Why Are Taurus So Hard to Love? (7 Reasons You Need to Know)

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Tauruses are easy to fall for, but not so easy to be in a relationship with.

Here’s why:

  • They’re like an emotional brick wall
  • It’s hard to please them
  • They demand loyalty, but don’t trust easily
  • They’re not good with compromise and change
  • They’re a wee bit controlling

So why are Taurus so hard to love? Let’s break it down below.

Why Are Taurus So Hard to Love?

1. They close off their emotions

Taurus is so romantic and sweet, it’s hard to understand how they could be so emotionally distant.

Some feel Taurus are even cold-hearted.

But the truth is, they’re not out of touch with their emotions.

They just have a great poker face.

What’s really going on is that they’re afraid of showing their vulnerability.

Afraid that someone is going to take advantage of them, that the relationship won’t work out, or that they’re going to get hurt.

Inside, a Taurus wants so badly to be loved and fawned over.

But they’re so ready to defend themselves, they end up closing off emotionally as a form of self-protection.

This is one of the biggest reasons why Taurus are so hard to love.

Not because they’re unlovable, but because they struggle to let you in.

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2. They have high standards

Tauruses are hard to get.

The reason being that their standards are incredibly high, maybe unrealistically high.

Taurus men and Taurus women are hopeless romantics, and they have a crystal-clear image in their minds of the ideal partner for them.

Right down to their physical appearance and personality quirks.

While a Taurus knows nobody is perfect, their desire to find the ultimate romance colors their view of other people.

So a date might not live up to what they hoped for, even if it’s a good one.

Or there might be little things here or there that send up red flags to the Taurus, that anyone else would consider no big deal.

If you get past the first few dates with a Taurus, consider yourself lucky.

Not many people do.

3. They put you through test after test

In the never-ending quest to find their soulmate, a Taurus is going to make good and sure that you’re the one.

So you’ll be tested…a lot.

They’ll test your loyalty, your honesty and commitment.

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And they’ll find ways to do it that you’re not even aware of.

Even if you know you’re being tested, it can try your patience.

Just remember, the Taurus isn’t trying to prove that you’re not meant to be together.

Tauruses just need a lot of reassurance, and they’re slow to make up their minds.

But look on the bright side—if you survive all their tests and win them over, you’ll have the most loyal, committed partner you could ever dream of in a Taurus.

4. They may lead you on

This can happen when you first start seeing a Taurus.

Things seem to be going great, you spend a lot of time together cuddling and sharing intimate details with each other…

Only for the Taurus to pull back and more or less disappear.

Were they just leading you on the whole time?

The answer is, not very likely.

What’s probably happened is that the Taurus felt comfortable with you, and probably likes you a lot.

Getting cozy with you was sort of a guilty pleasure for them, but it doesn’t mean they were ready to jump into a relationship.

This is how feelings get hurt, and it can damage the potential for a relationship before it really begins.

5. They have trust issues

As mentioned before, Tauruses demand total loyalty.

Which you are probably willing to give, no questions asked.

The thing is, though, a Taurus has a mean jealous streak.

Both Taurus men and Taurus women can display some ugly behavior when they see someone else talking to you or flirting.

If you have friends of the opposite sex, forget about it. Your Taurus might never trust them.

They’ll treat your friend coldly and make hanging out difficult.

And you’ll come home to 1,000 questions any time your Taurus suspects someone may have hit on you or been attracted to you.

Even if you think you’ve gotten to a place where your Taurus trusts you, they can still slide back into acting insecure.

If you happen to be dating or interested in a Taurus man, you may want to check out Anna Kovach’s guide Taurus Man Secrets for how to handle this behavior so it doesn’t destroy your relationship.

6. They don’t do change very well

Being a fixed sign, Taurus is pretty set in their ways.

They like what they like, and they’re not interested in branching out.

Routine is their favorite thing, which can get to some of the other signs that like to spice it up by trying a different restaurant this time, or going on an unscheduled weekend trip.

Tauruses are quite comfy as well in a slow-moving relationship.

If you’re stuck in the beginning stages of dating and you’re ready to get serious, your Taurus may not agree.

Even if they love you, that’s still a big change for them.

They may not want to do something like give up their apartment and move in together or get used to your cat.

If it doesn’t seem to serve their needs, good luck getting them to budge.

7. They need to be in control

Taurus is not a control freak per se.

They’re not power hungry, and they don’t stress about the details.

However, Taurus does need to feel like they’re the ones calling the shots.

They want to feel like they’re the masters of their own fates, and they don’t take kindly to others planning things out for them.

You want to go to a bar and meet your friends after work together?

Be prepared to get a “No” unless it’s something the Taurus already wanted to do, or you make it their idea.

They’re chill and laid-back, as long as they don’t get the impression that you’re running them.

This is particularly true of Taurus men.

More often than not, you’re probably going to end up doing their agenda.

And you always have to let them know that you remember who’s boss.

Taurus FAQ

Is it hard for a Taurus to fall in love?

Yes and no.

Taurus women may have an easier time falling in love than Taurus men.

But overall, Tauruses must come to trust someone before they can love them.

And they don’t do love at first sight.

What do Taurus struggle with?

Taurus sign folks struggle with change.

They are steadfast, grounded and focused, qualities that help them succeed and gain the respect and admiration of others.

But the other side of the coin is that they’re passive at best, immovable at worst.

When they’re too inflexible, they can get left in the dust as everyone around them adapts to change and they cling to their day-to-day routines.

What sign does Taurus fall in love with?

Taurus tends to fall in love with other earth signs and water signs.

So Virgo, Capricorn, other Tauruses, Cancers, Pisces and Scorpio.

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Scorpio being the opposite sign to Taurus, this sign can present more of a challenge and either attract or repel Taurus.

As for other Tauruses, they may be too similar (and stubborn) for it to work out.

Tauruses will try to make it work with just about any sign, but the earth and water signs are easiest for them to get along with and be in a relationship with.

Do Taurus hide their feelings?

Yes, Taurus will try their best to hide their feelings.

They do this in the beginning stages of dating, so as to not get their feelings invested before they’re sure they want to do that.

They need to time analyze you and decide whether they can trust you or not.

Otherwise, they’ll hide their feelings when they’re feeling most vulnerable, or hurt.

As you get more serious with a Taurus, you’ll find this behavior starts to go away.

Why are Taurus so good in bed?

As the most sensual, physical sign of the zodiac, it’s little wonder that Taurus is one of the best in the sack.

They’re rivaled only by Scorpio in their reputation.

They’re experts at seduction, and they know how to tease you.

Tauruses are the masters of slow, steamy passion and know how to turn every little sensation into an epic experience.

Why you shouldn’t date a Taurus?

Don’t date a Taurus if you aren’t willing to work around their routines.

Since they hate change, it’s going to be difficult to impossible to get them out of their comfort zone.

So anyone who thrives off of change and spontaneity might want to stay away.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t date a Taurus if you’re not willing to give in to them.

Taurus is a powerful personality, and challenging them head-on will only result in anger and fighting.

Are Taurus crazy in relationships?

Taurus isn’t generally considered crazy-acting.

Most of the time, Tauruses are super mellow and relaxed.

Although, the one thing that can seem a little crazy when you date a Taurus is how possessive they are.

They are the number one possessive sign, again only rivaled by Scorpio.

It can feel a tad controlling when a Taurus keeps tabs on you and demands that you stop being friends with someone of the opposite sex.

You can show a Taurus that there’s nothing to fear, but it takes a lot of effort and patience.

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Tauruses are incredibly hard to read, which is why you need to be able to understand their psychology.

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