Why Are Taurus So Funny? (8 Ways They’ll Make You Laugh)

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Tauruses are hilarious.

It’s no coinkydink that some of the greatest comedians are Tauruses—John Oliver, Jerry Seinfeld and George Carlin included.

So, why are Taurus so funny?

  • They’ll come right out and say what everyone’s thinking
  • They have a bold, sometimes dirty sense of humor
  • They know how to laugh at themselves
  • They’re dry and sarcastic
  • They’re not afraid to get silly

Let’s dive into the mind of the Taurus and talk about why they’re so dang funny.

Why Are Taurus So Funny?

1. They say what everyone is thinking

Have you ever met someone who had the uncanny ability to speak your thoughts out loud?

That’s Taurus.

Tauruses observe everything going on around them, so they naturally have an observational sense of humor.

Think of John Oliver and George Carlin.

They see something weird, they have to comment on it.

And you’ll find yourself both laughing and nodding your head in agreement.

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2. They have no filter

This is a trait that can get Taurus into trouble.

But it’s also what makes their humor so genuine and downright hilarious.

Tauruses are super blunt, and they have zero filter.

This applies to everything a Taurus says, and their jokes are no different.

If they think it’s funny, they’re going to say it.

3. They’ll tease you

When a Taurus teases you, it’s charming and totally disarming.

Their teasing is friendly and heartwarming because it comes from a place of love and lightheartedness.

So even when though poking fun at you, it’ll put a smile on your face.

(Tip: If they tease you, that means they like you!)

4. They have a dirty sense of humor

Tauruses are earthy and sensual.

No wonder they have such a dirty sense of humor!

Tauruses will make you blush with the things that come out of their mouths.

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And by the way, this goes for both Taurus men and Taurus women.

(Yes, the women are sweet and feminine, but their minds go straight to the gutter.)

So if you’re easily offended, the Taurus’s comedy style might not be for you.

But if a dirty joke is your cup of tea, you’ll love hanging with a Taurean.

5. They’re dry and sarcastic

A dash of sarcasm is the hallmark of the Taurus humor. 

A little sarcastic, dry and surprisingly relatable—that’s the Taurus formula. 

Jerry Seinfeld (a Taurus, of course) is a good example.

They’re usually pretty subtle, and their deadpan act will have you in stitches.

Keep being you, Taurus.

6. They can make fun of themselves

No one is quicker to take aim at themselves with their own jokes than a Taurus.

Tauruses make everyone laugh when they roast themselves.

It shows how truly down-to-earth they are.

Even when they struggle with self-esteem issues, they’re not above cracking a joke about the very thing they’re insecure about.

It helps break the hold that insecurity has over them, while also making them incredibly endearing—and inspiring.

7. They don’t try so hard

Some funny people need to stand on a tabletop to grab everyone’s attention.

But a Taurus can’t be bothered with all that.

Tauruses are so laid-back, they don’t need anyone to validate their jokes.

They’re perfectly happy making themselves laugh!

Which is, by the way, yet another reason we love Tauruses.

You’ll have to really be listening to catch a Taurus joke.

And when you do, you’ll feel special.

8. They embrace silliness

Tauruses are all about being natural.

They love life and live it in the moment, and sometimes that moment takes them to silly places.

Tauruses are the types who will purposely bust an awkward dance move for the fun of it when their favorite song comes on.

They really just want to have a good time, regardless of how they look to others.

So the pleasure-seeking Taurus can definitely get goofy.

And when they do, they make us all want to get goofy with them.

Taurus FAQ

What’s cool about Taurus?

There’s a lot that’s cool about Taurus.

Their strength, their style, their incredible patience and ambition.

Tauruses are super chill people, and most everyone wants to be friends with them.

Tauruses are exceptionally grounded and reliable, and you can count on them in your darkest times as well as your best.

They make amazing friends for life as well as romantic partners.

What is a Taurus toxic trait?

A toxic Taurus trait is their possessiveness.

They’re extremely possessive with anyone they’re dating, and they have a nasty habit of keeping tabs like they don’t trust you.

It takes a long time for them to stop asking you where you went and who you went with.

But eventually they’ll chill out, if you can give it time and patience.

And learn how to avoid triggering their insecurities (Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach talks about how to do this with a Taurus man in Taurus Man Secrets).

What do Taurus struggle with?

Tauruses struggle with change.

They don’t like changes to their routines, and they don’t change their minds very often.

This can be very frustrating for other people.

Because when Taurus thinks they’re right, nobody can convince them otherwise.

But it can also hurt the Taurus, because they can miss out on opportunities to change their lives for the better.

They’re also difficult to be in a long-term relationship with if you’re not willing to be the flexible one.

Why are Taurus so hard to love?

Tauruses are hard to love because they’re willful and stubborn.

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They want things to be their way, and they rarely compromise.

Then there’s that famous Taurus possessiveness.

To the point of being paranoid.

If you want to be with a Taurus, be ready for the many, many tests they’ll put you through. And all their hot-and-cold behavior.

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Why are Taurus so hot?

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, beauty and pleasure.

So it kind of goes without saying, a person born under the zodiac sign of Taurus is going to be hot.

They’re sensual, charming and physically attractive.

But they’re also attractive in their personalities, very confident, yet modest and kind.

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Is Taurus lazy?

Yes, and no!

Tauruses work hard when they’re motivated to.

They put their all into their careers (when they enjoy them) and will do anything to support their families.

That being said, Tauruses are pleasure seekers by nature.

So at the same time, nobody lounges like a Taurus when there isn’t any work to be done.

They can get called lazy, but they’d prefer to be called relaxed.

What kind of person is Taurus?

Taurus is very honest, straightforward and reliable.

They’re solid as a rock, the kind of person you can count on for anything.

Taurus is sincere and genuine, although they don’t like to show their emotions.

They take a long time to trust, but once you earn it, they’re the most true-blue friend or partner ever.

Are Taurus mean?

No, Tauruses are not mean in general.

They can be sarcastic, but they’re not mean.

To be mean, they’d have to be mean-spirited, and their hearts are made of gold.

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