together to fix whatever’s wrong and be committed to doing it.

Tauruses are about the physical world around them: what they can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. They need to see tangible results to feel secure in the relationship and give it another shot.

If he doesn’t want to share what’s on his mind, don’t get mad. Let him know you’re there if he wants to talk and wait for a more appropriate time.

Keep your emotions in check

In the midst of an emotional conversation, it may be easy to start pleading with him. 

Try to resist the urge!

Tauruses are perturbed by big emotional explosions and don’t know how to handle dramatic situations.

So no matter what, remember that it’s best to keep calm around him and within your interactions with him, now more than ever.

There’s a ton more to learn about how to handle a mysterious Taurus man in Taurus Man Secrets. Really, it’s a road map to his mind that many women would be totally lost without.

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