What to Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off (Here’s What Works)

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When a Pisces man becomes distant, it can be difficult to keep the relationship going.

In this article, we’ll explore common reasons why a Pisces man suddenly backs off and – most importantly – how to reel him back in.

Here’s the short answer:

  • If a Pisces man has started to back off or test you in a relationship, reassure him of your loyalty and commitment. 
  • Show that you care by being responsive, initiating conversations, and being understanding and supportive of his feelings. 
  • If he needs space, avoid pushing him too hard. 
  • Once he feels secure in the relationship, he’ll come around.

Trust your intuition with a Pisces man – if you sense something’s off, you’re right not to ignore it.

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Why a Pisces Man Might Back Off

  • He may act wishy-washy when he’s overwhelmed by too much intensity in the relationship. 
  • Feelings can be confusing for him – he might need time to make sure what he’s feeling is real.
  • The Pisces man tends towards idealism which means that reality can sometimes disappoint him, causing him to pull away when things don’t go as planned or expected.  
  • His fears of getting hurt can cause him to back away from the relationship he wants.
  • He takes relationships very seriously and does not commit until he knows it’s the right thing for both of you. 
  • If his other commitments start piling up, it might be hard for him to manage everything, including his relationship.  
  • His sensitivity makes it easy for your words or actions to hurt his feelings, resulting in an emotional retreat.
  • He may have decided he’s not interested in you anymore, possibly because an ex has come back into his life.

Signs a Pisces Guy Is Backing Off

Pulling away in conversations

Is your Pisces man becoming less engaged when you talk to him?

Avoiding making eye contact, facing away from you or reducing your chat time?

Pisces men may give short answers, provide minimal details, or abruptly end the conversation when they’re preoccupied with concerns about the relationship or thinking of taking a break.

Not initiating contact as much

When a Pisces man isn’t initiating contact as much as he used to, it may mean that he’s feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about the relationship.

This could be an indication that the connection has lost its spark and he’s attempting to distance himself emotionally.

He may not reach out as often, provide short replies, and resist engaging in meaningful conversations.

He may also seem to be constantly busy or preoccupied so that he can avoid feeling closer to you.

Taking more time to respond to messages

Taking more time to respond to messages is a sign that a Pisces man may no longer be as interested as before.

If he’s just feeling overwhelmed, he’ll eventually get back to you with a friendly reply and show enthusiasm that you messaged him.

But if his replies are few and far between and lack personality or emotional depth, it could be an indication that he’s trying to distance himself.

Appearing uninterested in spending quality time together

The Pisces man might avoid making plans with you and focus on other activities when you are together.

He might even develop an aversion to physical intimacy or cancel plans unexpectedly.

He will appear distant and disinterested, seeming to lack enthusiasm for the relationship.

Long story short, he’ll give you the impression that he isn’t as invested in the relationship anymore.

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Not sharing his thoughts and feelings with you

When a Pisces man is backing off, he may start to protect his energy, becoming more reserved and disconnected from you.

He may become more reluctant to open up and will avoid talking about intimate topics.

He’s less likely to initiate conversations, or he’ll avoid conversations altogether.

You’ll be frustrated because he’ll answer important questions with vague answers. 

And forget about him sharing his feelings and plans for the future, even when asked directly.

If this behavior persists for longer than usual, it could mean he’s losing interest and trying to distance himself.

Putting up walls between you both

A Pisces man may put up walls between you by becoming more withdrawn, guarded, and emotionally unavailable.

He might also be less reliable in fulfilling promises or commitments, or simply be less communicative in general.

He could also become less supportive of your dreams and plans, and instead be more short-sighted or dismissive.

Instead of working on your relationship, he might avoid difficult conversations, and retreat into his own world.

He also may not be as attentive or complimentary towards you, as he was before.

Not returning physical affection like hugs and kisses

A Pisces man who is backing off is less likely to make any grand gestures of affection. 

Instead, he’ll prefer to keep things on a surface level.

He might feel like your relationship is not the same as it was before, or even that he is losing his independence and autonomy.

Whatever the cause, it’s important to address this behavior with him and find out how he’s really feeling.

Avoiding eye contact

Avoiding eye contact is a sign of emotional distance.

It often indicates that he is feeling uneasy or insecure in the situation, or he doesn’t want to risk exposing himself and getting hurt.

Since it keeps him from connecting too deeply with you, it helps him feel more in control of his emotions.

What To Do If He Backs Off

Understand what could be causing the distance

If your Pisces man unexpectedly starts to distance himself from you, there could be a variety of reasons behind it.

Try talking to him about his feelings in a sincere and honest way.

Make sure he knows that you still care about him and will support him no matter what.

It also helps to look out for any clues as to why he might be withdrawing from the relationship, such as changes in communication, not attending social events as usual or being very distant.

The cause may be something like stress, feeling unappreciated, or issues outside of the relationship such as work or family commitments.

Taking the time to figure out what’s causing the distance can help you begin to resolve any underlying issues together.

Plus, it shows that you really do care.

Talk to your Pisces guy about his feelings

Talking to Pisces men about their feelings can be challenging as they can have difficulty expressing themselves.

So you may need to be the one to initiate a conversation.

Be patient, understanding and non-judgmental.

Pick a comfortable and private setting where he won’t feel threatened or overwhelmed.

Start the conversation by asking him how he’s been feeling lately, then allow him to open up on his own terms.

Listen actively without trying to resolve problems quickly, and validate his thoughts and emotions.

Taking little steps like this can help him feel more comfortable reaching out to you and talking things out, over time.

Be honest with him

Sensitive and emotional, Pisces men are easy to sway when you are vulnerable with them.

The Pisces man hates the thought of hurting others, and so he’ll always be open to listening when you need him to know how he’s making you feel.

You don’t want to try to manipulate him with tears and blame.

Rather, you want to give him an honest appraisal of his behavior from your perspective.

Share your feelings, but keep your cool and remain understanding toward him.

You could say something like, “Hi, I’ve noticed you’ve been distant with me lately and it’s kind of bumming me out. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but it would give me peace of mind if we could talk about it.”

Give your Pisces man space and time

Giving a Pisces man space and time is important to let him process his feelings.

By showing him that you’re understanding and supportive, it reassures him that you are creating a safe environment for him to express his needs.

In contrast, trying to control the situation or pushing too hard often leads to resentment and further distance between the two of you.

Let him know that you are always available if he needs you, but don’t pressure him into doing more than he’s comfortable with.

This shows that you respect him and trust him enough to let him take the lead.

It also sends the message that no matter what, you’re a stable presence in his life and committed to the relationship.

Show him that you are supportive and caring

If you want to build a strong connection with your Pisces man, start by expressing your admiration and respect for him.

Show genuine interest in his hobbies, goals and dreams, and be there to listen whenever he needs it.

Make sure to recognize his accomplishments – both big or small – and support his decisions, even if you don’t agree with them.

Pisces men have trouble establishing boundaries, so showing that you respect his can make him realize how special you are.

Above all else, let him know how much you value your relationship with him through both your words and actions.

Your sincerity will open up his heart to you.

Make sure he knows you are still interested in the relationship

If the Pisces man isn’t sure whether you’re really into him, it’s time to make that abundantly clear.

He’s intuitive and can easily pick up on vibes, so focus on giving him your friendliest and most attentive energy.

Demonstrate that you care through thoughtful gestures such as handwritten notes or special gifts.

Try bringing him his favorite treat or sending him a heartfelt text message to help remind him of your feelings for him. 

And be sure to tell him when something he does has made you happy. 

Flirt sweetly with him when you sense he’s open to it – Pisces men like that kind of reassurance.

This will give your Pisces man confidence and let him know where you stand.

Find ways to reignite the fire between you

Once you’ve gotten back your Pisces man’s attention, you need to keep him hooked.

You can reestablish the bond between you by taking the time to get to know one another again.

Spend quality time together, talking openly about your craziest ideas and listening to each other’s perspectives.

Go on dates, plan surprise outings and activities, or just spend some quiet time relaxing together.

Show him that you are interested in his thoughts and ideas by asking questions and engaging him in conversations on topics he’s passionate about.

Participate in activities that he enjoys, even if it’s just playing video games.

Be generous with compliments, show physical affection, and remind him how much he means to you.


Ultimately, you need to remain supportive of your Pisces man and demonstrate your genuine feelings for him.

Showing understanding and being supportive can go a long way in sustaining the relationship.

Taking the time to listen to his concerns and empathizing with him will also help maintain trust and create a strong bond.

To keep him hooked, you’ll want to get to know him and adore him all over again.

By doing these little things, you’ll coax the Pisces man out of his shell and back into your arms again.

Pisces Men FAQ

How do you deal with a distant Pisces man?

When a Pisces man becomes distant, take a moment and assess the situation.

He may just require some alone time to sort out his emotions.

Give him the time he needs without becoming overly concerned or pressuring him.

If he is not returning calls or messages, don’t jump to conclusions – he may come back in his own time when he’s feeling better.

If not, you can be proactive by reaching out and expressing your concern for him.

Tenderness, emotion and showing your vulnerability are what get a Pisces man to open up.

What to do when your Pisces man ignores you?

If your Pisces man is ignoring you, don’t be too aggressive in trying to get a response.

It’s important to remember that this could be completely unrelated to any issues between the two of you, as Pisces men can sometimes need more time alone than other signs.

If he doesn’t respond after a few days, make sure to check in with him again, without becoming confrontational.

Respectful communication is key when dealing with this situation.

How do you get a Pisces man to chase you again?

The best way to get a Pisces man to chase you again is to show him that your life doesn’t revolve around him.

See your friends, take on new challenges, and demonstrate that you have a great life without him.

This will make him view you differently, and he may naturally become interested in spending more time with you.

If he still seems hesitant, keep the communication lines open by sending friendly and respectful messages.

Be patient! He’ll need time to warm up to you again.

Signs a Pisces man has lost interest

There are several signs that a Pisces man has lost interest in you.

These include:

  • He stops initiating contact and he stops responding to you
  • He avoids any talk of the future
  • His conversations become less frequent and less meaningful
  • He becomes distant or cold

A good way to tell he’s lost interest is by how much he disconnects from you.

If he never makes any effort whatsoever to return your calls and retreats into his own world, he may have lost interest.

But if his behavior is still friendly and somewhat consistent, then it may just be him taking a step back from the relationship temporarily.

If you suspect he’s lost interest, be sure to address it becomes too late.

How does a Pisces man test you?

A Pisces man may test your loyalty, commitment, and level of interest.

He may push your buttons, get moody with you and see how you mesh with his friends.

A critical piece of advice is to show that you can go with the flow.

And make sure he knows you still care about him despite these tests.

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How long will a Pisces man stay mad?

A Pisces man can stay mad at you for as long as he needs to process his emotions and adjust to the situation.

Even though he forgives easily, it’s important to give him the space he needs.

It’s good to recognize that although a Pisces man may not look mad, his emotions are complex and he tends to bury them when they become to overwhelming.

So if he’s mad one day and then seems to have forgotten about it the next, don’t assume he’s not hurting inside.

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